The final show prior to WWE’s Money In The Bank pay per view.

Smackdown actually has its stuff in gear. Not only do we know who’s going to be in the ladder match, but they’ve all got reasons to hate each other. There might’ve been one or two guys I’d move in or out of the list of 8.

The World Title match is more than set, and it’s quite possible that this will be the last time the two meet for the next few months.

Smackdown has a leg up on RAW in the fact that they’ve got a third match that people are interested in, namely the Mark Henry vs Big Show match.

So far there’s only six matches on the card that I count. Will Smackdown add to that total? Let’s find out

The show starts with an announcement that two matches will take place tonight:

– Randy Orton will take on Kane in the main event. So despite the fact that Kane has been treated ike an after-thought for months when not competing as part of a tag team, he’s going to get this quick shot in the arm to make him look credible again?

– Because Ted DiBiase pinned Ezekiel Jackson in a tag match last week, DiBiase gets a title shot tonight? Funny, I thought it was because no one else was currently asking for the title shot.

Randy Orton comes to the ring and says that his anger management issues aren’t going to cause him to get disqualified, because he wants to hold on to the belt.

Christian’s voice starts booming in through the speakers, and apparently Randy Orton thinks it’s more likely that Christian is standing near the ring or out in the crowd instead of his obvious spot of being on the jumbotron… the last place Orton looks.

Christian has a gift for Randy: a picture of Christian standing over Orton the night Christian hit Orton with the belt.

Randy doesn’t get angry, so Christian invokes the name of “Cowboy” Bob Orton, the sub-par Hall Of Famer, and that does raise the ire of Randy, who calls Christian a pathetic excuse for a superstar who was a flash in the pan, then belittles Christian’s “title reign” that only lasted 5 days.

No joke, Josh Mathews just compared Mark Henry fighting Big Show to “something out of Transformers”.

Is it because they’re robots in disguise?

Intercontinental Championship Match – Ezekiel Jackson (c) vs Ted DiBiase

So I’m just now remembering that Friday Night Smackdown is the Drinking Game show, so I need to start making predictions which are sure to be wrong.

Given the way DiBiase is smirking as he walks through the curtain, I think he’s happy about how things are going to turn out… and because we’re three nights away from the pay per view, I’ll predict that this match doesn’t end cleanly and they have a rematch at the pay per view.

Anyone find the irony in the fact that, if DiBiase does make his mark by picking up the Intercontinental Championship this week, that his high profile feud, much like his father’s 20 years ago, is with a bald black man?

That’s as far as the comparison between Zeke and Virgil goes.

So… just when they had an opportunity to add an Intercontinental Championship match to the pay per view, we get a clean ending that doesn’t setup the rematch at all.

Outcome – Zeke mostly dominates the latter half of the match and gets DiBiase to submit to the Torture Rack

Apparently tonight we’re getting the first ever meeting of Sheamus and Sin Cara. Think they’ll mention the fact that Sin Cara attacked Sheamus his first week on the main roster?

Cody Rhodes isn’t happy about Ted DiBiase’s loss, so he starts to tell him to put on the paper bag… which is apparently some huge problem for Ted, because now he’s all sort of motivated? Just wear the bag if you have to.

Match – Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

For those of you not actually watching, you’re missing out on lame announcing where Michael Cole is trying to convince Booker T that they should both announce the match with those bags over their heads.

How does Daniel Bryan not hurt his hand and forearm when he attacks Cody Rhodes in the face? Shouldn’t that be an aspect they play up of Cody Rhodes’ character?

Since when can you kick someone between the legs and not get disqualified? Was it because Daniel Bryan was holding onto the ropes at the time? Was it because Cody mostly connected with the mid-section? Because the last time I checked, if an opponent is holding onto the ropes, they’re not to be attacked. Different rules for heels I guess.

Outcome – Cody Rhodes wins by pinfall after his springboard kick to the face

Teddy Long brings a referee into his office and tells him that if Mark Henry and Big Show attack each other tonight in their face-to-face encounter, their pay per view match is cancelled.

Kane goes to Long’s office and says that something’s wrong with him, and that he wants to return to form as a monster, and apparently monsters don’t lose matches.

If that’s the case, Kane hasn’t been a monster for about 14 years.

If he was really concerned, he should’ve spoken up when he was chasing Edge around the arena each week trying to get back Paul Bearer.

Jinder Mahal gets a photoshoot, and apparently he’s upset because the cameraman was trying to focus too much on The Great Khali… but I think the problem he had was that the background in front of which they were taking pictures was white… the same color as Jinder Mahal’s outfit.

He should be pissed that Heath Slater is in the Money In The Bank match and he’s not. He SHOULD be upset that Ted DiBiase got a shot at the Intercontinental Championship tonight and he’s not even booked.

Match – Sheamus vs Sin Cara

Does anyone else find the idea of Sheamus making a trampoline-assisted entrance to the ring would be classic?

Because he doesn’t look as pale under the blue and orange lights, does Sheamus demand more respect (and less laughing) when facing Sin Cara?

Did Booker T just say that the way Sheamus is throwing Sin Cara around is like how people throw babies around?!

