The aim of this article is to have a little fun while looking at the October 8th edition of Smackdown.  Some of the questions are legit, some of them are asked in a Seinfeld-comedy style of asking questions.  Hopefully you enjoy my presentation of results and analysis of the WWE product.

Smackdown on SyFy, week 2, and we’re coming off of the Hell In A Cell pay per view.  The Undertaker no longer has the services of Paul Bearer, nor is he able to count on the power of the urn.

Edge is now a member of Smackdown after being traded to the Friday Night show just four days ago.  Who was he traded for?

With Smackdown on a new network now, did they really need a new theme song? Does anything say “SyFy” less than Green Day?  I like the song “Enemy”, but I don’t think it was necessarily the best option to use for Smackdown’s theme song.

Why is Mchael Cole in attendance?  Furthermore, why do I have to listen to him on commentary for a second straight show (having not watched NXT or Superstars)?

The show starts off with the reminder that Edge is now a Smackdown superstar, and when he comes to the ring, he doesn’t have a microphone… the bell rings… is he set to be in a match?

Jack Swagger walks to the ring, talking about how he wants to ruin Edge’s return to Smackdown after the way Edge speared Swagger’s personal mascot – the bald eagle – last Friday on Smackdown.  Did anyone else think Swagger might back out of a potential match, making the bald eagle mascot wrestle Edge instead?

Match – Jack Swagger vs Edge

During the match, Jack Swagger does the traditional luchador taunt by spinning around the back of a face-down opponent.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I appreciated the personal touch Swagger gave the taunt, adding push-ups at the end.

Did anyone else think it was a nice touch to have the EMTs show up to cart off the Bald Eagle mascot on a stretcher?

Nice work by WWE to have Jack Swagger work some psychology into the match, working over Edge’s arm and pectoral muscles, which the announcers were nice enough to remind us that Edge injured a couple years ago, putting him on the shelf for a little while.

When Edge hit a drop toe hold onto Jack Swagger, sending him chest first into the middle rope, and then Edge ran into the ropes, was anyone else wondering if Edge was going to try the 6-1-9?

Why is Michael Cole actually putting over Edge as being a talented competitor?  Wasn’t Michael Cole hateful towards Edge on Monday night during the segment where Edge was determined to be moving to the Friday show?  Didn’t Edge threaten to Spear Michael Cole due to the tensions between the two during that segment, with The Miz and Alex Riley being the only reason Edge didn’t hit the spear on Michael Cole?

Outcome:  Edge with the win by Spear, and the Smackdown crowd are loving him.  Definitely a “face” now, no doubt about it.

Is it just me, or are SyFy commercial breaks longer than when Smackdown was on the other network?

I’m ignoring the Cody Rhodes’ Dashing Teeth-Brushing demo.

Match – Layla vs Kelly Kelly

Is anyone else really REALLY glad that LayCool aren’t wearing their wireless microphone headsets here on Smackdown like they did back on RAW?  Good in concept, poor execution.  My ears are thankful.

Why is it when the heels cheat, the referee is oblivious, but when Natalya tries to help out Kelly Kelly, the referee is quick to put a stop to it?

Did anyone else worry that Layla had actually injured Kelly Kelly when she hit the kick after Kelly’s cartwheel elbow attempt?  If those were guys, I wouldn’t be concerned, but these are women who got their start in WWE by being dancers on ECW.  I almost expect them to botch something, and a kick near the knee has a high damage potential if that gets botched.  Speaking of moves you don’t want to botch, that was a nice looking reverse neckbreaker drop by Layla to finish the match.

Outcome:  LayCool continues the Flawless Dynasty.

Was anyone else surprised at the energy Big Show displayed in running down to the ring and sliding underneath the bottom rope?

WWE promotes the heck out of See No Evil, The Condemned, Legendary, The Marine, The Marine 2, and almost everything else they do with WWE Films… and the only thing I know about Big Show’s upcoming movie, Knucklehead, is that he’s in a movie called Knucklehead.  Would it be too much to ask to give us one commercial?  Is it really that bad?

Am I the only one who thinks that the Smurfette comparison Big Show made to Hornswoggle’s new look was probably over the heads of 99% of the WWE Universe?

What’s larger:  the number of people in the WWE Universe who know who Smurfette is, or the number of people in the WWE Universe who know the names of both members of the Dudebusters?

If The Dudebusters want to represent RAW, shouldn’t they be sucking up to Michael Cole so he could put a good word into the anonymous GM for them?

Does anyone else worry that Big Show takes out yet another tag team, this time with a double chokeslam?  One of these days a team is going to have to step up and hold their own against Big Show.

Match – Tag Team Champions (McIntyre & Rhodes) vs Kaval & Kofi Kingston

Someone should get Drew McIntyre a jacket.  I’m not saying that they need to dress with similar ring attire or even have a team name (both of which would be nice touches, given that they’re champions), but a black jacket with some sort of outlining to look a bit like what Cody Rhodes has, could at least make it look like they’re a team as they head to the ring.

Since when is it not a disqualification for a tag team partner to get into the ring illegally and kick one of the legal competitors in the face?  Watching as it happened…. Worst.  Referee.  Ever.

