I’ve grown up watching WWE and I’ve seen some pretty amazing things happen inside that squared circle the last 30 years. I bought into all the hype that was Hulkamania, I said my prayers, ate my vitamins, and trained hard. Hell, I even had the Hulkamania work out kit with the little blue dumbbells, jump rope and head band. It was fun. It made memories. It’s a part of my childhood, and now, my adulthood.

But the WWE has gotten too big for their britches. I’m really quite sick of these Pay-Per-Views. They are nothing more than a RAW Supershow. They aren’t exciting, they don’t live up to the hype that the WWE tries to create and they sure as hell aren’t worth the money to pay for when you get all the highlights the next day on RAW. Which by the way is the best way to watch these things anymore…in highlights. Just like watching a golf tournament in fast forward, you don’t miss a thing. And in all honesty, there was no hype built up for Summer Slam, with the exception of HHH/Lesnar. Summer Slam had so much potential. But it failed. When I order a PPV, I expect to see the WWE superstars put on a display of skills and just go out there and knock the crap out of each other.

There were some good matches though. The whole thing started off well with Chris Jericho. That was a pretty good match. I’m not a fan of the Miz, but that was a good match too. I expected to see a little more showmanship from Mysterio, but still a decent match. Things started getting really boring though with Kane and Daniel Bryan.

DB is a very talented wrestler. I remember watching him just down the street from my house with GuysNation’s founder while DB was still in the Ring Of Honor. Watching him was fun, exciting, and attention grabbing. There was a lot they could have done with that match of his but instead they decide to show Kane running around backstage showing off his anger and aggression by throwing a cardboard recycling container and knocking over a plastic cart? Really?! Really? Really?? Steroids must not be what they used to be.

The tag team match was predictable, and stupid. Show off Kofi’s high-flying moves, display the power of Titus. This match was the epitome of mostly naked oiled up men hugging each other in the ring. Good thing I was at home watching this PPV and my wife was upstairs b/c this match provided me a great opportunity to take a crap with the door open so I could still watch some of it on the TV’s reflection on the door knob.

THANK THE GOOD LORD THOUGH…there was no Diva’s match.

Sheamus and ADR had a pretty good match, but you could watch it and tell that something got screwed up with the script. I really don’t think it was supposed to end the way it did, but up until that point it was a decent match.

Now, the first of the two main events…the Triple Threat match. It was an epic. An epic failure. There was so much potential for some amazing stuff to happen in this match, but it just got more retarded than watching Hornswaggle trying to wipe his own arse. The best part of the match was AJ restarting it. But it ended just as I thought it would. Cena has been trying for WEEKS to throw Big Show up on his shoulders and nail that move, I knew it would happen. It wasn’t impressive. However, CM Punk trying to nail the GTS on the Show was impressive. The whole match failed though. It failed to wow me, failed to be exciting, failed to be unpredictable, and failed to give Big Show the belt…which has far better story lines going forward to Wrestle Mania than a CM Punk retention. I’d much rather see the Rock beat the Big Show for the title at WM. Or hell, see Lesnar beat the Big Show for the belt at some other lame PPV then see the Rock and Lesnar beat it out at WM. They’ve had good matches in the past.

And then there’s the match I purchased the PPV to watch. The match that I had hoped would be an all out brawl. Didn’t happen. Not at all. What a shame. I expected to see blood, a hell of a lot of it. Not some snot trickle from Lesnar. On the WWE website it said this…”It took Lesnar 20 minutes of some of the most physically intense action ever witnessed by the WWE Universe to accomplish what he set out to do.” Are you serious?! The past two Wrestle Mania matches between the Undertaker and HHH were better than this match. HBK’s WM match with the Undertaker were better than this match. Any of Mankind’s extreme rules matches were better than this. No way can anyone describe this as “the most physically intense action.” This match sucked!!!

So Lesnar is really good at locking in the kimura or whatever the hell it’s called. What else came out of this…a couple Pedigrees, one F5, limited outside the ring action, and not much else. The most impressive thing about this match was Paul Hymen, yes…Hymen, keeping his mouth shut as much as he did.

HHH didn’t leave it all in the ring…he never brought ‘it’ into the ring. Lesnar was just like Ken Shamrock when he first got in the WWE…an obvious MMA crossover, which sucks b/c Lesnar has had some good wrestling matches in the past. It was just a really disappointing match because of all the hype and mayhem the match promoted. I expected to see more of a Chicago Street Fight than anything else, but it was very underwhelming. I had hopes for this match to be parallel to the Ric Flair/Terry Funk “I Quit” match..that to me is one of the best matches I’ve ever seen. This match could have been just as brutal and bloody as some of Dusty Rhodes matches. But it just flat out failed.

At least if there’s anything that was up to par for the WWE PPV’s…the special guest musician was horrible. Whenever a concert happens, that’s your queue to go get another beer. I don’t even know who that dude was, but it sure didn’t make me log onto iTunes to buy any of his music.

I’m pretty confident in saying that the only WWE PPV’s I’ll ever order in the future are if I know some GuysNation folks are coming over to watch it with me. But then only b/c it’ll give me an excuse to make some grilled Vietnamese chicken wings. Anytime you buy something and aren’t happy with the product you pay for, you can normally take it back. Unfortunately, the WWE just sucked $60 out of my pocket that I can’t argue to get back. Who knows though, now that Linda is in public office maybe I’ll stage a protest outside her office and expect political intervention.

What I really think the problem is with this crap is that the WWE lacks creativity. The talent in the locker room is extremely underused and the writers in the script office seem to use a Magic 8 Ball for ideas. PPVs are no better than Monday Night Raw anymore and with one PPV every freakin’ month, there’s just not enough time given to huge rivalries and plot development.

Really disappointed in this failure of a PPV. But, I guess the WWE got my money so it was good at doing something.