This past off-season, by targeting Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez, the Redskins made it clear that they didn’t really care too much for Jason Campbell.  Sure, they were willing to go into the season with him as their starter, but they weren’t thrilled about it.

Halfway through the 2009/2010 season, the Washington front office made it clear that Jim Zorn was on his way out – probably at the end of the season, if not sooner.  There have been reports of out-of-work coaches being openly courted (and offered the job) in front of Zorn, as well as impromptu interviews of current Redskins assistant coaches while Jim was nearby.

While I’ve mentioned in a different article on GuysNation that I think it could be a good idea for Bruce Allen to give Zorn one more year in DC, I definitely don’t expect that to happen (Dan Snyder would probably throw a fit).

With Mike Holmgren agreeing to a top front office position in Cleveland today, I think it’s highly possible that both Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell will be together again next year out in Ohio.

Jim Zorn probably won’t be the head coach of the Browns next year, but I could very easily see him as a QB coach or Offensive Coordinator, based on his history with Holmgren up in Seattle.

With Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson both under-producing, it’s undeniable that Cleveland is going to want to get a quarterback next year.  Jason Campbell is a restricted free agent after this season, and the way Washington has been treating him, I can imagine he’d probably like to end up somewhere else.  Given his familiarity with Jim Zorn and their common experience being disrespected in D.C., I could easily see them both going to Cleveland.