This is Smackdown’s first offering following Night Of Champions.  Kane is still World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler finally got a legit win over Kofi Kingston, and LayCool changes the names on their co-championships.

How will things change as things continue between Kane and Undertaker headed to the next pay per view? (with a name like Hell In A Cell and only two weeks prior to it occurring, the next pay per is bound to feature a rematch)

Will Kofi Kingston still go after Dolph Ziggler or will WWE find a way for him to move along?

Did Christian’s injury happen before or after the taping of Smackdown, and what affect did that have on the feud Christian was starting with Alberto Del Rio?

Are MVP and Jack Swagger going to continue to be at odds with one another, and will it possibly result in a match at Hell In A Cell?  I’d like to see Jack Swagger draw some blood on MVP if their feud is going to be considered heated enough to be in a match on that big of a pay per view.  Also, wouldn’t it seem more appropriate if those two waited five weeks and battled on the Bragging Rights pay per view?  The name seems more appropriate.

Will we get to see a new tag team championship contender emerge on Smackdown for McIntyre & Rhodes?  That team wouldn’t have to be credible enough to warrant a match at Hell In A Cell, but it would be a preview of things to come.

Let’s see what happens.

Opening Match – Kane vs Chris Masters

Wow, so Kane has a match in the opener of the show, and Chris Masters is his opponent?  Is Smackdown running low on potential opponents?  What’s next, a Chavo sighting?

Did Chris Masters get pectoral implants or is he doing weight lifting techniques which just make it look like he’s got breasts?  He’s always had a well defined chest, but it seems oddly… centered now.

Wow, Chris Masters actually successfully applies the Master Lock?  What the announcers fail to mention when they say that the Master Lock hasn’t been broken in years – Chis Masters hasn’t locked it in on anyone in years.

With all the moves that Kane is stealing from The Undertaker, why not have him try The Last Ride on someone?

Outcome:  Kane gets the obvious win over Chris Masters with the Tombstone Piledriver, but Chris Masters looks a lot better than I thought he would.  Just like with Zack Ryder going up against Sheamus several weeks ago on RAW before the Six-Pack Challenge was announced, I predict that Chris Masters’ television time is going to be increasing over the next couple months.

If Kane thinks that fear lives all around the arena in The Undertaker and with the fans, then why would the little kids in a nearby section be reaching out for him and taking his picture with smiles on their faces?

Congrats to that kid who sat there with an intimidated look on his face as Kane cut is promo right there next to him in the crowd.  That promo wouldn’t have gone over as well if the kid looked happy to be part of the show, that close to a World Champion.

Kane is saving his challenge for later in the show.  Yet another week with a main event that doesn’t feature a match?

Wow, we get a World Tag Team Championship match?

Okay, so the tag champs don’t have a team name, nor a team theme song.  The announcers mention

Wow, another surprise – the challengers are from RAW – the former champions!

Unified WWE World Tag Team Championship Match – Hart Dynasty vs McIntyre & Rhodes (c)

Where Hart Dynasty will go from here if they somehow lose to McIntyre & Rhodes cleanly?

The announcers sold the fact that there was a huge party to celebrate the championship victory by Rhodes & McIntyre, why wouldn’t WWE try to doctor up some photos to make it look like it actually happened?  Heels can be popular too… and typically are.

Outcome:  McIntyre & Rhodes retain with a pinfall over Tyson Kidd using the Future Shock DDT, with a huge assist to an exposed turnbuckle.  Nice win by the champs who retain in a tainted win.  I’d be disappointed with a non-tainted win, and I’m glad the belts didn’t change hands.

A rare backstage sighting of the Undertaker, and he’s hanging out in the stairway?  He’s definitely not looking 100%.

There we have it, Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian in the parking area, and Christian lays there holding his chest.  It looks like this is going to be how they handle Christian’s injury.

A RAW Rebound… and I’m not handling this.  If you want to know what happened on RAW, read my corresponding article on GuysNation.

