It’s Friday Night, and that means it’s time for Smackdown!  For each of the weekly WWE bookend shows to start and finish off the week, I do an article with my perspective – giving results and analysis in the form of questions, comments and random thoughts.

Before getting to the show, let’s consider some of the outstanding questions we’re still waiting to know about.

Obviously the first question focuses on the biggest addition (or re-addition) to the roster:  Will The Rock show up on Smackdown?

Instead of smacking down my question on its face, consider that The Rock should probably interact a little bit with Alberto Del Rio, and they could easily do that confrontation without smudging up the angles going into Wrestlemania.  And while I realize that John Cena is The Rock’s target for Wrestlemania and Cena won’t be at Smackdown, it’s a great opportunity to give that show a little ratings bump in addition to letting him interact with some folks he probably won’t be seeing much from – leading up to OR after Wrestlemania.

Plus, it’s Smackdown.  It’s named for The Rock’s catchphrase.

Don’t you want to see him interact with Edge or Vickie Guerrero?

How about Alberto Del Rio?  Is he really going to be unbooked for Elimination Chamber?  He could have a match with Kofi Kingston.

If Kofi and Del Rio don’t go head-to-head at the pay per view, does that mean the Intercontinental Championship goes undefended?  That sucks.

The show’s about to begin, so the time for questions outstanding is about to end… and the asking of outstanding questions is about to begin!

Scratch what I said about John Cena not being in attendance, I totally forgot all about the 12-man tag match featuring the biggest names in the company from both shows.  Seems there were some additional things I forgot about in my pre-match question asking.  600th Smackdown?  Definitely historic, and I’m glad that The Rock is at least in the company for it.

Oddly enough, the show is starting out with the 12-man.

12-Man Tag Match – John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Edge, R-Truth, John Morrison
CM Punk, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Kane, Dolph Ziggler

I also had forgotten about Vickie Guerrero’s promise to strip Edge of the World Championship and give it to Dolph Ziggler.  I’m still doubting that the belt is just going to be handed over… and I don’t think it would matter even if it did happen, with Elimination Chamber coming up on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday’s Elimination Chamber, a prediction article will be posted on GuysNation sometime on Saturday (if not, then Sunday) to allow people to share their thoughts on what’s going to happen.

Drew McIntyre starts things off with Edge, and in an impressive show of younger talent being built up a bit, McIntyre actually starts on the offensive.  He doesn’t stay there long, switching over to getting worked over by Edge and then R-Truth, but at least they made him look good at the start.

I don’t know that it matters if I go move-for-move when writing this up, and honestly I’m tempted not to do so because I don’t think people enjoy that part and it tears away at the quality of my writing for the rest of the article, so I’m going to stray away from that (providing the results of the related GuysNation poll doesn’t speak to people wanting me to do that)

How great was CM Punk’s reversal to the 6-1-9 into a backbreaker?  That’s the type of thing that MAKES a match for me.

Why do these type of crazy big matches always devolve into a situation where everyone uses and then gives their finishing maneuvers?  The referee totally loses control, and then the top names always end up being in there at the end, just before it somehow makes its way back to the legal competitors.

Outcome – Edge pins Dolph Ziggler after the Spear.

Miss Manners comes out, excusing herself for interrupting, and surprise, she orders Edge to hand over the World Heavyweight Championship belt.  She cites the fact that Edge used an illegal SPEAR last week, even though he didn’t get the belt taken at that time, it was still illegal.  She promises a championship coronation, and welcomes Edge to watch from his hotel room, and she again claims that Edge is the one who attacked Teddy Long.  Is anyone else anticipating Teddy Long showing up to set things straight?  Vickie just fired Edge… so something has to happen before the end of the night if he’s going to participate in Sunday’s elimination chamber match.

How great would it be if Chavo Guerrero met up with Vickie backstage and reminded her that Smackdown’s World Championship Chamber match would need another competitor if Edge is fired?

After a recap of what happened to Cody Rhodes a month ago, we find out that The Dashing One is not only in attendance, but he’s cleared to travel, and next week he’s going to make an announcement.  Just like I was hoping, he’s wearing one of those clear plastic protective masks a la Rip Hamilton or Bill Lambier, and I truly hope that he uses it as a weapon, or they take one of the following angles:

– A Brutus Beefcake angle where they say he has steel plates in his head, so they sell attacks to his head as being REALLY bad

– He uses his steel-plated head as a weapon of sorts similar to how Lex Luger used his steel-plated forearm.

As they recap the first ever Smackdown, is it possible that I’m the only one who was actually watching tonight who was watching 600 episodes ago AND actually remembered that Shawn Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music as The Rock was going for the People’s Elbow?

Actually I’m guessing that there are plenty of readers who were watching that night, but I’m guessing it’s not the majority.

