Tonight the WWE presents one of its Big Four pay per views, and although the Survivor Series concept has mostly faded out, it’s still likely the third biggest event of the year. With The Rock on the card, there’s certainly plenty of interest in the event.

The GuysNation Wrestling Panel convened to discuss what we think will occur in each of the matches on the card.

United States Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler (c) vs John Morrison

Rob: The ideal situation would be to have John Morrison win the belt, and then have the outcome over-turned due a technicality and let Ziggler retain the belt. Then in the coming weeks Morrison could complete his heel turn, attacking Zach Ryder after Long Island Iced Z wins the United States Championship. Those two could have a good feud leading through Royal Rumble and beyond. I’ve got little faith WWE will go that route, and I’m guessing that Dolph Ziggler will inexplicably lose the belt to John Morrison, setting up no future feuds for the championship.

Jeremy: Ziggler retains. I know WWE seems to be taking an interest in Morrison again, but I don’t think they’re ready to put a belt on him just yet.

Diva’s Championship Match – Beth Phoenix (c) vs Eve Torres

Rob: I can’t think of any good reason for Eve Torres to win the belt here, and because the WWE cares less about storylines for the Diva’s championship than they do about all of their other titles, I’ll say it doesn’t matter why they have Beth Phoenix win, but they’ll have her retain.

Jeremy: Beth retains. Words cannot describe how much I dislike Eve. Hopefully Beth crushes her.

Survivor Series Match
Team Barrett – Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico & Dolph Ziggler
Team Orton – Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara

Rob: This match is the coming out party for Wade Barrett, who is going to be the sole survivor in this contest. If they give the win to anyone on Team Orton, I’ll be disappointed, because none of them need the added push by winning this match.

Jeremy: I’m going with Team Orton. The only dead weight I see on the team is Mason Ryan…otherwise it’s a stong group. I’d like to vote for the team Rhodes is a part of, but with the amount of matches he’s been losing lately…it seems WWE is intent on burying him for some ridiculous reason.

World Heavyweight Championship – Mark Henry (c) vs Big Show

Rob: The only thing WWE can do here is to bring someone like Kane or Undertaker into play and have them attack Mark Henry during the match, either after a disqualification or to stop Mark Henry from using a chair or something to that affect. Mark Henry should keep the belt a little longer and they should find a way to move on from Big Show’s involvement in the main event scene.

Jeremy: Henry retains. The monster push continues, and Show won’t be the one to be an end to it.

WWE World Title – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs CM Punk

Rob: I’m not seeing the appeal of keeping the belt on Alberto Del Rio. At all. He’s a talented guy with good mic skills, but his gimmick is getting stale and they need to help him evolve. CM Punk is one of the top guys on the roster and he deserves to get the belt back and run with it for a little while. If he doesn’t get the belt, I don’t know how WWE works into a situation where he gets another title shot anytime soon.

Jeremy: If there’s a God…Punk will snap up the gold. I’m desperate for just about anyone to end the reign of this bland, predictable, yawn-inducing ADR.

Super Tag Match – The Rock & John Cena vs The Miz & R-Truth

Rob: Best case scenario is that The Rock and John Cena can’t work together and they end up getting beaten by Awesome Truth. There’s nothing to gain by a victory from The Rock & John Cena. Having The Miz & R-Truth get the win puts them clearly into position to get the tag titles, which would instantly make the division something to take note of, and without it, there’s no good short term options for The Miz or R-Truth.

Jeremy: Miz & Truth with the upset. I foresee The Rock & Cena getting into it to affect the match ending.