Wow, Smackdown is tag team heavy tonight, as The Dudebusters are making an appearance.  This is the first I’ve seen them in a long time… and honestly, I’m so unfamiliar with these two that it took me a second to remember what their names were, despite the fact that their names were partially written on their chests.  Did anyone else forget that it was Trent Baretta and Calen Croft?

Wow, a Chavo sighting?  They’re pulling out the other half of the roster tonight.

Chavo Guerrero vs Kaval

If Kaval loses this match, he’ll be winless with a record of 0-2 after winning NXT Season 2.

It’s a shame that the WWE fans no longer cheer for the Three Amigos suplexes like they used to when Eddy Guerrero was still fresh in their memories.

Outcome:  Chavo extends the winless streak of Kaval after hitting a frogsplash, and it seems that WWE is willing to take NXT guys who have accomplished a lot elsewhere and giving them losing streaks.  First Daniel Bryan (Danielson), now Kaval.

Commercial-related question:  Do the folks who make the mens’ hair dye really think that Smackdown has enough male viewers who would use the “gray be gone” that they think it’s a good use of advertising dollars?  I’d be surprised if they get their money’s worth.

Supposedly we’re going to get an update on Rey Mysterio’s condition, but Alberto Del Rio is making his entrance.

Did anyone else hear the “Hecho En Mexico” mention by Matt Stryker and wonder if Matt Stryker got that from watching UFC and hearing it in reference to Efrain Escudero?

Someone should’ve told Alberto Del Rio that we already got the recap on what he did to Rey Mysterio prior to his entrance… or maybe the production crew should’ve not included it upon coming back from commercial.

Apparently Rey Mysterio is coming back, though Alberto Del Rio doesn’t tell us when it’s going to happen.  Before we can find out more about that, Christian shows up, and it looks like he’ll try to extract some more revenge before being put on the shelf with his injury.

With his arm wrapped in a chair, Christian being slammed into the corner ringpost appears to be how it will be explained that Christian is on the shelf with an injury.

The ring announcer grabbing Alberto Del Rio’s coat and scarf is a nice touch.  You often see someone leave their personal affects at ringside, and it makes it seem as though they don’t necessarily care about their belongings.

How lifeless does The Undertaker look as he sits in that dark stairwell?  It almost looks like he’s back in that vegetative state.

Handicap Match – Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins vs The Big Show

With the WWE Tag Team division needing a little help, why would they book a handicap match for one of their partially established teams to face Big Show?  Doesn’t that basically kill their credibility if they they lose?

Outcome:  So not only does Big Show win the match, but he basically squashes Hawkins & Archer.

While Jack Swagger rambles on about Smackdown’s SyFy debut next week from his homestate of Oklahoma, his personal affects are packed up behind him, unknownst to Swagger.  Maybe he wished his nickname was “Rear View” instead of his interviewer for the segment, Josh Matthews (who clearly had no problem knowing what was happening behind them)?

Match – CM Punk vs Luke Gallows

In an earlier segment which I forgot to review as it was going on, Luke Gallows promised to celebrate a victory over CM Punk by drinking some beer.  Aside from knowing that Luke Gallows doesn’t belong in the Straight Edge Society, should CM Punk care what Gallows does with his life?

Did anyone else notice during the match that CM Punk tried to get Gallows to stop his assault by saying he’d let Luke Gallows back into the Straight Edge Society?  The announcers didn’t seem to pick up on it.

Outcome:  CM Punk wins with the Go2Sleep, and was there ever any doubt that he was going to win this match?  I suppose there was a small possibility that Luke Gallows would get an upset win and this could turn into a short term feud, but after having lost to Big Show, really the only good option was for CM Punk to win.

Is anyone else okay with Vickie Guerrero showing up on Smackdown so long as she brings Kaitlyn (her NXT Rookie) with her?  I’m more than happy to excuse Vickie Guerrero if it means I get to see Kaitlyn.

