With two episodes of Smackdown left before Money In The Bank, we’ve got a sub-par showing from the secondary show thus far.

The main event scene is convoluted, Christian is being misused in his whiny angle, Sheamus just inserted himself into the title angle again, and Teddy Long switches from being the Power Playa who can make any decision he wants one week and then becomes the guy who can’t change things the next week.

A nice feud was brewing between Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan, and now it looks as though they’ve completely switched over to DiBiase vs Bryan so they can let Cody Rhodes focus a bit on Zeke Jackson and the Intercontinental Title.

They don’t care much for Kane after ending his title reign, and now he somehow gets the jump on Wade Barrett – one of their potential main eventers?

Big Show looks to have switched back to Smackdown and is having an interesting feud with Mark Henry… but that just highlights WWE’s failure to realize he shouldn’t move to RAW and their inability to book him on Mondays anyway.

And who’s in the MONEY IN THE BANK match for Smackdown? “Who knows” is not a good response given that we’re only 10 days away.

I’m not optimistic about the quality we’re going to get from Smackdown, but they’ve got all the talent potential in the world, How’s this week’s version going to stack up?

Let’s find out!

Did anyone else worry when they announced that the ring was filled with WWE Superstars? I was thinking we were about to get a subpar Thursday night show.

We do get to see the eight men who are going to get the chance for the Money In The Bank:

Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.

Aren’t there supposed to be 8?

Cody Rhodes steals the microphone from Daniel Bryan (who was talking about hard work and the willingness to do anything), and Cody goes on to say that he’s special, and he has overcome great adversity…

…apparently his ability to overcome adversity doesn’t extend beyond the need to wear the face-shield protective mask and hood to hide behind.

As Wade Barrett starts talking, Sheamus rushes the ring with a chair in hand, and the reaction he’s getting is a positive one from the live crowd.

Note to Sheamus: if you want to get a negative reaction, don’t save Wade Barrett for last.

Shocker! Sheamus says his plan is to win Money In The Bank!

Not only that, but Sheamus plans to cash in the Money In The Bank the night of the pay per view so he can leave that arena with the belt.

So what happens if Orton vs Christian happens before the Money In The Bank ladder match for Smackdown? Would he still cash it in, even though they’ve had more time to rest? If I were Randy Orton or Christian, I’d have him put it in writing that he will cash in the briefcase the same night.

Now Christian is ripping on Sheamus? Seems like they might be turning Sheamus face. It’s long overdue.

I could see the fans latching on to the “Fella” catchphrase, can’t you?

Because Sheamus ripped up the contract last week before it could be finalized, Christian got the opportunity to have his legal team throw in a clause about the title switching hands on disqualification, and it’s great that they’re playing up the conniving intelligence of Christian. Definitely a strength that fits his personality.

Teddy Long shows up, and for the 18th consecutive week, he books a match between the champion and one of the top challengers in a non-title match, allowing Sheamus to further convolute the main event picture.

The first match of the night is a tag match, and as they introduce the first pairing, I’m 90% sure I know who their opponents are going to be. Given the lazy booking, who else would Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase be facing?

Daniel Bryan is the first of their opponents… and I’m guessing there will be a trampoline brought out from underneath the ring for his partner…

Actually they do switch things up a bit, and it’s Ezekiel Jackson who’s partnering up with Daniel Bryan, and I shouldn’t have been surprised given the comment I made in the article’s introduction.

I’ll turn this into a drinking game, and every time I make a false assumption, I’ll take a swig of something. **d**

Match – DiBiase & Rhodes vs Bryan & Zeke

I’ll go ahead and predict that Zeke Jackson gets the win by making DiBiase tap out to the torture rack, though part of me really wanted to predict DiBiase to get the win by putting Daniel Bryan on the mat for a cheap 3 count.

For fans who actually enjoy the structuring of matches, Cody Rhodes had a very nice setup to the Alabama Slam in the corner, where he did a back body drop of sorts, caught Bryan in the air and then threw him down.

In the most unlikely outcome I could’ve imagined, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase work together and give DiBiase the biggest victory of his career (yes, I realize he’s been a tag champ before) as he hits his Million Dollar Dream suplex on Intercontinental Champion Zeke Jackson… and pins him in the middle of the ring.

Outcome – DiBiase gets the win for his team by pinfall

Mark Henry attacked Big Show a few times, attacked the sound technician last week, and they still haven’t decided whether he’s going to be punished by the front office yet? Weak.

And now Mark Henry is going to be put into a match tonight against Kane… so he’s getting paid to work while they consider his punishment. Brilliant.

I’ll go ahead and predict that Big Show interrupts that match.

Match – Jinder Mahal vs Trent Barreta

So what’s going to be a bigger clusterf… the match, or Great Khali on the announce table?

Truth be told, I really like Trent Barreta and I wish he would get more opportunities to show what he’s capable of, but he gets as much offense as Khali gets dialogue time on commentary.

