By the time this night is over, there will only be TWO shows left prior to Wrestlemania.  On Smackdown tonight, we know that The Rock won’t be showing up, since he’s advertised for RAW, but there are some other things we could be looking forward to.

Will Undertaker show up and talk more about Triple H?  I would consider this the last real chance to involve HBK in their match.

It’s also likely the last opportunity for getting Christian involved in the match.  Some have said he is going to be added to make it a three-way, while others say he’ll just be in Edge’s corner to off-set the Brodus Clay effect on the other side of the ring.

What about Kofi Kingston?  I don’t remember hearing that Kofi is involved in anything yet, and since he’s the Intercontinental Champion, they might consider doing SOMETHING with him.

As they don’t typically add things three days until the show, I would think this is the last opportunity for WWE to put things on the card they want to promote, so it should be an interesting evening.

The cold open for the show has Teddy Long telling Edge that if he or Alberto Del Rio so much as touch each other tonight, they could be banned from Wrestlemania.  Really, Teddy?  You’d cancel your main event World Championship match on the biggest event of the year if they can’t play by the rules?  Smart…

After we get some Green Day for the show’s official start, it’s Rey Mysterio making his entrance for the second week in a row he’s got a Wrestlemania Rewind match, and it looks like they listened to GuysNation last week when the poll stated that CM Punk should’ve been Mysterio’s opponent.

Match – CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Given the way things have gone between them, is Randy Orton going to get to charge the ring and get another minor victory over CM Punk by attacking him and leaving him beaten down?  Punk has only really had one advantage over Orton leading into this, and it would be unfortunate for Randy to get back on track now with Punk finally getting some momentum.

With all the animosity between The Nexus and The Corre over the past couple months with CM Punk taking the group away from Wade Barrett and then The Corre getting Justin Gabriel and Heath slater, are we going to get some interaction between Punk and Barrett now that they’re both on the same show for one night only?  I’m sure they don’t want to convolute things by involving too many interests, but they could at least do a little backstage segment.

Outcome – The match ends by disqualification when Cody Rhodes shows up and brutalizes Rey Mysterio (not sure if it was a disqualification or no contest)

After the match ends, Cody Rhodes does a nice job of doing damage to Mysterio.  Not only does he drill him with the mask-assisted headbutts a couple times, but then he rolls up his pant-leg to show that he’s wearing a knee brace which he uses to further brutalize Rey with a running knee to the face.

Backstage Edge is thinking about things and Christian shows up and talks with Edge about what’s going on tonight.  Edge seems determined to accept his booking against Drew McIntyre tonight regardless of his hurt arm AND he’ll be in Christian’s corner for the match against Alberto Del Rio tonight.

Looks like they’re not going to be changing the WrestleMania booking for the World Title match, unless it’s something that happens at the very end of the show.

We also find out that The Undertaker will respond to Triple H tonight.  Does anyone else think this Wrestlemania is being defined as the year that no one meets face to face to talk?  Triple H.  Undertaker.  Shawn Michaels won’t show up to talk to his best friend in person.  The Rock speaks to Cena and Miz via Satellite.  Cena responds to him when The Rock can’t respond.  The Miz follows suit.

Match – Edge vs Drew McIntyre

Is it just me, or does it seem like WWE can’t decide whether or not they actually want to do something with Drew McIntyre?  He gets an angle going with Kelly Kelly, they involve Trent Barreta, then the whole thing is dropped and he doesn’t show up for a couple weeks.  Then he returns and gets pushed, but there’s no Kelly Kelly in sight and he’s got nothing going on for Wrestlemania.

Outcome – Edge gets McIntyre to tap out to his twisted version of the Sharpshooter, which could really use a name.

After the match, Edge looks like he’s going to lose it, and he waits for McIntyre to get up to his feet, then takes him back down with a SPEAR.  What was that supposed to prove?  I suppose he wants to show his resolve to inflict damage, and his ability to still use his signature move despite whatever damaged shape his arm might be in right now.

Match – Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes vs LayCool

So it seems like the ankle of Michelle McCool has finally healed up?  Does anyone else think that this match (and the Wrestlemania match involving Snooki) could seem a lot more important if LayCool would’ve somehow turned their co-champion schtick into a Diva’s Tag Team Championship?  This could be a non-title match instead of just another random Smackdown match.  I realizes that’s too much to ask of a company which barely cares about their men’s tag division, but it would be a good idea.

Did anyone else laugh when LayCool walked towards the ring spraying their Jersey-ized hairstyles with hairspray and acting all crazy?  I’ve never seen Jersey Shore, so that actually does help make it seem more personal between the two.

