It’s Friday Night and time for the first episode of Smackdown after the Extreme Rules pay per view, and the second edition following the WWE Draft.

With the show having been taped back on Tuesday, I’ve already heard the big spoiler of the evening, so I won’t go into a bunch of speculation as to what might occur tonight. I’ll try to do my best not to let my opinion of that occurrence invade my write-up tonight, keeping it from being a spoiler for anyone who doesn’t already know.

How will the fans react? What else will happen on the show? There’s only one way to really find out… to watch it!

We start off the evening with a recap of Christian’s journey to become the World Heavyweight Champion, a trek I watched as if riding an emotional rollercoaster, seeing him get so close and then other times feeling that he was so far from realizing that goal.

Did I live vicariously through him? No, that would be weird.

What a great moment for Christian, standing in the ring, showing us how much this World Heavyweight Championship reign means to him. Without a doubt, I believe he’s 100% sincere about his emotions here, telling us how much this means to him… and him tearing up when he talked about Edge sending him a text message before Smackdown began? I’m sure it’s legit.

And… Mark Henry interrupts? This could be an interesting feud. Mark Henry has shown some flashes of being really good on the mic in the past.

Mark Henry heats up the heel-ness a bit, saying he was hoping Christian was going to win the belt at Extreme Rules, as he doesn’t seem to think he’ll have any problems beating Christian.

Captain Charisma with a nice little verbal jab reminding Mark Henry that the belt is not made out of chocolate…

Long time fans, we know what kind of chocloate Mark Henry is all about… SEXUAL chocolate!

Great Khali says he wants a shot, and Christian hits a nice verbal jab as he says things are almost circus-like.

Out comes the Apex Predator, and you had to know that Randy Orton was coming after the championship sooner or later.

Teddy Long doesn’t want the competitors deciding, so he shows up and does an impromptu poll of the crowd, and not surprisingly, they pick Randy Orton.

So whatever the fans want, they should get… and apparently it should happen as soon as possible, so Teddy Long is making that match happen tonight!

Backstage, The Great Khali and Rajin Singh run into Jinder Mahal, and after Khali walks off (hopefully not to get lost backstage without his translator), we get some tension between Rajin and Jinder – the latter questioning why Rajin would let his brother (Khali) wear a tutu on RAW.

If this back-and-forth leads to Khali having some sort of purpose or direction, I’m okay with it.

Match – Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

Apparently Sheamus is not happy about having lost his United States championship at the pay per view, and he joins a list which includes every other former champion in WWE history aside from the Ultimate Warrior, who was more than happy to lose the Intercontinental Title back at Wrestlemania twenty years ago… though he did walk away with the World Championship in the process.


In this match, I think we found out that Sheamus is the only person who, wen put into a submission hold, will move his body around to actually position his legs further away from the ropes.

For at least the second time in his relatively young WWE tenure, Daniel Bryan pulls off a crazy move when diving between the ropes, this time going right into a big boot from Sheamus.

Outcome – Sheamus wins by pinfall after a second bicycle kick

Cody Rhodes promo time! Apparently Mr Plastic Mask didn’t like it when Rey Mysterio spat mist into Cody’s face at Extreme Rules, which resulted in Mysterio getting the victory. and he’s taking it out on the fans by giving them all paper bags to put over their heads. He should’ve started off the promo by having his assistants hand out the bags, because the promo is over before he’s done handing out the paper bags.

And Michael Cole takes the opportunity to show why he’s one of he most annoying men in the world of entertainment, as he interrupts Josh Mathews and Booker T and repeatedly just tries to get the assistants of Cody Rhodes to give Booker T a paper bag for him to wear. The idea had the chance of being funny and heeltastic, but it just failed because Michael Cole is also one of the most over-rated guys in the world of entertainment.

Match – Big Show vs Ezekiel Jackson

We get a short recap about how Big Show & Kane defended the belts against Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson at Extreme Rules, and now they’re letting us know that they’re continuing things because they’re apparently not creative enough to include anyone else in the situation.

commercial time!

Outside the ring, The Corre goes to town on Kane, and Big Show comes to his aid, only to get blindsided by Ezekiel Jackson once Show gets back into the ring. HOW you can get blindsided by a guy Zeke’s size is beyond me.

Outcome – Zeke Jackson wins by pinfall

After the match, The Corre try to celebrate with Zeke, but he walks off without them.

Back from commercial, WWE recaps The Rock’s birthday celebration from RAW… and if you want a recap of that, go read my RAW article… I’m going to watch the hottest woman on Smackdown, Layla El.

Match – Layla vs Alicia Fox

Is it possible that Alicia Fox is the only Diva who’s wearing the same ring attire from a couple years ago?  Some of the women get new attire every week.

Alicia’s problem might be because she hasn’t had a match in months… if not years. Maybe they have a 2-win limit before a Diva can get new attire.

Outcome – Layla wins by pinfall with her falling neck breaker

After the match, kHARMa shows up, and Layla proves to be smarter than most of the Diva’s, as she escapes the ring, trying not to be harmed… and she doesn’t even wait at ringside, she just runs!

Alicia Fox doesn’t want to be a helpless victim, and she gets up and tries a kick on kHARMa, which doesn’t have any positive effect. A second kick totally fails, and then kHARMa hits her Implant Buster on Alicia Fox… and she’s now destroyed two Divas.

Interestingly enough, the fans around the arena are chanting “one more time!” This is WWE, and she doesn’t oblige.

Backstage, Wade Barrett gets Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel to work with him to destroy Zeke Jackson, and they meet some resistance. In the end, it’s a cart ful of towels which keeps Zeke down for the count.

Did anyone else think it was an odd choice of words for Zeke to say “you better make this look good” before the beatdown started? Something tells me that some of his more high profile former opponents had the same advice for Zeke when they had to put him over.

Sin Cara’s up next, so you know that means we’re about to get a few minutes of in-ring time, since he’s not gotten anywhere near a microphone since his arrival.

Match – Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara

Can someone tell me why Tyson Kidd applied a comb to his forehead? Is he hoping to stab someone with the needle-like strands of his hair?

Easily the match of the night so far! Possibly match of the week candidate!

I’d be remiss to not mention Chavo Guerrero on commentary, and I’ll be happy to see a feud start between Sin Cara and Chavo, which is clearly coming, with Chavo talking plenty of trash about the masked new-comer.

Josh Mathews watches the top rope backflip urinage by Sin Cara and then admits to never having seen Kazarian wrestle before. It’s still impressive, but there’s no reason to show your lack of knowledge of wrestling history.

Outcome – Sin Cara gets the victory by pinfall

After the match, we get an old school staredown between Chavo and Sin Cara, which doesn’t end in any fisticuffs. Nice work on the slow build!

Teddy Long is apparently a lot smarter / in-tune with what the fans want than we are, because apparently he heard something in the fans reactions that said to him that they wanted the World Championship contested tonight.  I’m pretty sure everyone other than the fans in attendance wanted this match to wait a week or even hold off until the pay per view. But then, I’m not the clairvoyant one.

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Randy Orton vs Christian (c)

I don’t really know what to say about this match, and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone by giving my thoughts on it before you get to see the ending.  Chances are good that you already know what happened.

Does anyone else think that Christian needs a different finisher if he’s going to hang in the main event? Randy Orton’s suspended/rope-assisted DDT is easier to setup than the Killswitch Engage!

So after some back and forth, Randy Orton connects with the RKO on his second or third try, and that’s all she wrote for Christian.

Outcome – Randy Orton becomes World Champ by pinfall

So yet again Randy Orton defeats someone to end their first World Championship reign way too quickly… and this better lead to some sort of longer program between them and a heel turn for Christian or some way to make it worth it to keep hope alive that Christian will ever be back in the title picture.

As they mention that this is the beginning to Orton’s 8th title reign, the fact that Christian’s a fair bit older than Orton and just had his first title reign ended in less than a week just becomes all the more disgusting.

The way Christian looked inside the ring after the match, bewildered and disappointed and utterly defeated… I wonder where he got the motivation to bring out that emotion?

Probably the same place he pulled the emotion at the start of the show…

Probably the same reaction a lot of people had when they heard he had lost the belt…

Probably the same reaction he had when he heard that he’d be losing the belt so soon after FINALLY claiming it.

This article will be updated throughout the evening, and by the end of the night this article on will include the oh-so-famous polls, and you’ll also get a chance to read the Smackdown review from the Squared-Circle Jerk!