Closer, ever closer, we approach Night Of Champions, and it’s Friday Night, so it’s time for Smackdown.  As always, I’m Rob, owner of, and I’ve got the questions and comments stemming from yet another show.

Without any further ado, let’s get down to it.

Not only does The Undertaker return to action tonight, but he starts off the show in the ring.  Even with the awesome nature of The Undertaker’s entrance, full of pomp & circumstance, it’s still cool when he does a quick entrance and just suddenly appears when the lights blink and the gong sounds.

If Undertaker and Kane are going to “open the gates of hell and unleash fury on one another”, why not just have a Hell In A Cell match?  Isn’t that just a variation of a No Holds Barred match?  Seems like maybe WWE is saving Hell In A Cell and extending the duration of the feud.

Am I mistaken or is CM Punk one of the best in the business on the mic?  His promo with Undertaker to start smackdown was great, and so was his work 10 days ago on RAW 900.

Jack Swagger vs MVP

Is it bad that I’m agreeing with Matt stryker when he’s saying that MVP’s actions last week (hitting Jack Swagger sr with “The Play Of The Day”) were deplorable?

Did anyone else notice that MVP is getting pyro during his entrance again?  Sounds like someone’s going to be getting pushed again.

The announcers mentioned that mvp is a former tag team champion.  Does anyone remember the details (who his partner was, who they beat, who took the belts from them)?  If you leave that response (or any response) in a comment on the GuysNation site, you could be in the running to win a free tshirt!

Will fans cheer for any elbow drop as long as it’s preceeded by a bounce off the ropes and some sort of theatrics?

Final Match Thoughts:  This is the second time in a row that Jack swagger beats MVP.  I hope they’re not going the route of Ziggler vs Kofi, where one guy basically rules the feud week after week.

Which impression was better, LayCool’s impressions of KAvAL, or the impression by KAvL of LayCool?

Did anyone else notice that during the Night Of Champions hype video for RAW’s 6-Pack Challenge, Chris Jericho was either already edited out, or wasn’t featured prominently in the first place?

I don’t know how many people reading this have witnessed the undertaker / Kane saga from the beginning, but that hype video did a great job at recapping everything that has happened.  Any chance they’ll show it during RAW this week?  give the RAW viewers an extra reason to watch Night Of Champions.

Alberto Del Rio vs Matt Hardy

If you were the person Alberto Del Rio was borrowing the Bentley from that he uses in his ring entrance, wouldn’t you insist that he wears pants when driving it?

If Christian has a problem with Alberto Del Rio, why isn’t he the one fighting in this match instead of Matt Hardy?

Why are the announcers surprised that Matt Hardy couldn’t win this match with a moonsault.  can anyone remember a time when Matt Hardy won a match with a moonsault?  I can’t.

Final Match Thoughts:  No one should be surprised that Alberto Del Rio beat Matt Hardy.  Don’t be surprised when he beats Christian Cage when they finally get into the ring with one another.

KAVAL vs Drew McIntyre

Did anyone else notice that the announcers referred to Kaval as a “Low Key” guy?  If so, did it make you think “Low-Ki”?  {if you don’t understand the irony there, look it up}

If Drew McIntyre was picked as the “chosen one”, why is he being used to fight “rookies” in their “main roster debuts”?

The announcers mentioned that KAVAL requested that LayCool not accompany him to the ring for this match.  Any chance that’s an indication of how he really feels about being partnered with LayCool?

Final Match Thoughts:  Drew McIntyre probably could’ve pinned KAVAL after whipping him into the security guardrail from a powerbomb position, so the Future Shock DDT was probably unnecessary, with that bomb-whip looking so fierce.  I shouldn’t be surprised that KAVAL loses his debut.  His type of persona doesn’t require him to win to seem fierce.  Those kicks and stomps do enough.

Are they really showing the facial mask / skin care products vignete for Cody Rhodes again?  Seeing it once was quite enough…

If Vickie Guerrero is going to bring her NXT Season 3 rookie with her any time she makes an appearance, I’m going to look forward to that each week.

Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero vs Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters

This is the type of match I’ve been hoping WWE would use to help extend this feud, and I’m surprised it took them this long.  They broke the streak of consecutive weeks of having Kofi and Dolph battle one on one, and I have no problem with things continuing like this.

Apparently Dolph Ziggler is going to defend his Intercontinental Championship at Night Of Champions (no shocker there), and the stipulation is that the title can change hands on a count out and disqualification.  That makes me wonder how they’re going to find a way for Ziggler to keep the belt.  What about WINNING a match against Kofi, is that too bold enough?

Final Match Thoughts:  Kofi Kingston finally gets a taste of what it’s like to pin Dolph Ziggler, though they had to throw in some miscommunication and the ref not seeing Chavo make the tag in from Ziggler.  Decent bookings, though.  Nice to see that Kaitlyn NXT Rookie, too.

Does anyone else find it funny that the commercial featuring the Money In The Bank action figure set, that Kofi Kingston is the one to win the briefcase?  That’s as close as he has come to a World Title shot in WWE.

The official work-up to Night Of Champions showed only 5 guys in the Six Pack Challenge for RAW’s World Title.  The announcers said we’ll find out at the ppv… why wouldn’t we find out on RAW?

The announcers sent us backstage to (“Rear View”) Josh Matthews… I guess they didn’t look before they leaped, because no one should mistake Big Show for Josh Matthews.

Did any of my readers laugh when Josh Matthews showed up from behind Big Show (having been looking for his microphone)?

CM Punk vs The Undertaker

How crazy was it when Undertaker fell while attempting his “Old School” move?

Does anyone else worry when Undertaker goes for that ring-apron legdrop?  One of the most dangerous moves in the business if something goes wrong.

Is anyone else surprised that CM Punk actually hit Undertaker with the Go2Sleep?  I didn’t think that would happen unless the lights blink and Kane somehow helped Punk like he helped Nexus on RAW 900.

Final Match Thoughts:  I guess you can’t blame WWE for having Undertaker beat CM Punk in his return to the ring, but I just hope that they give Punk a win against Undertaker sometime before Wrestlemania to even things out for him.  Punk is the future of WWE and he could use that victory.

Aftermath thoughts:  How crazy was it to see Undertaker do his kneeling pose and have fire shoot up from the corner ringpost?  Feels surreal.

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