It’s a day late, but it’s anything but short! GuysNation reviews the results of Smackdown each week and gives you our play-by-play comments and analysis, and this week is going to be none the different!

What’s on tap? Triple H has promised to show up and talk more about the current state of the WWE, and after how RAW ended, he’s got plenty to talk about.

Without any further ado, let’s get down to the show!

Chief Operations Officer Triple H makes his first showing on Smackdown since he scored them by not allowing himself to be traded there. Some Guys have always had power in WWE, right?

Booker T stirs the pot with Michael Cole by bringing up the fact that Cole was given an ultimatum about potentially being fired earlier in the week on RAW.

Speaking of RAW, Triple H starts out his speech by talking about the RAW World championship situation, and after recapping the fact that he feels like John Cena and CM Punk both have legitimate claims to the top title on the Monday brand, COO-HHH decides… that he’ll decide what to do about that by Monday.

Christian is the welcoming committee from Smackdown, and he wants to be front and center when COO-HHH makes his decision about what to do with the belt, but he first pleads his situation to the new over-boss.

Christian suggests that Triple H might want to have a close working relationship with him… but COO-HHH reaffirms the fact that he and Christian have never been “friends”. He also gives us a good idea as to how his new role in WWE is going to be as COO-HHH:

He’s going to be a hard-ass. He doesn’t like to be interrupted, he doesn’t like to negotiate, and he’s not going to mess around.

First order of business for Smackdown: He takes care of Christian’s worries regarding unfair officiating by booking Christian to face Randy Orton at the pay per view in a No Holds Barred Match.

Just like he did on Monday, R-Truth shows up and interrupts COO-HHH. After talking about the conspiracy, R-Truth says that things better be fixed with the conspiracies by Monday.

After goofing on R-Truth’s imaginary friends, COO-HHH sets up a match between the straight-jacketed competitor and Randy Orton.

How’s this for justice: Randy Orton, the number 1 contender, gets tonight’s main event.  Christian, the World Champion, will be wrestling in the opening match against John Morrison, with whom COO-HHH brought with him tonight.

What are the odds Morrison will stay on Smackdown? They could use someone else for the fans to cheer for.

Speaking of people who should get a move to Smackdown to allow them to better grow their fanbase and be utilized for the talent they are, who’s backstage with Teddy Long and COO-HHH after the commercial? Internet Champion Zack Ryder.

Tired of being bothered by Zack Ryder, COO-HHH makes Ryder the new Assistant to Teddy Long. Is this a longterm thing or just for this week? We’re hoping it’s the former (longterm).

Match – Christian vs John Morrison

Nice hyping of the popular GuysNation column by Booker T, who mentioned “Squared-Circle” quite a few times, and we know exacty who he’s talking about.

Anyone else who watched this match really disappointed by how sloppy John Morrison looked? Hopefully it’s just ring-rust and not laziness or declining skills.

Wow, so in a match where Morrison looks like he needs more practice / warm-up matches, he goes for his backflip urinage… from a standing position. Not the top rope, but from a standing position. He goes from selling a “neck injury” to nearly causing one for the Heavyweight Champion.

If Morrison can hit that crazy backflip urinage from a standing position, should we be amazed when he hits it from the top rope?

Outcome – In appropriate fashion, Christian wins the match cleanly with the Killswitch

Instead of having Jinder Mahal simply destroy a random competitor, they actually put a little more thought into his storyline this week Jinder is sitting in a luxury box with Great Khali to watch the show. Whether this was pre-taped before the show, or if they’ll randomly show him from time to time throughout the night, I like the storyline element.

Coming back from commercial, Wade Barrett has a mic in the middle of the ring and talks about the fact that he came to WWE to make tons of money, and he’s going to refocus his efforts on that.

Apparently that means targeting Daniel Bryan, who offended him by winning the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Bryan has something to say about that, and he shows up with a mic and his briefcase and snaps Wade back to reality.

Wade takes umbridge with being compared to Heath Slater, and the argument turns into “I mentored you” / “no you didn’t” until Barrett gets bored and sucker punches Bryan.

Before Wade can do any further damage, he reaches down to pick up his new rival and gets pulled into the LaBell Lock… and Wade starts tapping… despite the fact that it’s not actually a match.

Backstage, Teddy Long is getting tired of Zack Ryder and his “ideas” already, but Mark Henry shows up and Zack Ryder calms the angry beast by telling him that he will find Henry an opponent for tonight. Long looks doubious, but I’m thinking Ryder could just find someone who’s being as underutilized as he was, and that person (Trent Barreta, maybe?) would take a match.

Decent little personal piece on Justin Gabriel during his trip back to South Africa for the first time in 3 years. Someone’s on their way o being pushed as a face.