Outcome – LayCool gets the victory when Layla hits her finisher on Rosa Mendes

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys Layla’s reverse neckbreaker drop.  She went from being a ECW dancer to being a fairly talented wrestler.

Post-match LayCool basically trash talk their Wrestlemania opponents getting one-liner / name changes on Morrison and Trish, but calling out Snooki for her popularity not mattering in the impending match because she’s not “flawless”.  She’s also not a wrestler, but they didn’t mention that.  I guess it’s because last week Snooki tackled one of them and was slamming their head into the mat.

Intercontinental Title Match – Kofi Kingston (c) vs Wade Barrett

Does anyone else think this speaks poorly of Kofi’s chances of retaining the championship?  Wade Barrett has an angle going on which is almost definitely leading to a 8-man tag match at Wrestlemania, two of his three CORRE teammates have championships and Kofi has nothing going on for Wrestlemania. This could be a perfect opportunity to give The Corre, Wade Barrett, and the Wrestlemania 8-man tag some heat all at once.  If Kofi wins, what’s the advantage?  They’d extend a reign which WWE doesn’t seem to care about in the first place.

Outcome – Wade Barrett becomes the Intercontinental Champion by pinning Kofi after the Wastelands

How awesome was that counter to the Trouble In Paradise directly into Barrett’s WASTELAND finisher?  Barrett continues to find ways to impress each and every day.

Does anyone else think that bruised eye of Heath Slater actually makes him look tougher than anything he’s done in WWE thus far?

The Undertaker shows up and talks about how Triple H seems like he no longer believes he can beat The Undertaker despite what he’s saying.  The Undertaker says he can’t wait to look Triple H in the eye and say all of this to his face.  Apparently Undertaker didn’t appreciate being interrupted on February 21st and he’s going to use that frustration to make Triple H # 19.

This is Smackdown, so any hopes of Triple H just showing up and saying “let’s not wait” and the two giving us a little preview, flush that down the drain.  That would only happen on RAW.

Match – Jack Swagger vs R-Truth

Michael Cole takes his annoyance level up a notch as he starts trying to talk over R-Truth’s entrance song by saying Jack Swagger is going to win the match by submission and yelling to him from the ColeBox.

I considered watching this match on mute.  It’s a shame, because these two could actually have a decent match, with Truth’s fast-paced offense and Swagger’s technical ability.  Cole is just ruining it.

TV-PG no more?  Truth gyrated his crotch at Swagger to taunt him.

Outcome – Jack Swagger gets the win by submission when R-Truth taps out to the ankle lock

After the match Michael Cole berates R-Truth while Jack Swagger holds on to the submission he finished the match with.

The announcers reminded us that Stone Cold is the special guest referee for Lawler vs Cole, and is anyone else thinking that none of this other stuff matters, because the Wrestlemania match is going to involve Cole getting a beating before and after Swagger gets taken out with a Stunner courtesy of Austin?  Almost seems like we’re wasting our time.  People hated Michael Cole WAY before all this stuff with Jack Swagger at his side.

Match – Christian vs Alberto Del Rio

With 14 minutes left in the show, is anyone else thinking this isn’t the last thing we’ll see on Smackdown tonight?  There’s certainly time for a post-match segment.

Instead of leaving time for extras, WWE produces a fairly good match that takes nearly the entire time, one I’d recommend watching.

Alberto Del Rio avoids getting pinned after a Tornado DDT.  Christian gets to the ropes during the cross arm breaker.  Plenty of stuff between Edge and Brodus Clay outside the ring.

Outcome – Christian Cage beats the #1 contender two weeks in a row, this time by pinfall after the Unprettier / Killswitch


After the match, Edge gets into the ring and looks like he’s going to bash Alberto Del Rio with a chair, but Christian rushes in and keeps his friend from doing something that would get him removed from Wrestlemania.  Christian then does the only logical thing a best friend could do, and he uses the chair to hit ADR for Edge.  When ADR goes to the outside and is rolling around in pain, Edge goes out of the ring and taunts him, and Christian is there to ensure that things don’t get physical.  This would be a good time to have a tag match with ADR teaming up with Brodus Clay next week to face E+C, but with Long’s warning, that can’t happen, and it leaves Smackdown without a definitive main event for next week.

My preview for what’s going to happen on the first Smackdown after WrestleMania!

And before we get to the post-article poll stuff…

Frisky Friday - 3/25/2011 (Click for images)

Maybe we’ll get The Miz vs Edge and ADR vs John Cena?  Doubtful, that would involve Cena coming to Smackdown, and that’s not how WWE works.