It’s Friday night, the work week is done, and so it’s time for the WWE’s “B” show, by which I mean “Blue” show… not that I consider Smackdown to be second-rate.  Even though WWE does.

If you’re not familiar, I do these articles each week for GuysNation and elsewhere, and occasionally people find it funny.  Usually people find it informative.  But it always serves as a way for wrestling fans to discuss their opinions on the WWE’s book-ended shows in a given week.

From last week, we already know that Vickie Guerrero is going to be the special guest referee for a World Championship match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler.

Last week, Kelly Kelly got fired by Vickie Guerrero.  That might stand up until Teddy Long gets back.  Will the blonde bombshell who helped Edge retain the World Championship last week be so fortunate as to get Long’s return this week?

Will Drew McIntyre respond to Kelly Kelly being fired?  Couldn’t he lobby to have her return as his manager?

The past two weeks we’ve seen Alberto Del Rio have one-night feuds with Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella.  Will either of those feuds continue tonight?  Will he move on to someone else?  It’s getting close to Elimination Chamber time, will ADR end up in a match for the February 20th event?  I can’t imagine an episode of Smackdown where they don’t have ADR involved one way or another.

What else will happen?  Let’s find out!

After the recap of what happened last week with Kelly Kelly hitting a spear, winning the match and then getting fired, we get the intro and then we go “live”.  To start things out, Josh Mathews says Smackdown is eminating from Title Town, USA, otherwise known as Green Bay, Wisconsin.  To folks who might’ve been paying better attention than I was, is this really Green Bay, or are they once again making the Old Milwaukee mistake?

If you’ve been through college on a budget, do you have a different definition of an Old Milwaukee Mistake?  I do.

If you don’t know what I mean by the first mention of that, I’m talking about the fact that Milwaukee is a city NEAR Green Bay, Wisconsin, but the inhabitants of Milwaukee don’t like to be called “Green Bay”, since they are, in fact, two different places.  On RAW, R-Truth made the mistake of calling it Green Bay, and the Milwaukee fans didn’t let him live it down.

If you don’t understand the college version of Old Milwaukee Mistake, I won’t ruin it for you.  That’s one of the more important lessons to learn in college.

Alberto Del Rio starts things off with a Valentine’s Day themed segment, with red balloons, fabric, and roses all around.  As Del Rio talks about what he loves, we find out that in addition to his cars and his country, he loves Destiny the most… because he says Destiny reciprocates that love the most and has a bright future for him.  Is he acknowledging that the country of Mexico doesn’t reciprocate his love?

Before we get any more lip service from Alberto Del Rio, we get Kofi Kingston with a microphone, his Intercontinental Championship belt…. and a Kendo Stick from underneath the ring, which apparently it’s his destiny to use.   Some nice mic work there by Kofi…

Why would Kofi talk a big game like that, but then he doesn’t swing the kendo stick as Del Rio cowers in fear?

Does anyone else think that this is probably not Alberto Del Rio’s first time kneeling down like that in a Valentine’s Day setting?

After convincing Del Rio and the crowd that he doesn’t intend on using the kendo stick, he hauls off and hits Del Rio a couple times after a well-timed wink.  Kofi then proceeds to tear the ring apart with the kendo stick and just throwing things around.

Two shows in a row with great starts.  NICE!

So let me get this straight:  Kofi Kingston attacks Alberto Del Rio, and then he’s rewarded for it by getting a match with him?!  I thought a heel Vickie Guerrero was running the show…?

Match – Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio starts things off strong, and he doesn’t look disappointed at all to be fighting this soon after getting beaten by a cane and having his party ruined.  Josh Mathews mentions the fact that maybe Del Rio is a coward, but that doesn’t uite equate with what we’re seeing… though ADR did cower in fear when Kofi had the kendo stick.  Maybe that’s just a sign of intelligence.

Kofi Kingston gets control of the match, but Del Rio is too close to the ropes when Kofi locks in the flip-over pinning combination, and when Kofi tries for the Trouble In Paradise kick, Del Rio escapes the ring and gets the better of Kofi when things turn to the outside.

Outcome – Alberto Del Rio gets the submission victory with the cross arm breaker

Backstage, Todd Grisham asks Edge about his odds tonight, and he makes a snarky comment about Vickie Guerrero not calling things down the middle, making fun of Todd’s question.  Edge then looks depressed about his odds of retaining as we go to commercial.  Given a couple minutes to consider Edge’s odds, I have to think that Kelly Kelly is going to show up during the match and nullify Vickie Guerrero… which I hope leads to an eventual Drew McIntyre / Edge feud.  I’d cross my fingers, but I have to type this article, so…. someone else can do the wishing for me.

Match – Vladimir Kozlov vs Justin Gabriel

Is anyone else thrilled that they’re continuing a feud between The Corre and the Tag Team Champions?  Based on last week’s poll, people loved the idea of The Corre being paired up against Santino & Kozlov for the belts.

