We’re just 16 days away from Wrestlemania, and it’s friday Night, so it’s time for GuysNation to cover WWE Smackdown.  It’s a very exciting night, indeed, as Edge and Christian reunite for the first time in roughly a decade.  I, for one, am hoping for a three-second pose like they used to do, and I hope this teaming lasts to some long-term stuff between the pairing instead of just a one-off, and before the night is over we’ll have a good idea whether that’s the case or not.

There’s also the possibility that we’re going to see some interaction between The Undertaker and Triple H, which is almost certainly going to be the main event of Wrestlemania 27.

Another thing I’m looking forward to tonight is the interactions between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes, which is quickly becoming my favorite angle on Smackdown.

I’m a few minutes behind as it stands right now, so I’m going to do my best to try to catch up with the show as it airs LIVE (on tape).

As the show gets started, we find out that the Tag Team Championships will be defended tonight, as Kane and The Big Show pair up to challenge The Corre duo of Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.

Once again, Michael Cole is going to be doing his announcing from inside his plastic bubble, shielding him from other announcers and the fans alike.  I still think it could be awesome if people started throwing trash in there, but security would escort people out.  What does he have against Josh Mathews and Booker T, anyway?  I understand him doing this on RAW, with Jerry Lawler having issues with him, but there’s no reason on Smackdown for that to happen.

They’re starting off the night with Edge in action, so it appears that already they’ve given up the idea of having Edge & Christian have more of an official reunion.  To be fair, I don’t remember what their old theme song sounded like, so I don’t know quite what I was expecting.

Alberto Del Rio is showing up next, which is confusing, because I thought they were talking about having the tag match tonight.  Instead, Brodus Clay is coming to the ring along with the #1 Contender ADR.  Yet, still, there’s no Christian.  Was there some sort of injury or illness they’re not telling us about?

Match – Edge vs Brodus Clay

The announcers are putting over the fact that this is an important opportunity for Alberto Del Rio to do scouting of Edge to prepare for Wrestlemania, but in reality Edge would have a totally different approach to fighting King Hippo, I mean Brodus Clay, than he would to fighting Alberto Del Rio.  Do you think Macho Man got ready for his match with Hulk Hogan by scouting what Hogan did against King Kong Bundy or Andre The Giant?  Doubtful.

Outcome – Edge gets the win via SPEAR despite conventional wisdom saying that a SPEAR wouldn’t be the best approach to taking down the big man.

After the match, there’s some scuffling between Alberto Del Rio and Christian, so Teddy Long shows up and says that those two guys will meet up in the main event of the evening.  I think my DVR lied to me by saying that we were getting the reunion of Edge & Christian tonight, especially since it happened last week (my article got a little messed up a week ago due to some DVR issues).  The match is going to happen in a steel cage so Edge and Brodus Clay can’t get involved.

They recap RAW (no shocker there) to talk about what happened with Sheamus and Daniel Bryan which resulted in the United States Championship changing hands (highlighting a mid-card feud?  that IS a bit shocking… though it’s a welcomed surprise).  They do that because US Champ Sheamus is showing up tonight to take on the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.  I could definitely see some sort of Wrestlemania match in the works.

Match – Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus

Does anyone remember the last time Kofi Kingston leaped to the top rope to do punches to the head of an opponent, and it actually worked out in Kofi’s favor?  Seems like everytime it happens, Kofi ends up getting the brunt of the damage.

Outcome – Sheamus gets the victory after a fairly even match of back and forth

Backstage, Big Show and Kane try to decide whether they’re going to work together with one another when they face The Corre tonight.  They think about chokeslamming each other, but they each knock away the other’s grasp on their throat.  Then there’s an awkward moment where Kane says “you complete me” and Big Show laughs and they end up on the same page.

Match – Cody Rhodes vs Trent Barreta

One of GuysNation’s picks of under-rated wrestlers who should have a better push than he’s currently getting, Trent Barreta, gets some face time on Smackdown, pardon the pun, as he faces (again with the pun) Cody Rhodes, who has some great new music!

Just as I was hoping, Cody Rhodes is now using that protective mask as a weapon.

Outcome – Cody Rhodes wins a very short match basically by using headbutts almost exclusively

It’s definitely a shame that Trent Barreta had a match and he didn’t get any opportunity to show his offense, but at least he got some television time this week, which I don’t think happened last week.

Once again we get a recap of Shawn Michaels’ thoughts on the Triple H / Undertaker situation, which I’m not going to review AGAIN.

Oh look!  We have something to look forward to after the commercial, because LayCool is going to be in the ring…  Yeah.

Hopefully sarcasm translates to these articles.  As much talent as LayCool have on the mic, they’re definitely getting stale, and and I’m hoping that this week the WWE Creative team finds a way to progress things in their angle.

Match – Layla vs Kelly Kelly

Well, if we’ve gotta have LayCool in a match yet again, at least we get to appreciate two of the best looking DIVAs in WWE.

Outcome – Layla gets the win over Kelly Kelly after pulling her down off the middle rope after a slight distraction from Michelle McCooll.  This is likely my disappointment of the night.