Outcome – Jinder Mahal makes short work of Barreta and wins by pinfall

Next up we get a match involving Tamina and AJ, and because I don’t see the point of this match, I’m not really going to cover it. And because I take realy long swigs of my drink when I get something wrong or there’s a dis-interesting match coming up and the night is headed in a “cloudy” direction already.

Little Spark Plug / Spitfire AJ gets the roll-up win, and then the heel ladies Alicia Fox and Tamina have a little argument in the ring. Something tells me that next week, it’ll be Alicia Fox losing to AJ or Kaitlyn and then Tamina will make fun of her. Given the way my predictions are going thus far, I’ll go ahead and drink to that.

Technicality note from something they said on Monday. Vince said if Punk walks out with the title belt, John Cena would be fired. He DIDN’T say “if Punk wins the title”, just if he leaves. Two questions:

– if Punk loses the match but steals the title from the ring announcer and drives off with it, shouldn’t Cena get fired?

– if Punk wins the belt, could Cena pay the Money In The Bank winner to challenge Punk before the night is over to help Cena try to save his job?

Match – Kane vs Mark Henry

Interesting comments by the announce team about some of the technical crew considering walking out on Smackdown this week due to what Mark Henry did last week. Stuff like that makes it seem more real, even though it seemed very unlikely.

So how is it that the announce team doesn’t understand that Kane is able to slam Mark Henry? Didn’t they just mention that Kane weighs almost as much as Mark Henry? He’s a little bit taller, but that means he’s got quite a bit of muscle, considering all the fat Mark Henry clearly has.

In fact, I’m thinking that once Kane got Mark Henry up off his feet, the density of Mark Henry’s forehead made it easy to turn him upside down, as GRAVITY did most of the work.

Outcome – Mark Henry gets the win after a big slam… or something like that

No Big Show appearance… so I’m taking a swig.

After the match, Mark Henry yells at Booker T for a bit, and then Booker T tells his co-workers that he just showed you how to deal with Mark Henry…

…oh really? Because Michael Cole and Josh Mathews didn’t have any problems with Mark Henry… because they ran off!

Michael Cole ruins my point about he and Mathews having the right idea by calling Booker T a coward in throwing up his hands and begging off from Mark Henry.

Oh really, Cole? Telling a bully you have no problem with them and that you don’t want to fight is more cowardly than RUNNING!? Not where I’m from.

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Oh look, another Money In The Bank recap! They SHOULD be using that time to help show how people are preparing for the big match…

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We come back from a commercial and it looks like Tyson Kidd got a haircut! Now how are we going to distinguish him from the other young, talented, agile athletes on Smackdown?

Oh, because he’s the one without a mask who isn’t named Daniel Bryan and still has a job.

He should be in the Money In The Bank match for Smackdown.

Maybe WWE Superstars should get a Money In The Bank ladder match dark match before the pay per view begins.

Match – Sin Cara vs Tyson Kidd

Anyone else laugh when Sin Cara crouched atop the entrance ramp, most likely due to the fact that his trampoline wasn’t ready?

Anyone else wondering how high Tyson Kidd could jump if he got to enter the match with the trampoline just like Sin Cara?

If Tyson Kidd wins this match (yea, like they’ll let that happen), wouldn’t it be awesome if Tyson starts demanding they shine pink lights down during his matches?

Anyone else think it’s funny that Tyson Kidd’s ring attire now contains screaming skulls which harken more to Stone Cold Steve Austin than the Harts?

Sin Cara actually showing a little more aggression in this match with the mounted punches, and then the kicks on Kidd in the corner.

Outcome – Sin Cara wins the match by pinfall with the backflip urinage

So much for the interesting angle they COULD have between Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd…

Time to continue the in-ring feud between the Usos and Slater&Gabriel. I’m enjoying how this storytelling is going, but I do wish they’d have SOME backstage stuff or promos to help move it along.

Match – Slater & Gabriel vs The Usos

Because this is an in-ring feud, I’m definitely expecting the match to tell a story…

…and I wasn’t disappointed.

We got a near-finish, then we get some miscommunication between Slater & Gabriel, and then we get a good tag team combination by The Usos with a pair of top-rope moves for the finish.

Outcome – The Usos pick up the win over Slater & Gabriel

Up next… they’re going to recap RAW…

If the purpose of these Johnny Curtis promos is to make him seem douchy and lame… they’re doing a great job.

And… if you want a recap of RAW, go read my RAW article. I’m not wasting room here.

Main Event time!

Match – Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Oh look, Christian’s interested enough in this match that he’s coming to do some commentary! That’s an unexpected… surprise…

Does my sarcasm come across well in these articles?

Christian feels like he got screwed at the last pay per view so he had his lawyer draw up some documents. If Randy Orton felt screwed, he’d go to the papers if he had to.

WWE Films reference anyone?

Outcome – Match ends basically by no contest because of Christian’s interference

So Christian gets involved and beats the hell out of Randy Orton, and that keeps Sheamus from further sticking his nose in the World Title situation… at least until after the pay per view… or late in the evening on the pay per view, if he wins Money In The Bank.

Note to WWE: the fans could use a fresh title picture… how about giving Wade Barrett the win at Money In The Bank to give us a new challenger?

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