Could there be a better person for Justin Gabriel to battle in the ring?  He’s small enough for Kozlov to throw him around, and when you see how agile and fast Gabriel is compared to Kozlov, it just makes him seem that much more talented.

Outside the ring, Santino levels Heath Slater for getting involved, knocking him flat with the COBRA.  Shortly thereafter Marella gets hit with a baseball slide from in the ring.  Something tells me that Slater is going to recover a lot faster than Santino, despite the respective moves used.

Outcome – Justin Gabriel gets the win with the 450 Splash.

After the match, The Corre gets all up in the business of Santino & Kozlov, knocking out the tag champs to send a message.  Funny, no mention of the former alliance between Ezekiel Jackson and Vlad Kozlov.  How quickly they forget…

Apparently later tonight, it will be Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett, and I suppose they’re taking a page from RAW’s playbook and have the Nexus-style crew go up against the other guys in the Elimination Chamber.  Not that Edge, Ziggler or Gabriel are involved in that…  We’ll see if it’s a trend as the night continues.  Zeke Jackson & Heath Slater, I’m looking at you two.

Match – Chris Masters vs Drew McIntyre

How quickly things fall apart.

Am I mistaken, or wasn’t Chris Masters aligned with Kelly Kelly a couple years ago?  Ironic that he’s facing Drew McIntyre now.

Is anyone else really happy that Drew McIntyre is keeping up the angle he’s got going with Kelly Kelly, which seemed to have been dropped?  As I mentioned earlier, it seems like they’re having McIntyre target Edge as a result, which is great.

How awesome was that spinebuster by Chris Masters?  It’s not on the level with Ron Simmons, Arn Anderson, The Rock or Triple H, but he got HUGE elevation on that.

Outcome – Drew McIntyre reverses a backslide attempt, flipping over into position for a Future Shock DDT

Was anyone else really impressed by the way that match ended, and consequently surprised by the fact that you enjoyed a Chris Masters match?

After the commercial, we get a reminder of what happened to Cody Rhodes when he injured his nose, then we get an update on Cody’s status.  Apparently he’s had successful reconstructive surgery.  Is anyone else hoping that when he returns, he uses one of those Bill Lambier / Rip Hamilton protective face-masks?  Then he could actually use his face as a weapon…. and then he could talk about how looks DO kill.

Rey Mysterio is entertained by the situation with Cody Rhodes, mocking him a bit, then talks about how injuries are part of the business and are unfortunate.  After saying Wade Barrett and the Elimination Chamber are his next targets, Rey simply walks off towards the ring.

Already in the ring is Wade Barrett, and he doesn’t break any new ground with his comments.  He basically just reaffirms that the members of The Corre are all equal, despite the fact that he’s the only one from the group who gets to compete in the Elimination Chamber.  Great, thanks for clearing that one up, Wade.  We still don’t believe you.

So Smackdown hits 600 episodes next week?  Great.  How many networks did they go through to get to that point?  Four?  Five?  SyFy, MyNetworkTV, CW, whatever they were on before that…

Match – Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett

During Rey’s entrance, did anyone catch sight of the sign which said something like “Hey Knucklehead, don’t mess with the ref”? I don’t know why, but it made me chuckle.

That reminds me, any chance we’ll see Big Show tonight?  Shouldn’t he have showed up to help Santino & Kozlov earlier when The Corre were attacking them?  That’s why Big Show doesn’t get help when people tear him apart.

Did anyone else spot the grease marks left on the mat from Chris Masters?  Too much oil, man.  Hope nobody slips!

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but if there’s no leader in The Corre, then why did they choose a British spelling for the name of the group?

How great was that falling back drop suplex from Barrett to Mysterio, planting his back into the top of the security guardrail?

Has anyone else notice huge improvement from Wade Barrett from where his skills were right after he was named the winner of NXT?

Furthermore, how about Rey Mysterio?  Back when he returned to the business after injury and fought Chavo in a big match (probably Wrestlemania) where he was painted all in silver (a very creepy look for Rey) his skills were a shell of his former self, and it took a while, but in this match and recent encounters over the past couple months, Rey has looked really good inside the ring.  He’s still not as good as he was back in ECW or WCW, but he’s far better than what we saw of him from a couple years back.

Rey Mysterio looks like he’s got some momentum, but Justin Gabriel rushes the ring and Mysterio turns his attention for a moment.  Is anyone else wondering why they wouldn’t have sent Heath Slater?  Gabriel already had a match, but Slater could’ve used a knock-down.

Outcome – Wade Barrett uses whatever his finisher is called to take out Mysterio

After the match, The Corre gets into the ring and starts to work over Rey Mysterio, and HERE is what I was talking about earlier with Big Show getting involved to help out someone who was getting attacked by The Corre.  How how about Santino & Kozlov get out there and help even up the odds?  That would take out the numbers advantage.