After the commercial, they show the Sin Cara hype video with the flames again… and clearly they don’t think it looks as cheesey as GuysNation does… and we REALLY think it looks cheesey.

Tag Team Championship Match – The Corre (c) {Gabriel & Slater} vs Big Show & Kane

Does anyone else think that Justin Gabriel would be easier to take seriously if he got a haircut?  He reminds me too much of the new secretary from The Office, Erin.  That’s the wrong kind of heat to have.

How many partners could Big Show possibly win the tag titles with?  If he were to win this match with Kane, recent history would show him with the titles with three different partners, the other two being Jericho and The Miz.  I believe at one point back in the day he was tag champs with Undertaker and a couple others.

Has Kane ever been a tag team champion?  Seems like maybe he was a champ with The Undertaker.  Possibly with x-Pac.  MAYBE with Hurricane.  Honestly, I can’t say any of those for sure.

In response to the comment Booker T mentioned about Big Show, is there ever a time when someone DOESN’T “move with purpose”?  Maybe when they’re groggy and trying to figure out where they are, but at least at that point they’re looking to get their bearings.

Outcome – Disqualification victory for Big Show & Kane, though no tag titles change hands, as Justin Gabriel pulls the referee out of the ring as he was attempting to count a sure-fire pinfall victory for Big Show, who had just chokeslammed Justin Gabriel

After the match, The Corre shows up to stop Kane and Big Show from demolishing Slater & Gabriel, and they destroy Show & Kane.  I don’t know why no one is showing up to help those two guys, and it’s going to seem even more lame when next week, someone DOES show up to help Show & Kane, and they don’t have an excuse for not being here tonight.

If they’re trying to setup a 4-on-2 handicap match for Wrestlemania, it’s not something I’m looking forward to seeing, and it doesn’t do any good for any of these guys, no matter the outcome at Wrestlemania.

Match – Jack Swagger vs Chris Masters

Is there any doubt that this match is just going to be used to highlight what Jack Swagger is capable of doing?  He’s involved in one of the more high profile parts of Wrestlemania (which shouldn’t be, since it’s just two announcers fighting, but it’s being hyped on both shows)

The turning point of this match was when Jack Swagger started slamming Chris Master’s ankle into the steel post, so he wasn’t just showing what he could do, but he was showing how vicous he is, too.

Outcome – Jack Swagger gets the submission with the Ankle Lock

After the match, Michael Cole gets into the ring and uses his An-Cole Lock submission (his name, not mine), screaming “Come on Lawler!” over and over again.  Then he dances around with Jack Swagger a lot like the Bald Eagle mascot Swagger used to have.  Does anyone else wonder where that thing went?

Though he’s gone from WWE, Jericho’s upcoming time on Dancing With The Stars is hyped for a couple minutes, and I might actually check it out.  Maybe.

Rey Mysterio heading towards the gorilla position prior to the commercial, so we know what’s coming.

Match – Rey Mysterio vs Ted DiBiase (w/ Maryse)

Yet another week, Maryse is limited to just being eyecandy at ringside while Ted DiBiase plays in-ring jobber / enhancement talent.  The least they could do would be to acknowledge the fact that Ted DiBiase is the former friend / tag team partner of the man who Rey Mysterio is feuding with, Cody Rhodes.

Ted DiBiase actually got a fair amount of offense in this one, but in the end it doesn’t end up mattering.

Outcome – Rey Mysterio overcomes the beating from DiBiase and gets the victory with his 6-1-9 / Drop The Dime combination

After the match, Maryse walks away from the ring without DiBiase, and it frustrates me because they keep teasing that something will happen, and then they ignore it for a few weeks (or months) and then they pick it up again later.  I’m almost done caring about it at all.

Steel Cage Match – Alberto Del Rio vs Christian Cage

Can they really call it a “Steel” cage if the fencing, which makes up a majority of the structure, is made of a different material?  The old Big Blue version of the cage was likely steel, but not this one.

Did anyone else feel awkward when Alberto del Rio was grabbing Christian from around the waist when Del Rio was standing on the middle rope, pulling him towards the middle of the ring?  Not to sound homophobic, but in a form of entertainment where guys roll around with each other wearing very little clothing, that move looked fairly gay.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

Definitely ended up as a good steel cage match, and the fans should feel priviledged to see it on free television.

Outcome – After battling atop the cage, Christian Cage falls to the arena floor first, winning the match

Post match, Alberto Del Rio threatens to destroy Christian after throwing him over the barricade standing in front of the time keeper’s table.  Before he can do anything, ADR is interrupted by the beeping of the horn on the Bentley which ADR drove out for his entrance.

Edge then goes on and on about how he might do damage to the car, and ADR does a good job of acting like he cares what happens to the car.  Before Edge can do anything, Brodus Clay shows up and drills Edge from behind.  Edge then gets a con-chair-to on his arm, and Christian is still laid out at ringside.

Two more Smackdown shows left prior to Wrestlemania, and tonight’s show was….?  Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The segment I was hoping to see tonight!