At Bragging Rights, the Unified Tag Team Championships changed hands, with Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre losing the belts to John Cena and David Otunga in a match which John Cena dominated.  The following night on RAW, the titles again changed hands, with Wade Barrett forcing David Otunga to lay down for the pairing of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, meaning that none of the four individuals who walked into Bragging Rights for the Tag Title match would be holding one of the belts 30 hours later.

Two of those individuals are destined to regain the championships, but it’s not the duo you’re likely thinking.

Three nights ago on the October 29th Smackdown, Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes made their intentions known:  they want the tag titles back.  They even came up with a team name.  Next step: team theme music or matching attire?  Neither.  The pairing decided to break up after a losing effort against Big Show and Kofi Kingston.

Both of those guys are best used as heels, and a feud between them wouldn’t do anyone any good.  Cody Rhodes is building up some decent heat as a singles competitor, and Drew McIntyre is looking to rebuild on a decent reputation he was starting to build as Intercontinental Champion.  So where do those guys go from here?  Let Cody keep working as a singles competitor.  Get him some work against Kofi Kingston and MVP and let him start to work his way up through the ranks.

As for Drew McIntyre, there’s a guy who would be a great fit to be his tag team partner.  This guy would strengthen McIntyre’s argument that he deserves a rematch at the Unified World Tag Team Championships, and I fully believe WWE is going to be pairing them up very soon, if not tonight.

A-List Destiny is going to be the next team to hold the Unified World Tag Team Championships.

That’s right, David Otunga and Drew McIntyre.

It’s obvious that Otunga is on his way out of Nexus.  The bridge is burning, and soon it will be impassable.  Otunga being forced to relinquish the Unified World Tag Team Titles was one of the final straws, and who better to help The A-Lister get some revenge than one of the guys from whom Otunga got the championship in the first place?  It’s not like Otunga really played a role in that match anyway, aside from standing on the apron, so there’s no reason for McIntyre to be upset with Otunga at this point.  Also, McIntyre could clearly see that The A-Lister is like-minded in trying to reclaim those belts, which makes his task all the easier.  It’s not like he’d have to worry about his new partner having aspirations of a singles championship, potentially derailing their quest for the tag straps.

They also have similar personalities, but not in such a way that their egos would clash.  Otunga fancies himself a cultural icon, whereas McIntyre views himself as the Chosen One to be a future cornerstone of the WWE.  Would their ultimate paths eventually cause them to be at odds with one another?  Undoubtedly, but neither individual would see that as a hindrance to their current goal.

From a non-storyline perspective, they’d compliment each other well.  Neither one of them is great in the ring, but McIntyre’s skills are good enough to help make the limited offense of David Otunga look golden while The A-Lister builds up his arsenal.  McIntyre is decent on the microphone, but due to his accent and un-polished delivery, there’s only so much time the WWE Universe is going to listen to Drew on the mic.  Pair that with the fact that Otunga can be really good on the microphone when he has some material to work from and we’re starting to get the idea that these two could make a phenomenal pairing.

One of the big drawbacks to Drew McIntyre is that he looks generic.  Say what you will about him, David Otunga certainly has a style about him.  Disregarding the fact that WWE makes the Nexus guys wrestle in black short-shorts, Otunga’s attire and hairstyle almost make you wonder if he’s got a personal stylist preparing him as if he’s going to be walking a red carpet on a given night.  Drew McIntyre?  The most we’ve seen from him is a somewhat generic looking robe which has his boring blue X’s on it.  Even more boring are the short short ring attire trunks he wears to the ring.  Don’t think the way a wrestler dresses affects what you think of them?  Look at how John Cena used to dress back when he debuted with WWE and tell me if he seems like the same guy.

WWE doesn’t need to pigeon-hole David Otunga into some team with another African-American wrestler just because that’s the way wrestling has done things over the past few decades.  Even though Otunga might have more reason to be friends with Michael Tarver or Percy Watson due to the fact that they were all in NXT (albeit Percy was in the second “season”), WWE would be far better off to use the McIntyre / Otunga situation surrounding their common goal to form an alliance.

The last thing Smackdown needs right now is another mid-card heel.  Dolph Ziggler is the Intercontinental Champion, which means he’s holding back the other mid-card heels on the Friday Blue Show until someone beats him for the belt (which almost HAS to be a face).  Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes could each use a run with the Intercontinental Title, since neither of those guys should be anywhere near the World Heavyweight Championship anytime soon.  Alberto Del Rio could have an outside chance of beating those two guys to an Intercontinental Title reign, depending whether or not WWE gives him an opportunity to work a main event with whichever face takes the big belt from Kane.  There’s also the slow build-up of Tyler Reks to account for, though it’s reasonable to think he’s not going to be anywhere near the Intercontinental Title for a while.  Given that landscape of mid-card heels, it’s in the WWE’s best interest to put McIntyre back into the hunt for the Unified World Tag Team Championships with a new partner, and the best option is The A-Lister, David Otunga.

It’s certainly in WWE’s best interest to keep Otunga involved in the Unified World Tag Team Championship hunt and to take him out of Nexus.  Everyone I know considers the Nexus angle to be getting stale, and the majority of the reason for that is that their focus seems to be very narrow.  Guys like Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and David Otunga have become akin to Thug 1, 2 and 3 from the Adam West version of Batman, fodder for Wade Barrett to throw in the direction of the protagonists to delay things.  Splitting Otunga out from the group and letting he and McIntyre feud with Gabriel & Slater opens things up a bit, gives them room to breath, and also opens the potential for Gabriel & Slater to split from the group and become the faces, with either Otunga & McIntyre to pull the swerve and become members of Nexus themselves, or for Wade Barrett to decide that Gabriel & Slater aren’t representing Nexus well enough, kicking them to the curb in favor of McGillicutty & Husky Harris.  No matter which route WWE takes with the tag team angle, the key is to pair up Otunga & McIntyre.  If they work quickly enough, things could get rolling at Survivor Series, even if it’s just in a traditional elimination style match and not actually a contest for the tag straps.