The final show before WWE gets to Capitol Punishment, and as always, GuysNation is covering the action as it goes down in one of our four primary articles of the week on the subject of professional wrestling.

We’ve had RAW, we’ve had the Squared-Circle Jerk weighing in with his opinion, now it’s time for Smackdown and there will be at least one more article this week on the business you fans have come to know and love on a weekly basis, even when it doesn’t love you back.

I’m looking at you, WWE Creative, which didn’t see fit to book Zack Ryder on RAW despite it being in his hometown of Long Island.

But that’s neither here nor there. In fact, here is Smackdown, and the ppv is the “there” that we’re headed, and so what can still be left in store?

We still need to find out whether or not Cody Rhodes will have a match on the pay per view. It’s looking like he could be involved with Daniel Bryan somehow, but unless they do something definitive tonight, it could be a last minute replacement.

What about Sin Cara? They seem to like to book him into spots, even when they don’t have a long-term goal in mind *cough*CHAVO*cough*.

By the end of the night, we should have all the pieces in place, and because the final pre-show moments have ticked down, let’s see what they’ve got for us!

After all the people Randy Orton has booted in the skull, are we really supposed to feel bad that he got a concussion by being hit with a title belt a week ago?

So as World Champion, Randy Orton thinks he deserves the opportunity to just beat someone up, a couple days before he’s scheduled to face that person on a pay per view? Talk about short sighted. He could end up without the pay per view payday.

Teddy Long continues to establish himself as the likeable general manager who knows how to dress and loves to put his World Champions in bad places. First he makes Christian defend the Championship 5 days after he won the belt. Now he’s considering stacking the odds against the current champ Orton at the pay per view by turning the title defense into a triple-threat match with little-to-no notice by adding Sheamus into the mix 48 hours before the pay per view, and all Sheamus has to do is to win the match?

That decreases the odds that Randy will be able to retain… and if I were Randy, I’d do whatever I could to stop Sheamus from picking up a victory.

Somewhere backstage, Mark Henry is wondering how he got lost in the shuffle, and Wade Barrett can’t wait to lose the Intercontinental Championship.  Daniel Bryan? He just wants to get the chance to do something that matters instead of wrestling the same two guys week after week for a year on end.

Oh look, it’s the same six-man tag match they had on RAW!

Match – Sin Cara, Zeke Jackson, Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase

Any chance Zeke Jackson is going to allow Sin Cara to get a win over his rival twice in a week? Wade Barrett better hope not.

Did anyone else think it looked like Ted DiBiase messed up in not kicking out after that running dropkick from Daniel Bryan? What are they going to do to punish him, keep him off the pay per view dark match he might’ve been booked in?

Outcome – Daniel Bryan gets the pinfall on Ted DiBiase and everyone (including the competitors) look stunned

Obviously a mistake was made at the end of that six-man tag match… but they actually highlighted it upon the return from the commercial to own up to the fact that the referee counted three despite DiBiase’s shoulder being up first? Maybe this is the opportunity DiBiase needs to start his next storyline, that he got cheated out of making his mark.

Match – Vlad Kozlov vs Jinder Mahal

How far has Kozlov fallen? He starts out as a tough-as-nails competitor who drills through people… then he is a backup to William Regal… and despite finding great chemistry as Santino’s tag team partner, he’s now a fall guy to new talent, having weakened to the point where the guy who used to headbutt everything is now hurt after having his forehead slammed into the top turnbuckle.

Outcome – Jinder Mahal wins in a less shocking outcome than the previous match

Interview time for Big Show with Josh Mathews, and Mathews asks Show WHY he’s on Smackdown… and apparently he heard that ADR was going to be in attendance.  Really? And we’re not wondering WHY ADR – a RAW competitor – would be on Smackdown?

Teddy Long is determined not to let Big Show get after Alberto Del Rio because someone’s considering pulling up criminal charges on Show for his attack on ADR’s ring announcer on RAW… but Teddy is an enabler, and he’s setting up a match between Mark Henry and Big Show.

The announcers say it’s not going to be a match for the “faint of heart”, but I think they meant “fans of fast-paced wrestling”. Should be a good brawl though… unless Big Show’s yellow glove provides an early knockout.

Match – Big Show vs Mark Henry

I don’t know if it’s actually going to count as a match, but Big Show attacks Henry before the opening bell even rings, and that yellow glove goes nuts and the World’s Strongest Man is going to need some strong guys to carry his stretcher, ’cause he got KNOCKED. OUT.

Match – Alicia Fox, Tamina, Rosa Mendes vs Natalya, AJ, Kaitlyn

When the fans start booing the moment Alicia Fox’s music hits, is that because they remember how she has acted in weeks past, or are they just sad that they’re about to sit through another relatively pointless Diva tag match, essentially the same thing we’ve seen from this group of women each week for over a month?

Is it sad that I typed “Natalya, AJ, Kaitlyn” as the opponents without even needing to wait to see who was scheduled to show up?

Wouldn’t this match be far more meaningful if WWE paid a few hundred bucks to create a Diva’s tag division?

If you were a women’s wrestler and you knew that your opponent knocked you out a couple weeks ago with a Samoan Drop, would you REALLY go for a flying crucifix during the middle of the match, essentially SETTING UP FOR A SAMOAN DROP?

AJ did it, and she paid the price.

Outcome – Tamina wins by pinfall

If you enjoy lame backstage segments with Johnny Curtis… you’ll have to go somewhere else to learn about his segment. The same applies to the Capitol Punishment segment with the mock press conference.

Match – Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs The Uso Brothers

So let me get this straight… Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel found a way to win the tag team championships THREE TIMES in a year, and because they’re no longer affiliated with Wade Barrett, NOW they have to prove whether they’re a good tag team?

I realize the concept of Gang Warfare might diminish their accomplishments a little bit, but let’s be honest, those guys are the ones who helped Barrett get to where he is, not the other way around, and no one’s saying Barrett now has to prove himself now that he’s not a member of The Corre… and seriously, beating the Usos proves… what exactly?

Outcome – Justin Gabriel gets pinned by one of the Usos

Beating the Usos wouldn’t have proved much… but what does losing to them say?

Alberto Del Rio gets some mic time, and he explains that he’s mad at the Big Show for attacking his little friend Ricardo… and if he were standing in front of him, he’d spit in his face. Show’s music hits, and Alberto runs for the hills.  Literally. Out through the audience and up the stairs.

Maybe he realizes the height difference and he knows he’d have to be standing on stairs in order to actually spit into Show’s face.

Show doesn’t like it… and in addition to already wrecking the bottom rope… Show tears apart the announce table and the time keeper’s area and the security barricade… Maybe Show’s from Vancouver and he just realized that his team failed to become the World Champions and he’s joining in on the riot… a couple days late and on the opposite side of the continent.

Main Event – Christian vs Sheamus

When’s the last time you can remember a pay per view World Championship match booking coming down to the final moments of the final show leading up to a pay per view with less than 40 hours notice? I can’t think of anything in recent history.

How great was it when Christian setup and started signaling for The Spear? Did anyone else think that was really how it was going to end, though?

Is that the first time you’ve seen someone jump off the top rope to the outside, pulling their opponent’s head into the top of the steel corner ringpost? It was a first for me, and I liked that as the non-traditional finishing move for the match for Christian.

Outcome – Christian keeps the pay per view match as a one-on-one between he and Randy Orton by picking up the pinfall victory

Keep checking back, as this article will be updated throughout the night, and as always, this article will have the infamous polls before the evening is through!