It was announced at the end of RAW this week that John Cena’s opponent for SummerSlam 2014 would be none other than Brock Lesnar… and if he doesn’t walk away with the gold, we riot.

And by “riot”, I mean I’ll frustratingly close the browser where I was watching the WWE Network (or exit the app on my Playstation 3) and do something else. But I’ll be frustrated.

Brock Lesnar is coming off of the biggest victory of his career – arguably the biggest victory that anyone has obtained in the past 27 years: Lesnar ended “The Streak”.

Why the WWE decided to have Lesnar stay off television between WrestleMania and now is beyond me. They had a huge hole to fill with CM Punk having left and Daniel Bryan getting hurt, and Lesnar coming in to run roughshod over the competition on his way to bringing home the gold could’ve been huge. Instead, they let his huge “I can’t believe THIS GUY beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania” heat diminish, just to hot shot him into the main event at SummerSlam.

It’s time for John Cena’s title reign to come to an end. It’s time for The Beast to get the belt and become an even bigger star than he already is. It’s time to once again to go “all in” on Brock Lesnar and make him the top guy in the industry. It’s time to remind people of all of his accomplishments AND have him be the guy representing WWE as their champion.

And to it at SummerSlam.

Remind people that it’s not just another WWE event. Remind them that it’s one of the Big Four events, and that it deserves to have a match this huge showcased in its main event.

And don’t send the people home disappointed.

But what about the John Cena fans? If Lesnar beats him, won’t they be disappointed when the show’s over?

Great question, glad you asked.

No, they won’t.

They shouldn’t be, anyway. They might be mad that their guy is no longer The Champ, but they will have gained something more important: The Villain.

Brock Lesnar can be the “Doomsday” or “Zod” or “Bizarro” to John Cena’s “Superman”. He’s a worthy opponent. And for us to care about the feud between the two, Brock Lesnar needs this victory on this very high profile stage. He needs to win out-right, take home the belt, and not wait for some one-off match on a second-tier pay per view event… or worse yet, a RAW.

We should be thanking WWE that they’re no longer feeding us a watered-down, played out Randy Orton as Super-Cena’s arch-nemesis. He’s like a half-broke Lex Luthor being bank-rolled by someone who has openly stated they don’t really hate Super-Cena.

Let Brock Lesnar be the bad ass villain who rules the WWE and dominates his opponents for a while. It’ll allow Reigns and Rollins and Ambrose and Wyatt and Cesaro to all heat up the middle of the show when Lesnar’s around, and be the focal point during his weeks off. They don’t have to worry about failing, and without that pressure, separately they’ll thrive just like they’ve thrived as a three-man stable up until now.

Having Lesnar lose to Cena at SummerSlam just goes to say that Cena is better than The Undertaker and the end of The Streak meant nothing. It tells us not to have hope for a viable foe to Cena’s clumsy dominance over the show.


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