I’m a fan of Salt and Pepper chips, and having loved some of Zapp’s other flavor options, I was really excited to taste their Cracked Pepper And Sea Salt variety.

What I noticed instantly with Zapp’s Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt chips was the perfect blend of Pepper and Salt. I’ve tried other brand’s attempts at this (namely Lay’s and Utz), and while they were somewhat enjoyable, none of them are close to Zapp’s. It seems like the other brands chips are more salt than pepper. Chips are already a salty snack, so why key in on the salt? Zapp’s definitely has “Pepper” in the title first because these chips are heavier on the pepper side, which is what I think most people are looking for in a “Salt and Pepper” potato chip.

If you like seasoning foods (french fries come to mind) with pepper, you should give these chips a try. I know I’ll be picking up a bag of these on my next trip to the store.

Rob weighs in: When J-Day says he’ll be picking up a bag of the Cracked Pepper And Sea Salt Chips, he’s not kidding. I was there when he tried this variety of snack, and I’m certain he could demolish an entire bag on his own, no problem. I did get a chance to try a few handfuls of this snack, though I’m not as much of a fan of the Salt And Pepper variety of chips as J-Day, these weren’t bad at all. In fact, they reminded me a lot of how my dad seasons steak, using the Montreal Seasoning. This summer, when my dad does his 4th Of July cookout, I’ll bring a bag of these to compliment the steak – which they’ll do quite well. I haven’t tried the chips yet in any dips, but I’d imagine they’d go quite well with Ranch on them, possibly even cheese whiz.

(health fact: 150 calories, 80 from fat; not too greasy)