Despite their origins in comic books, I’ve always enjoyed superheroes in other mediums more than in print. Say it’s blasphemy if you want, but growing up I wasn’t able to buy comics and the quality of the animated series available on television and the live-action movies were of high quality. One of those animated series was the 1992 X-Men series, which was responsible for my familiarity with the Marvel Comics group of superheroes.

I’ve considered buying the series on DVD, but expenses being what they are, I decided to delay that purchase until a future date, possibly putting it on a Christmas list, but one thing was for certain: I wanted to see the episodes again which I had enjoyed growing up.

Needless to say I was excited to see that all 70+ episodes had become available on Netflix Instant. After adding it to my queue, I started up the first episode. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the storytelling and character exposition of the first episode. I remembered having enjoyed the series, but there’s a big difference between what’s considered high quality to a teenager and a guy twice that age.

It more than holds up.

The show’s first episode takes a similar approach to introducing the characters that the first X-Men movie did. Instead of focusing on Wolverine, the mutant who finds their way to Professor Xavier’s School For The Gifted is Jubilee.

As I make my way through the series, I’ll likely highlight some of my favorite episodes, but from what I recall of the other 74 episodes, the two-part introduction to the series is a good indicator of the quality of the entire series.

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Favorite parts about the first episode:

– Sentinels, which are yet to get any significant coverage in the movies

– Incorporation of the Mutant Registration concepts which lead to significant storyline arcs over the past two decades

– Gambit, who is also yet to be given any significant coverage in the movies

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