Sheamus must’ve been distracted by the comment because he gets rolled up as Sin Cara does a reversal to the powerbomb attempt and pins Sheamus with the hurricanrana.

Outcome – Sin Cara by pinfall

Wade Barrett gives us a preview of what the WWE could look like four years from now, as he gets into the ring and attacks Sheamus. If this is what the future looks like, I’m all for it.

Earlier in the show, Christian “found out” that “someone” spray-painted the side of Randy Orton’s bus. Now he apparently found Randy Orton’s wallet… and he openly admits to stealing money from the wallet and bets it there in the casino? A bit too forced for my taste.

Teddy Long is in the ring when we return from commercial, and he’s bringing out Big Show and Mark Henry for a faceoff… so apparenty it was worthless for him to send a message via courier about the two guys holding their tempers, because he’s about to see them face to face anyway.

Maybe he was anticipating they’d attack the messenger.

Both guys say they’re holding their temper, and both guys say that if they weren’t, they’d tear each other apart.

Big Show says that the WWE Universe has been waiting for a decade for Mark Henry to get a fire lit inside him so he’s worth a damn, but he also tells Mark that his “fire” is misdirected. For some reason, Big Show thinks all he has to do is ask Mark Henry to seek a fight elsewhere and that’s going to make a difference.

Exactly what part of the past few weeks did Big Show not understand?

Teddy Long stops the two from fighting, and he says that on Sunday, he’ll let God sort things out. I guess that means he’s expecting one of them to get hit by lightning.

Mark Henry’s hedging his bets already, wearing a cross around his neck.

Match – Kelly Kelly vs Rosa Mendes

So it seems to me like K2 is still surprised and adoring of the reaction she gets from the fans during her entrance.

What is it with Smackdown tonight giving big opportunities to people with little credibility? Kane against Randy Orton, and now Rosa Mendes gets a non-title shot at Kelly Kelly?

Outcome – Kelly Kelly gets the win with her standing guillotine leg drop

If memory serves, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes had some strife with one another based on one of them losing a match last week (or was it the week before?). Of course, we don’t get a follow-up on that right after the match.

Nope, instead we get another lame segment from Johnny Curtis backstage, and apparently his attendant who helps him setup the lame gags got something wrong in getting a stuffed elephant instead of a stuffed cat. The good part? “Mikey”, as I believe the attendant was called, looks a lot like Ralphus.

Christian pokes fun at Randy Orton again, this time showing a deleted scene from “THAT’S WHAT I AM”. Anyone else actually remember that scene? If you didn’t see the movie, it’s actually fairly good.

Just when I thought it was main event time…

Match – Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater

Why are the former tag champs facing one another? Heath Slater has a mic and he lets us know that he thinks Justin Gabriel has been dropping the ball lately… Maybe he could’ve announced this beforehand so this match made sense. Clearly he voiced this opinion to someone before now.

If Heath Slater cleanly goes over in this match, I’ll be disappointed.

Anyone else hoping that Heath Slater gets a ticket back down to Florida Championship Wrestling after Sunday’s pay per view?

Michael Cole with the failed logic of the night, which I’ll get to in a minute…

Outcome – Justin Gabriel wins the match by pinfall after the 450 Splash

Cole’s failed logic: during the match, Booker T mentioned that he never got the chance to do what Gabriel and Slater are doing, since he didn’t get the chance to wrestle his brother… to which Cole says “Gabriel and Slater aren’t brothers!”

Booker T was talking about the fact that he never wrestled his long-time tag partner, who happened to be his brother. Just because Gabriel and Slater aren’t related doesn’t mean they don’t still share the same link attributabe to Stevie Ray and Booker T… the fact that they were co-holders of the tag titles.

Main Event Time – Randy Orton vs Kane

Initial prediction is that Kane wins this match while Randy Orton is somehow distracted by something Christian is doing.

Very early on, Christian is already providing some distraction…

Randy Orton doesn’t et it get to him, and he sets up to go for the RKO… but Kane battles out of it. Then Orton really lets the distraction get to him, which is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen a World Champion do, as Christian wasn’t actually threatening bodily harm…. but Kane, the man standing ten feet from Orton in the ring, it was his job to attack Orton.

So outside the ring, Christian gets Randy’s attention and the challenger gets chased all around the ring… and Orton gets himself counted out.

Outcome – Kane wins by countout

Orton finally gets back into the ring… only to get a uppercut to the midsection, doubling him over. Orton is the superhero of Smackdown, as the Squared-Circle Jerk will remind you in his weekly GuysNation columns, so he gets the RKO on Kane to have the last laugh.

That is, until Christian gets the Spear and the punches Orton and then goes for a chair… only to have Orton get back on the offensive.

Christian leaves, and Kane is made the bitch yet again as Orton smashes him repeatedly with the chair and then foams at the mouth as Christian stands 40 yards away and Orton doesn’t make efforts to stop him.

This article will be updated as the show transpires, so keep checking back throughout the night to see what GuysNation has to say about the final Friday Night event prior to the big pay per view. As always, this article will have the infamous polls by the time this night is over!