Did Ezekiel Jackson just suplex Big Show?!  I’m not so surprised because it was Big Show who got suplexed, but I think this might’ve been the first time I’ve ever seen Zeke use a suplex on ANYONE!

Match – JTG vs Kane

So straight off, JTG probably doesn’t have a chance in this match, but I’m sure a lot of people are happy just to see him back in the ring.

Did anyone else catch Booker T’s comment about how JTG could just use his metal grill and BITE Kane?!  Comment of the night so far!

With Booker T trying to warn JTG, was anyone else imagining how awesome it would be if there were an angle where Booker T mentored JTG?  I can definitely dig that!

Outcome – Kane gets the easy win with the chokeslam.

LayCool complains about their match at Royal Rumble becoming a 4-way, keeping them from reclaiming the Diva’s Championship.  There’s a bit of strife between them when Michelle mentions that SHE would’ve regained the belt, and Layla gets salty because she says that THEY would’ve gotten the belts back.  Then Dolph and Vickie show up, share words, Dolph blaming Layla for the way the World Title Handicap match last week ended (Ziggler failed to beat Edge when Layla got pinned by Kelly Kelly… after getting kicked in the mouth by Michelle McCool, which they’re ignoring), and then Layla gets mad at McCool for not backing her up when Dolph made his comment.

Match – Layla vs Eve Torres

Early in the match, Layla yells at McCool outside the ring, telling her that she NEEDS Michelle to support her, and Eve Torres gets back involved and shoves Michelle down and takes control of the match on the offensive. 

Showing some decent work in the ring, Layla gets control of the match, only for Eve to display some decent skill too, with some nice moves and some good kicks.

Outcome – Eve Torres gets the pinfall after reversing a roll-up attempt by Layla…. an attempt Layla only got because Eve Torres got DROPPED off the top rope due to some distraction by Michelle McCool.

As we head to commercial, Michael Cole guarantees that Dolph Ziggler is going to be the new champion… which makes me think that if Ziggler were to have won the belt during the Smackdown tapings, the internet would’ve exploded and we would’ve heard about it.  Even if the title had been vacated, we likely would’ve heard about it.  They need to stop taping Smackdown if they want us to think a title switch is going to remain on the down-low between Tuesday night and Friday’s airing of Smackdown.

Main Event Time!!

World Championship Match – Edge (c) vs Dolph Ziggler {Vickie Guerrero is the special guest referee}

Michael Cole challenges Booker T to tell the world how Edge could possibly find a way to come through this match victorious… couldn’t he have just looked forward a couple pages in the script and given us the legit answer?

Yet again, the Spear is deemed as illegal, and I hope Edge has been practicing some other high impact moves.

If Teddy Long is in stable condition, why can’t he make some official rulings for how Smackdown is supposed to be run in his absence?  How about at least telling us who attacked him?  It’s the least he could do… and it wouldn’t take that much effort!

How crazy quick was that count by Vickie Guerrero?! If that’s how quickly she’s going to count, shouldn’t Dolph Ziggler be going for pinfalls EVERY.  POSSIBLE.  MOMENT?!

Ziggler and Edge working a good match and without a ton of help, Dolph is actually in the driver’s seat. 

Edge evens the odds for a moment, ducking down a bit to avoid a double axhandle from the turnbuckles by Ziggler, only to immediately hit a fallaway elevated suplex throw thing which I can’t really explain better than that.  Edge gets in a few other good moves, but then Dolph gets back on track with a reverse Stunner / jawbreaker move.

Back on track, Edge gets the chance to cover Dolph, and instead of an extremely slow count, Vickie simply puts Dolph’s foot on the bottom rope to break it up.

Ziggler with the Fameasser / guillotine to a standing opponent, but only gets a two count.  You’d think that with the World Title at stake, Vickie could figure out how to count to three more quickly.

Looking a little derranged, Vickie Guerrero is setting up… and actually looks like she’s going to Spear Edge… but she runs into him and hurts her ankle in the process.  What are the odds we’re going to get a replacement referee since she’s unable to perform her duties? 

With Vickie Guerrero outside the ring, Edge folds up Ziggler with a SPEAR.  No ref means no pinfall….

Edge waits to get a referee, but no one shows up, so Edge spears Ziggler again.  This time, Vickie Guerrero is watching…. but apparently she’s not able to disqualify Edge because, I suppose, her ankle injury took away her power as a referee.

So who shows up from backstage as the newly deputized referee by WWE?

Clay Matthews (of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers… and rightful Defensive Player Of The Year)… and he easily counts a pinfall for Edge.

Outcome – Edge gets the pinfall after hitting a Spear on Dolph Ziggler

I still don’t understand why Vickie wasn’t able to disqualify Edge, but I’m okay with the final outcome.

Overall thoughts about Smackdown

and finally…