Match – Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Tamina vs Natalya Neidhart, Kaitlyn and AJ

Michael Cole accurately reminds us that in multi-Diva matches, typically there are a couple of Divas who don’t actually see action… and Rosa Mendes is the likely option in this match – Cole pointing out that Rosa’s shirt-removing pageantry during the entrance might be her sole contribution.

For anyone interested in the future of Diva’s wrestling, you might want to watch this match and check out a couple moves used by Alicia Fox, and the much MUCH improved talents of AJ, who is looking very natural in the ring.

Sidelined ladies for tonight: Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes, neither of whom become the legal competitor at any point in the match.

Outcome – Alicia Fox with the pinfall victory after a BookerT-style scissors kick.

Match – Mark Henry vs apparently no one

Twice the ring announcer tried to get Henry’s opponent to show up, but it took the urging of Zack Ryder to get some Philly local named Bobby Howard, who apparently weighs 180 lbs, to show up for the match.

After a chokeslam bomb, Bobby was done… but Mark Henry wasn’t. Though his opponent was not showing any signs of defending himself, Mark Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam and then a World’s Strongest Backbreaker to pick up the win.

Outcome – Henry by the most obvious pinfall victory in the world

Following the match-ending bell, Mark Henry gets a chair and looks to be getting ready to destroy the jobber’s leg… but Teddy Long shows up and stops him.

With the pending lawsuit and no one in the locker room wanting to face him, Mark Henry is facing the potential of getting a vacation… until Sheamus shows up.

The face turn is in the works for the Celtic Warrior, who doesn’t look afraid of Mark Henry… and straight-up offers to fight Henry.

After Sheamus tells a fable that ends with Mark Henry being called a big bag of crap, Henry says that Sheamus talks too much… to which Sheamus responds with a slap to the face.

Sheamus with a chair inside the ring and Mark Henry weilding the steel steps, the Celtic Warrior pisses off Mark Henry… but gets him to walk off anyway.

Apparently WWE Superstars on the company’s website matters after all, as the Usos beat the New Nexus in a non-title match, and that got them booked in the tag team championship match which is next.

WWE Unified World Tag Team Championship – The Usos vs New Nexus (c) {McGillicutty & Otunga}

The match is decent, and both teams show some good ability to work as a team, which is vital for a strong tag team division. In the end, we get a dodgy finish with some distraction in the ring so the Usos can’t hit their finishing move on a prone opponent.

Outcome – New Nexus retains the tag title belts when McGillicutty gets the win by pinfall

Zack Ryder is really taking his job as Assistant GM to heart, and he’s brokered a deal to have Ezekiel Jackson fight in a handicap match against Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. Any chance this could be the time when Ted DiBiase steps up and takes one step closer to becoming a face? If he pins Zeke and argues with Cody, that could be the case.

Unless he’s anticipating some strife between Rhodes and DiBiase, it wouldn’t be a good decision by Jackson to have agreed to this match.

Handicap Match – Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs Ezekiel Jackson

Cody Rhodes got some help, but not to the extent that DiBiase is going to have any sort of claim to having won that match for his team, and so the match essentialy does nothing more than to prove that two guys can beat one… which I guess is significant, since most WWE Handicap Matches end with the underdog getting the win.

Outcome – Rhodes gets the win for his team by pinfall after hitting the Cross Rhodes

After the match, Jinder Mahal addresses the fans, which was a nice way for them to remind us that he’s stil in attendance.

The SummerSlam Rewind Moment Of The Night goes back 17 years to SummerSlam from 1994, with the Ladder Match rematch from Wrestlemania X… and it’s fitting that they showed that match, because that’s my prediction for what Triple H is going to setup to solve the CM Punk / John Cena situation.

Match – Randy Orton vs R-Truth

So… the number one contender, Smackdown’s uncrowned champion, facing a guy who has one World Championship title match to his credit… and he’s not even on this show.

If you can’t predict what’s going to happen, I don’t know what to tell you.

Throwing a potential monkeywrench into the outcome of the match, Christian shows up, and I don’t think he’s there just to watch his fellow TNA Wrestling alumnist R-Truth.

Randy Orton senses that the match is almost over, and because he wants R-Truth to know what’s coming, he pounds his fist on the mat quite a few times, allowing R-Truth to escape the ring.

Christian provides some distraction, and R-truth gets the chance to use a weapon, so what does he use?

A plastic water botte.

Not afraid of being disqualified, Randy Orton grabs a chair, gets in the ring and takes out his frustrations.

Outcome – Randy Orton loses by disqualification, but this match is being used to show that Orton can be ruthless when he wants to be, and at SummerSlam he can use his Anger Management issues to his favor against Christian.

Post match, Orton continues the beating of R-Truth with the help of a monitor from the announce table… and then he hits an RKO on the announce table… and much to the chagrin of R-Truth, it doesn’t collapse.

Orton, finding himself twenty yards away from Christian, with only a ramp standing between them, Orton ponders his options and then decides to go back after R-Truth instead of trying to inflict some pain on his SummerSlam opponent.

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