One of the things I want to be able to do with this GuysNation site is to help introduce people to things they might not be familiar with, be it an actor, movie, type of food, or whatever.

I’m starting the “You Oughta Know” articles with my favorite comedic actor – Luke Wilson.

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

Chances are you’ve seen him in a movie or television show.  I don’t have the flawed idea that I’m giving Luke Wilson an introduction.  Back in 2003, one of the best comedies of the past 20 years – “Old School” – provided enough memorable moments (albeit mostly of Luke Wilson’s good friend Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn) that you’re likely to at least remember Luke Wilson’s face, if not his name.

If you haven’t seen Old School yet and you’re a guy between the ages of 16 and 64 or a woman between the ages of 17 and 37, stop reading this article, go rent it (or buy it) and watch it.

The real purpose of this article is to give some suggestions as relates to anything Luke Wilson has been a part of.

My first exposure to Luke Wilson was through his very first movie – Bottle Rocket.  My best friend and I were at a local video store, looking through the shelves for something we’d never heard of before, and as soon as we both saw the cover of the movie, we had to rent it.

Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket

I’d say the tagline on the above image does a sufficient job of giving enough plot to  you to help you decide to watch it.

Back to the story – I’m not sure whether we watched it once or twice that night, but before the rental period was up, I saw it at least once more, and ever since then it’s held a spot as my favorite comedy of all time.  Although I don’t believe anyone else who has watched my copy of Bottle Rocket on VHS or DVD considers it their favorite comedy, but I do think everyone has enjoyed it.  Need another reason to watch?  Luke Wilson’s very recognizeable older brother, Owen Wilson, plays the role of Luke’s best friend in Bottle Rocket, and the role is easily my favorite Owen has done… not to mention the fact that Owen Wilson is the co-writer of Bottle Rocket alongside director Wes ANDERSON.

Speaking of Wes ANDERSON and Owen Wilson, two other movies they co-wrote (and Anderson directed) are also flicks Luke Wilson fans would probably enjoy.   In Rushmore, Luke Wilson’s role is small, but it’s a great movie that I’d highly recommend.  Royal Tenenbaums in 2001 brought Luke Wilson back into a highly visible role in a Wilson / Anderson movie, and with Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Angelica Houston, Gweneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson (in another great role), Danny Glover and  cast of side actors you’ll learn to love as you watch Wilson / Anderson movies, Tenenbaums is a movie that you might not love, but you should definitely watch.

Luke Wilson has played a role in movies with some considerable commercial success, including two Charlie’s Angels movies and two Legally Blonde movies.  I thought Luke was a great addition to The Family Stone in a supporting role.  For any guys out there who are on the hook to watch a romantic comedy or the ilk with a significant other, I’d recommend The Family Stone if you’re looking for something with a bit of drama to it, or My Super Ex-Girlfriend as an alternative if you want a little more comedy and some action thrown in. If you go with Alex & Emma, you probably won’t be hugely disappointed, but you definitely didn’t make the right choice.  I’m not sure how to feel about the movie he did with Heather Graham called Committed, but if you’re going the extra mile and trying to watch a bunch of his movies and you stumble upon it, it’s not terrible.  There are definitely funny parts in the movie, though at times it can be a bit annoying.  I preferred Henry Poole Is Here to the past three movies I mentioned, though there’s not much comedy in it.  It’s definitely got a lot of “date movie” potential to it, though it might bring about conversations on religion, which some people don’t always like to broach with dates.  If you want a somewhat qwirky movie with some romantic comedy elements, Home Fries was good.  It’s an independent film, so don’t expect TOO much from the script, though I’ve seen a lot worse.  It’s an added bonus for any Drew Barrymore fans, as she plays the co-star to Luke here.

I’m not a huge fan of Westerns, but the remake of 3:10 to Yuma was great, in my opinion, and Luke Wilson has a supporting role in it.  Christian Bale and Russell Crowe carry the movie, but Luke’s definitely there.

I was happy to see the role of Casey Kelso (the older brother of Ashton Kutcher’s “Michael Kelso”) on That 70’s Show go to Luke Wilson.  I’d never seen him play a jerk before, but he was convincing.

If you’ve seen all the movies above and enjoy watching Luke Wilson flicks for one reason or another, here are some options for extra credit:  Best Men (again with Drew Barrymore), Kill the Man (moderately funny independent flick with Josh Molina from West Wing / Sports Night), Blue Streak (moderately funny buddy cop flick with Martin Lawrence), The Third Wheel (independent movie involving a night of odd / frustrating occurrences on a first date), The Wendell Baker Story (a qwirky independent movie starring, written and directed by Luke Wilson) and Idiocracy (an interesting independent comedy about a guy of average intelligence ending up as the smartest guy on Earth).

If you’ve seen all of those movies above or you come across the movie Bongwater, co-starring Jack Black, do yourself a favor and AVOID it.  I’ve tried watching it a couple times, and I had to force myself to keep watching.

I’m not going to say that Luke Wilson is our generation’s Carey Grant or Jimmy Stewart, but he is a good actor who doesn’t typically take roles out of his range, and most people find him fairly charming on-screen.  Most of the time the movies he’s in have widespread appeal, even if they aren’t good enough to be blockbusters.

I think if you take some of my advice in this article, you’d agree that Luke Wilson is someone that you oughta know about.

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