Match:  Dolph Ziggler vs MVP

Is anyone else happy to see Dolph Ziggler face someone other than Kofi Kingston?  What are the odds that Kofi Kingston does a run-in on this match?

Is anyone else happy to see MVP face someone other than Jack Swagger?  What are the odds that Swagger does a run-in on this match?

Did Dolph Ziggler really just tell Kaitlyn to be “hands off”, or did I hear that wrong?  That’s some good acting, as I actually believed he didn’t want Kaitlyn to touch him.

Does anyone else think it might’ve been a big mistake for Kaitlyn to shove Vickie Guerrero?  She’s getting far more exposure than any of the other women of NXT Season 3 by being on Smackdown, and unless they make it a storyline where Vickie and Kaitlyn argue on Smackdown but continue their interactions, her “Q” rating is going to suffer.

Dolph Ziggler goes for a pinfall attempt on MVP and tries to pull tights, but he’s unable to due to MVP’s full bodysuit.  Did he not notice what his opponent had been wearing the entire match, or is it just that engrained into him to try to cheat that he doesn’t think about how it might apply to the current situation?

Outcome:  MVP wins by count out as Dolph Ziggler just walks away.

Did I miss something?  This wasn’t a title defense, was it?  So why would Dolph Ziggler worry about potentially losing the belt?

Is this the most that The Dude Busters have EVER been featured on a show other than WWE Superstars or an FCW show?

The Undertaker is backstage and not happy about someone being there, but then once he sees who it is, not only does he look more energized, but his eyes roll back into his head.  Does that answer the question of whether or not Michelle McCool is in attendance tonight?

Kane shows up to make his announcement, and yet again we’re getting a main event which isn’t actually a match.

Is anyone surprised that Kane wants to fight Undertaker inside The Hell In A Cell – The Undertaker’s other signature match (the main one being a casket match)?  Why don’t they raise the stakes by having a casket match?  They could combine that with Hell In A Cell.

Did anyone else think that the dramatic music was a bit too much for this Kane segment?

The druids show up and bring a casket to the ringside area, and I guess we’re supposed to assume Undertaker is in there.

WHOA, HUGE shocker there, it’s Paul Bearer!  I actually question how many of these fans actually know who Paul Bearer is, since he hasn’t been around for a couple years.  It’s great to see him back, along with The Urn.

The Undertaker’s reenergized, and so is the feud between he and Kane.  Great addition to the storyline.  Is there any chance they’re actually going to remind us how Paul Bearer made his exit in the first place?

Does anyone else remember when Paul Bearer was removed from the WWE landscape the first time?

Is it possible that Kane is the only one on the WWE roster without a tattoo?

How great was Kane’s reaction to Undertaker seemingly getting some of his power back with the return of Paul Bearer and The Urn?

Did I hear that Smackdown is going to be LIVE next week when it debuts on SyFy?  The appearance of John Cena not withstanding, Smackdown being live is going to be a big difference.  I don’t expect that would happen every week, but even once would be a significant change in that day’s event.

Outstanding Questions:

How soon is Rey Mysterio going to be returning?

If the feud between Alberto Del Rio and Christian can’t result in a match anytime soon, where does that leave Alberto Del Rio?  Is he going to feud with anyone else prior to picking back up the feud with Rey Mysterio?

With Luke Gallows failing to beat CM Punk, does he “celebrate” his loss with a pitcher of beer like he would’ve if he had won?

Now that Luke Gallows stepped up and tried to take on CM Punk, is Joey Mercury next?

Will CM Punk try to rebuild the Straight Edge Society?

Are the Hart Dynasty going to become a more permanent fixture on Smackdown, despite being RAW superstars, given that they were cheated in their title rematch?

Where was Kofi Kingston this week?  Will he be challenging Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title at the pay per view a week from tomorrow?

What are the odds that there could actually be a three-way (or even four-way) Hell In A Cell match?  I could easily see MVP vs Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title at the pay per view.