It’s the first Friday after WWE’s OVER THE LIMIT pay per view. where do we stand?

Randy Orton is still the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian might have to move to the back of the line for his next World Title shot.

Cody Rhodes is an up-and-coming star in WWE, and now that he’s re-aligned with his former Legacy team mate Ted DiBiase, what better time to have him target their former leader?

The new masked sensation on Smackdown, Sin Cara, defeated Chavo Guerrero at the pay per view. Will their feud be over before it begins, or will Chavo step up and continue the challenge?

RAW saw new World Tag Team Champions crowned. will The Corre set their sights on New Nexus?

The Corre will likely have to answer to Ezekiel Jackson after the Intercontinental Championship match where they kept him from taking the title from current champion (and de-facto CORRE leader) Wade Barrett.

It’s fairly obvious where the Intercontinental Championship storyline will go, but everything else? It’s still up in the air, but tonight should answer a lot of the questions as we move forward towards Capitol Punishment.

Sorry to anyone who attempted to read this article last night. I had technical difficulties which made it impossible to watch Smackdown or use the internet aside from posting a comment about having a power failure. But never fear, your Smackdown review article is here!

So it appears that Smackdown is a month behind RAW in the bookings department. It was the first show after Extreme Rules where RAW had a triple-threat number one contender’s match featuring:

– a heel former World Champion (The Miz) as played on Smackdown by Sheamus

– a heel who has never had a serious run but is gaining momentum (Alberto Del Rio) as played on Smackdown by Mark Henry

– an underdog face whose World Championship reigns are very few and far between (Rey Mysterio) as played on Smackdown by Christian

Is anyone else noticing the lack of diverse creativity by WWE decision makers?

Aside from his great athletecism, there’s not a ton of draw to Sin Cara. I was excited about the feud with Chavo Guerrero because Chavo could do all the talking, potentially responding to whatever the language-barriered Sin Cara might say in spanish. Sin Cara got a clean win over Chavo at OVER The LIMIT, and how do they follow that up? Did they move on and let Sin Cara work with someone else? Did they give Chavo Guerrero a leg-up in the feud?

No, they had Sin Cara once again beat Chavo Guerrero five days removed from his previous victory.


Ezekiel Jackson looks to be running the gauntlet of the members of Corre before he gets his hands on Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental Championship. I”m fine with the way this is progressing, but I would make one plea:

At some point, could Wade Barrett cut a promo about how this isn’t just about proving he’s better than Ezekiel Jackson, but have him say that he actually wants to keep the Intercontinental Championship? Have him say it means something to him. Maybe even mention British Bulldog from back in the day having picked up the huge victory in Wembley stadium over Bret Hart to gain the belt?

It would be nice if Zeke would also say that he wants the Intercontinental Championship and possibly talk about what it would mean to him… but I’m trying to be reasonable in my pleas.

In what I hope continues into a significant feud, Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes locked up, and the way it ended makes me fairly certain that things between them are going to continue. Daniel Bryan showed he was the better competitor (at least on that night), but Cody Rhodes gave him reason to want another encounter, given the post-match beatdown and head-bagging. After Bryan / Rhodes is over, I’d love to see them mix it up with Barrett / Zeke respectively (though I’m fairly certain Justin Gabriel and Sin Cara will play in there somewhere).

For years, The Great Khali has been an uninteresting competitor, but with the appearance of Jinder Mahal he’s got a ton of new life. Attacking his brother (and former manager) Ranjin Singh, The Great Khali immediately becomes one of the more interesting competitors on Smackdown, and his loss to Kane on May 27th doesn’t affect that one bit. Whoever’s writing this storyline shoulud be commended.

Alicia Fox and Tamina made their return to television by getting a victory over the two all-women WWE NXT finalists A.J. and Kaitlyn. Not sure where that’s headed, and I’m not sure many people care. Kaitlyn does have some seriously under-rated hotness, though.

Though I was seriously hoping they would mix it up, WWE again proves non-creative by going the same route as RAW a month ago, having Sheamus (playing the role of The Miz) pick up the win in the Number One Contendership triple-threat match.