Outcome:  Rhodes & McIntyre win the match as Cody hits Cross Rhodes on Kaval – who had just been kicked in the head illegally by Drew McIntyre, without getting DQ’ed, might I add.

Didn’t I hear that Paul Bearer had lost a lot of weight?  Looks like he found it, and he’s back to looking like Mario.

How great was that introduction from Paul Bearer?

Does anyone else really like the flame lighting effect on the mat during the Kane in-ring promo?  I could use the music volume faded under to atleast half the current level, but the lighting effect is great.

Is it just me, or does it seem like The Undertaker only shows up every other week?  It’s to the point where I don’t even expect to see him.

Title Match – Intercontinental Champion (Dolph Ziggler) vs MVP

It’s nice to see WWE give a return match, after last week’s match was interrupted by Nexus.

I wonder if WWE just assumes the audience doesn’t watch NXT, though it’s a good idea for them to put storyline elements on the Tuesday show, as they did with Dolph Ziggler getting a hug from Vickie Guerrero’s rookie Kaitlyn and it pissing off Vickie Guerrero and the fallout coming on Smackdown.  Certainly couldn’t hurt the rankings.

Maybe I’m wrong, but is this the third week in a row we’re getting a match between MVP and Dolph Ziggler?  Don’t turn this into the 18-part series of matches between Ziggler and Kofi.

When Kaitlyn showed up at ringside, did anyone else almost immediately know what the outcome would be?

Outcome – Dolph Ziggler retains the Intercontinental Championship as Kaitlyn trips up MVP during the Ballin’ Elbow Drop, and Ziggler gets the pinfall after hitting the Zig-Zag (which might be the wrong name for the move).

The show is getting closer and closer to the end, and we still don’t know which member of the roster got traded to RAW to replace Edge?

Does anyone else think that Alberto Del Rio is one of the best promo deliverers currently on the Smackdown roster?  The promo was great, especially the part about how he’s going to make Rey Mysterio “dog trash”, and his only concern is how he’s going to wipe Rey off the bottom of his shoe.  Future World Champion?  I think so.

I had been impressed with the Bentleys used by Alberto Del Rio in previous weeks for his entrance, but this Rolls Royce tops those cars.  How much money are they investing in this guy?

Match – Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

Does anyone else think that part of the reason Rey Mysterio is so popular is because he’s not forced to wear the underwear-inspired short tights?  Long and baggy pants make you more popular.

What are the odds that Rey Mysterio just gets himself disqualified as the result of this match so the feud can continue without actually putting a blemish on either guy’s resume?  That’s what I would do.  Either that, or a double countout.

I don’t know which member of the announce team it was, but do we really need hyperbole (look it up) such as “the entire country of Mexico, as well as the United States, have been talking about this match”.  My dad is the only member of my extended family who has any idea who Rey Mysterio is, and he’s certainly not talking about it.  If they wanted to use some believable hyperbole, they could maybe say that the entire WWE Universe has been talking about this match.  Why would that be hyperbole?  Because less than half of the WWE Universe actually watch Smackdown.

In the United States, where the FCC doesn’t monitor the Spanish spoken word on programs where English is the predominant language used, Smackdown is rated PG.  I wonder what the rating would be in Mexico or one of the many other Spanish speaking countries, where they certainly do understand the swearing and rough comparisons by Alberto Del Rio.

Outcome – The ending of this match you’ll have to see for yourself, as it was one of the best ending sequences I’ve seen for a non-PPV match in a while.  For those of you who aren’t going to or want to know who won the match, Rey Mysterio gets the victory with a clean pinfall after a top rope body splash.

Questions Left Unanswered

Although I’ve read which Smackdown superstar was shipped to RAW in exchange for Edge coming back to Friday nights, is that accurate?  How long will it take for WWE to make the trade official?  I guess it’s too much to ask to have them let us know tonight, when they likely want to make the big splash by announcing it on RAW.  It wouldn’t be the first time that RAW ignored an announcement which was previously made on Smackdown.

How long is it going to take for Smallville to actuallyl use the name Darkseid in regards to the final season’s villain?  Ooops, wrong show.

Due to the outside interference, are we going to get another Ziggler / MVP match for a fourth straight week?

Is Alberto Del Rio going to keep his focus on Rey Mysterio, now even after Rey turned back his in-ring challenge with a clean victory?

How was Big Show chosen to be the leader of Team Smackdown instead of someone else – namely a prized free agent who made his debut tonight?

Who are the other members of Team Smackdown?  How many of them will there be?

When’s the next time we’ll see Nexus show up on Smackdown?  I believe they’re going to be part of the big Bragging Rights tag match, so they may as well continue butting heads with guys on the blue show.

Will Jack Swagger’s personal mascot have a cast or a neck brace next week?

Are we going to be so lucky as to see Kaitlyn again next week on Smackdown, or are they going to make us tune into NXT for that pleasure?

Is next week going to be another week without The Undertaker?  he would still have one final week before the pay per view, so technically he wouldn’t have to show up to hype whatever involvement he might have in Bragging Rights.

Could we possibly see Kane defend the World title against someone other than The Undertaker at Bragging Rights?