Match – Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix vs Layla & Maryse

Wow, Layla in a tag match, but not with Michelle McCool as her partner?!  That’s a welcomed change… and not JUST because her partner is the hottest DIVA in WWE today, Maryse.

So this match is basically turned into an opportunity to show Michelle McCool at the announce table, and then have her get a little involved in the match?  Well, at least it’s part of a storyline that can be somewhat entertaining, rather than just random rinse-wash-repeat matches like usually.

Outcome – Layla gets the pinfall on Eve after a double-kick from the heel Divas while the referee and Eve were distracted by Michelle McCool

So after the commercial break, we get another look at what The Rock had to say back on Monday.  Great, I can fast forward, since I already saw this a few times!

Match – Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

Can you smell it?  The Miz is getting ready to lose the World Title… which is why they’re having him beat up on both of the lower-tier champions (Daniel Bryan – the United States Champion – on RAW;  Kofi Kingston – the Intercontinental Champion – on Smackdown).

No, I don’t mean that The Miz is going to lose the belt at Elimination Chamber to Jerry Lawler – which would be a TERRIBLE outcome.  But there’s no way… and The Rob means NO WAY… that The Miz is successfully retaining the belt at Wrestlemania.

Sorry, I almost never refer to myself in the third person, and I rarely take a page out of The Rock’s playbook with the reference, but with The Great One making his return, sometimes those things pop into my head, and while I’m typing so fast and so much, it sometimes just finds its way into these articles.

So Kofi Kingston finds a way to get into complete control of the match, and Alberto Del Rio shows up and distracts Kofi.

Outcome – The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Kofi Kingston for the win while Kofi is distracted

Okay, so does anyone else agree that Kofi and Del Rio definitely need a match for Elimination Chamber?  Granted, Del Rio has to win that match, but it needs to happen.

ADR gets into the ring and stands over the fallen Kofi, and he should at least get a microphone and say a few words.  Instead, he simply walks off.

As they announce that we’ve got the coronation coming up later tonight, I still maintain that they need to turn up Booker T’s microphone.  Does anyone else have a hard time hearing him, and yet no problem hearing the other announcers?

Fantastic news for me, apparently we’ve got a tag team championship match coming up shortly!

Tag Title match – SantiKoz (c) vs The Corre (Slater & Gabriel)

Was anyone else disappointed in the fact that the entrances for this match lasted longer than the actual match?

Outcome – The Corre gets disqualified when they get into the match illegally to stop Santino from getting a pinfall win after hitting the COBRA strike

After the match, The Corre works over Santino & Kozlov until Big Show rushes the ring and scares away The Corre.  With the way Zeke Jackson and Big Show had a staredown, how apparent is it that those two are squaring off at Wrestlemania?  The true question revolves around what type of match it will be.

Nice Smackdown flashback there, showing the amazing segment where Booker T and Steve Austin fought inside of a grocery store.  Nice work by Michael Cole afterwards to try to help Booker regain some composure, but it was also fun to see Book just laugh at what had happened.

Coronation time!

Vickie Guerrero gives a little pomp and circumstance, and Dolph Ziggler gets to celebrate with the championship belt for a moment… and then Teddy Long shows up!!!  Thaddeus, according to Booker T!

How is it that Teddy Long could be back, but Vickie Guerrero somehow doesn’t know about it until his music hits?

Teddy Long gets Vickie to admit that Dolph Ziggler was the one who attacked him and put him in the hospital, and then Teddy rehires Edge and makes a World Championship match to take place right then and there.

World Title Match – Edge vs Dolph Ziggler

Does this mean… that Dolph Ziggler actually gets to have a World Championship reign?!  Teddy Long didn’t nullify the title change, and he actually gave it some credibility by making this match (he could’ve just put the belt back on Edge or held it up for the Elimination Chamber match), and he also gave credibility by saying Vickie actually had power while he was away.

So Dolph Ziggler – World Champion?  Crazy.  Personally, I’d like to see him retain the belt here and then lose it at Elimination Chamber.

And how long until Teddy Long re-hires Kelly Kelly?

How great is it that after all those matches where Edge wasn’t supposed to use the Spear, Dolph Ziggler looks to have learned a way to avoid getting hit by it!  Granted, it’s just a leapfrog, but he’s got the timing down!

Outcome – Edge gets the win and becomes World Heavyweight Champion once again as he pins Dolph Ziggler after the Spear.

Ater the match, Teddy Long shows up and has an announcement to make and while I thought it was going to be in regards to Kelly Kelly… apparently Dolph Ziggler is now fired!!!  What a rollercoaster of a night for Ziggler!

The announcers make an interesting note:  Now Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber match only has 5 competitors.  Who’s going to fill that void?  Will Ziggler reclaim his spot?  Will a mysterious competitor show up and fill in?  What about Big Show or Jack Swagger?  Maybe even Cody Rhodes?

This makes Sunday’s pay per view a little more interesting!

What we’re all hoping to see on Smackdown: