Last week, the parting image of Smackdown was Christian walking away from the ring, having lost his World Championship in his first ever title defense to Randy Orton.  He looked disappointed and dejected and totally defeated.

What will this week’s show have in store? Will Christian step up and get his rematch? Will he give Orton the decency of at least waiting until the pay per view? Will Teddy Long make Christian compete to get a rematch? If so, who else would be vying for contention?

How about The Corre? Zeke Jackson got summarily dismissed last week, and it seems like he might want some revenge. Where will the focus of the remaining trio lay? Gabriel and Slater had been going after the tag straps, but they might have bigger fish to fry. And the unofficial leader, Wade Barrett, is the Intercontinental Champion. How much longer can he go without getting a feud for that belt? Will Zeke Jackson be his first real threat to the IC belt?

All that and more as Smackdown rolls along!

Christian opens the show, and he’s sporting his Peep Show shirt, and that’s the only gold thing he’s carrying with him! Mic in hand, he’s got something to say…

So from Christian’s perspective, it’s okay that Teddy Long setup the title match last week… and he doesn’t blame Orton for taking the match. He’s looking forward to the pay per view in two weeks, because he figures he’ll have a match with Orton, and when he’s at 100%, he knows he can beat Orton.  I suppose he thinks that the ladder match with Alberto Del Rio took more out of him than Randy’s Last Man Standing match with Punk took out of Orton.

Wait, Mark Henry and Sheamus aren’t happy with Christian leaving them out of the world title match at the pay per view? Of course they both want a shot… and when they decide to forget their differences (both short-term and long-term) for a while, they attack Christian, which brings Orton to the ring and the good guys are left standing while the former aggressors are out of the ring, retreating, waiting for later in the show when Teddy Long will inevitably book a tag match.

Any chance they’ll at least mix it up and not go with the Orton & Christian vs Sheamus & Henry pairings?

Coming back from commercial, they show that Teddy Long isn’t creative at all, and those are exactly the pairings he goes with.

Christian tries to thank Orton for saving him from the double team, but Orton says he only showed up because he wanted Christian at 100% for the pay per view so Randy could show that he’s truly the better competitor. Christian laughs it off, and Orton walks off.

Headed to the ring, Chavo is there to help make the introduction for Sin Cara, giving a little jab about Sin cara following in Chavo’s footsteps.

Anyone else surprised at the funny comment by Michael Cole about how he loves the Mexican competitors all have their own ring announcers (Ricardo Rodriguez for Alberto Del Rio, and now Chavo for Sin Cara)?

Match – Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan

This is the type of match that I’ve been looking forward to seeing since Daniel Bryan was drafted to Smackdown.

What’s up with the gold and blue lights in the ring and the rest of the arena for this match? Was that a technical mistake, or is this something they’re doing on purpose? Either way, I hope it happens more frequently, not just for Sin Cara matches. It definitely adds a certain mystique.

commercial time!

Is anyone else thinking how crazy this is that these two guys have been considered Top 10 wrestlers in the world in past years, and here they are in the opening match on WWE’s secondary show tonight? At least they’re getting some time to work, and Daniel Bryan isn’t getting buried by WWE’s fascinating new thing.

Does anyone else agree that “fast paced, non stop” Sin Cara wastes a LOT of time in the ring?

The lighting scheme, does this have anything to do with trying to broadcast in 3D?

Outcome – Sin Cara wins by pinfall after his backflip urinage from the top rope

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is happy that Chavo Guerrero got involved, slowing down Daniel Bryan long enough to help give the win to Sin Cara. This match didn’t need to end cleanly, and it’s cool that Sin Cara is getting frustrated as he sees the replay on the big screen Titan Tron. Apparently he doesn’t like to win that way.

Looks like these two will be fighting at Over The Limit. I’d put money on them teaming up at some point in the next couple weeks to build up to it.

The announcers remind us about what happened last week with Zeke Jackson getting kicked out of the Corre, and they question whether or not Zeke Jackson is even going to be showing up.  Really? They couldn’t have asked someone? There’s not a member of the production staff who could’ve called Zeke to find out if he was going to be in attendance? Seems like maybe the announcers are just being lazy in asking questions of the rest of the staff.

Layla’s in the ring after the commercial, and apparently she got some sort of knee injury in fighting Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules, but she feels like it’s worth it, because she rid WWE of McCool.

And… Michael Cole interrupts, and he essentially just recaps what was done on RAW. Before he can keep talking, Layla tells him to shut up and crawl back into his glass house like a little puppy. Cole goes on his little schtick about how Diva’s don’t deserve to be in WWE, and they’re both interrupted… by kHARMa!

Cole laughs as Layla is frozen in place, and Layla tries to leave, but Cole trips her up, allowing kHARMa an easy shot at taking out Layla.

kHARMa apparently isn’t any more of a fan of Michael Cole than we are, and she tries to go after him next. He locks himself in his glass dog house and she can’t get to him, but that doesn’t keep his jaw from quivering!

Wade Barrett is scheduled for a match next, and before things get kicked off, Wade has something to say. Shocked? I know!

So apparently the unofficial leader of The Corre thinks Kane is going to be afraid to compete, since Big Show is in Mexico… and I guess that just goes to show that Wade doesn’t know a damn thing about Kane. Seriously, the guy has FIRE burst up from the corners of the ring… is he really going to be afraid of fighting Wade Barrett just because Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are at ringside?

Match – Wade Barrett vs Kane

Something tells me that Zeke Jackson is going to show up to be at Kane’s side before this match is over… but as they cut to commercial, it doesn’t look like Kane is going to need much help!

Smart move by Kane, dropping Wade Barrett in the ring, then dropping to the outside to take out the members of The Corre before returning into the ring.

Well, maybe it wasn’t so smart in the first place, as Slater and Gabriel are extra motivated to take out Kane, and they decide not to wait much longer as Kane looks to setup for the chokeslam.

Outcome – Kane wins by DQ as The Corre gets involved

After the match, Kane gets beaten and bruised by Barrett’s finisher, and then Justin Gabriel looks to go to the top rope… and Ezekiel Jackson shows up and single-handedly takes out the three members of the Corre, finding himself face to face with Wade Barrett in the end… and with all the talented wrestlers on Smackdown, the Intercontinental Championship is going to be contested between Zeke and Wade?  Hopefully Wade loses it before Zeke gets his hands on the belt. Smackdown’s heel situation is kinda lacking, and I don’t know who would be the one to take the belt from Zeke.

The Corre ends up putting Zeke on the mat as the three-on-one finally pays off, and Justin Gabriel gets to hit his 450 splash.

Great Khali and Ranjin Singh show up… and apparently they’re cowboys now! Apparently Khali is a huge fan of Country music, and they’re bringing back the Khali Kiss Cam! (exclamation point exaggerated)

They pick a lady from the crowd to kiss Khali, and she’s shorter than Ranjin Singh. Khali gives her a kiss, and she starts to leave the ring, but she points out that Jinder Mahal is coming to the ring… and he doesn’t look happy at all.

There’s a staredown, and then Mahal drills Khali with a big right hand, and Khali just stands there and takes it. Jinder yells at Khali and hits him again, and still, Khali stands there and just takes it. Jinder says a couple more things and then leaves. Me thinks Jinder is another one of WWE’s F.N.T. (like Sin Cara)

Match – Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes

So former Legacy team mates square off against one another, and they don’t have any lead-up to it? They don’t announce it earlier in the show? They don’t have any heat added to the match with any sort of segments or anything last week? Oh how different the careers of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase have gone since Legacy disbanded.

Cody says that no one is exempt from the paper bags, not even a “priceless” friend… which is apparently all the reference they’re going to make to the fact that they are former tag team champions with one another prior to the start of this match.

With that protective mask on his face, why does it hurt when Cody gets his head slammed into the turnbuckle? Shouldn’t he have the Samoan-factor in play there?

Is it just me, or is Ted DiBiase showing more skill in this match than he has in over a year? Maybe “dating” Maryse was messing with his mojo.

I’d like to state for the record that I’d let her affect my mojo ANYTIME!

Though he’s not as athletic, doesn’t Cody Rhodes’ hop-off-the-rope kick look better than when John Morrison does it?

Outcome – Cody Rhodes gets the win via pinfall after his Cross Rhodes move

Wade Barrett challenges Zeke Jackson to a match at Over The Limit. Heath Slater suggests it should be for the Intercontinental Championship, and because Wade Barrett doesn’t disagree and WWE didn’t edit that part out, I’ll assume that’s the way they’re going, and I just hope they find a way for Wade to retain the belt at the pay per view.

Main Event Match time – Christian & Randy Orton vs Sheamus & Mark Henry

Hey look, it’s one-name and full name vs one-name and full name!

So before they hit commercial, they make it official that Christian will be the challenger for Over The Limit to face Randy Orton for the World Championship.

Did anyone else think it was interesting when the announcers were arguing about whether it was fair to have Christian defend the belt less than a week after Extreme Rules, and Cole mentioned that Cena defended his belt the next night after having a steel cage match, and Booker T make the comment about how Cena can do “whatever he WANTS to do”? I’m sure he didn’t mean it like that, but it does seem like WWE is fine with letting Cena have no limits.

A nice storyline point here: Christian doesn’t let the heels get a ref-distraction beatdown opportunity on the outside, as he stares down Sheamus, keeping him from making an illegal attack while Mark Henry provides the distraction.

If referee Charles Robinson wanted Sheamus to stop hitting Christian while Christian was tied up in the ropes, why not do the five count signaling a potential disqualification? That’s what it would lead to anyway, right? Instead, he just yells at Sheamus to stop.

For the second week in a row, Christian goes for a move off the top rope and it doesn’t pay off for him, as this week Sheamus catches him and has the chance to plant him in the mat. You’d think that since things don’t work out the way he envisioned it, maybe Christian is going to stop going to the top rope at all.

Christian surprises Sheamus by getting a blind tag to Randy Orton, gets into the ring and hitting the Unprettier Killswitch Engage. Randy Orton hits the RKO on Mark Henry to keep him from breaking up the count.

Outcome – Christian gets the pinfall on Sheamus

After the match, Christian and Randy Orton share a moment of mutual respect.

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