The Undertaker is back, he doesn’t believe Rey Mysterio was his attacker, and when he tried to make Kane pay for the vegetative state he was in for the past couple months, Kane surprisingly put the Deadman back down with a Tombstone piledriver.

SummerSlam had some incredible moments, and we’re five days removed from the biggest event of the Summer, so let’s see what Smackdown has in store for us?

Let’s get things going.

My brew of choice claims “Great Taste, Less Filling” and a spiral vortex neck.  Let’s see if it has any affect on my article.  Feel free to let me know with your responses what your drink of choice is tonight.

Apparently we’re going to get Kane’s explanation tonight.  Is there any chance he’ll magically remember what he did?  If he was lying all along and it’s not a case of memory loss, will he explain why he was casting blame elsewhere?

Will we hear from other competitors who were previously charged with attacking Undertaker?

Rey Mysterio shows up first, and he’s happy his name has been cleared, and he thanks people for believing in him.

Whoa, Alberto Del Rio interrupts Rey Mysterio, and who would’ve guessed that one native Spanish speaker was going to interrupt another native Spanish speaker in his debut?

After seeing Alberto Del Rio say the same things week after week in his repetitive videos, isn’t it a little odd that the fans would be SO dead for Alberto Del Rio?  You’d think they’d have SOME heat for him.

Even as Alberto Del Rio runs down Rey Mysterio and the fans, he’s just now getting some mild heat.  I wonder if WWE is getting a little nervous right now about their investment.

Is it a little weird that the fans are legitimately reacting to Rey Mysterio when he speaks in Spanish?  It used to be that if someone spoke in Spanish, the fans would just boo them.

Wow, Alberto Del Rio starts off his Smackdown career with a match against Rey Mysterio?  Should be interesting.  We’ll see just how worthy he is of the push he’s already gotten with those videos and this high profile in-person debut.

Wow, seriously? Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for the FIFTH week in a row?  They’re talented wrestlers, but at some point doesn’t the special goodness fade away when we’ve seen everything they’ve got to give us?  As Jim Ross might say, WWE is quite possibly going to the well one too many times.

Wow, Grooming Tips from Cody Rhodes shows up real early tonight, before even the first match of the evening.  Tonight?  Manly moisturizing lotion.  Cucumber melon… manly?  Riiiight.  I guess we’re one step closer to Dashing.

So the first match is the Kofi / Ziggler match, Take 5 (fifth consecutive week)… and Kofi isn’t showing ANY lasting effects of the beatdown he got from Nexus.

Will Nexus make themselves known in this match?  Could be a good way for Ziggler to get rid of Vickie and for Nexus to add a seventh member.  It wasn’t that long ago that Ziggler was down in FCW with those guys…

Does Matt Stryker really want people to stop talking about WWE on the internet, just because we haven’t walked their halls?

Great, Vickie Guerrero pushes Kofi Kingston off the top rope, so we’re likely to see this match not only for a sixth time, but also for the sixth week in a row.

As Vickie Guerrero stands in front of Kofi, taunting him, talking about how Kofi can’t hit her, how many of you wanted to see him take a swing (or kick) at her?

Ziggler’s title reign continues, and you have to think that Kofi is going to get yet another shot at trying to beat Ziggler.

How sick was that kick/stomp to the jaw from Dolph to Kofi?  That’s the second thing this week that made me cringe with how painful something looked.

Did anyone else laugh when Michelle McCool called Melina “Lady Wawa”, claiming she cries?

How awesome is it that Hornswoggle likes to go undercover, hiding in the Diva’s lockerroom?  Not to say it’s cool to watch women get dressed without their knowledge, but it is funny that Hornswoggle would be doing that… assuming that’s basically what wWE is saying with that.

Is Luke Gallows really questioning what CM Punk did at summerSlam?  Is Little Show really thinking he can question the Straight Edge Society leader after all they’ve been through?

If all three male members of Straight Edge Society can’t beat Big Show in a handicap match on SummerSlam, why should we think that Gallows & Serena (in apparently her “first match”) can beat Big Show & Kelly Kelly tonight?

Why is Joey Mercury the only one who seemed worried about people being thrown out of Straight Edge Society?  Shouldn’t Gallows and Serena be worried, too?  They’re the ones actually IN the match.

Apparently “has more pictures than we can stand” of Kelly Kelly?  I don’t know about that, some of my friends will attest to the fact that some of the best pictures ever taken of Kelly Kelly were done apart from what can be shown on

Does anyone remember that Kelly Kelly once was involved in an angle in ECW where Kelly had a huge crush on CM Punk, who happens to be the leader of the group across the ring from her in this match?

I’d laugh if one of the announcers would mention that fact.  Where’s Mike Knox when you need him?

Serena looks like she’s about to get taken out, and did Big Show even legally get into this match?

Serena with a version of Go 2 sleep that drops Kelly Kelly from a fire(wo)man’s carry into a gutbuster?  Nice continuity.  Maybe it could be called Go 2 Eat?  Any other suggestions?

How werid / terrible was the laugh echoing they gave Kane during the start of his long explanation speech?

How great were the recap clips from Undertaker’s career with Kane?

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Kane has such a talent at speaking on the mic after being silent for so many years?

Smackdown is filled with rematches.  First Kofi vs Dolph, now McIntyre vs Christian.  At least Alberto Del Rio can’t have a rematch in his debut.  There’s always next week, yes?

Before you say it, I realize that Drew McIntyre fought matt Hardy a week ago, but TWO weeks ago he fought Christian, so it’s a recent rematch.

Why would Cody Rhodes show up at a match between Drew McIntyre & Christian?

Wow, WWE actually got the “mirror effect” working for Cody Rhodes for his entrance.  Nicely done.  And might I add that it’s nice that Cody Rhodes isn’t just wearing his ring attire.  We don’t need to see that much bare leg from a guy who’s not wrestling… not that we need to see Cody’s legs even if he is wrestling.

Did Cody Rhodes just admit that Christian was in his prime when Christian was back in TNA Wrestling?

Drew McIntyre says he’s going to snap Christian’s arm like he snapped Matt Hardy’s ankle a week ago… wouldn’t that mean he’d have to put it in between the steel step segments and then stomp on it?

Damn you, Matt Stryker.  Out of anything that Cody Rhodes has said during his entire run in WWE, why would they cut him off when he was asked what his father (Dusty Rhodes, who they didn’t call by name, a guy who probably never man-scaped his his life) thinks about his grooming tips?

They better come back to this after the commercial.

Aaaand… no, they didn’t.  Shameful.

Christian Cage with the win, and this is the first time Drew McIntyre has been pinned (that I can remember) in a while.

Matt Hardy shows up after the match to help stave off the attack for Christian, and how nice is it that SOMEONE actually sells an injury?  Matt Hardy with the protective boot… that’s quality.

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre could be a good pairing… but does that mean that their respective singles pushes are over?  I guess with Kane as the World Champion and Dolph Ziggler holding the Intercontinental Title, there’s not a lot of room for heels.

When a woman like Rosa Mendes is hopping around and a guy is standing within 5 feet of her, how rare is it when a guy (in this case, Jack Swagger) is upset when SHE’s not listening to HIM?

How nice is it that MVP and Jack Swagger can be rivals, can have a backstage segment that gets a little heated, and no one seems like they’re going to punch anybody?  Makes it seem more real, more like a competition rather than just a show.  Nice work.

Another RAW Rebound… and yet who wants to bet that on RAW they don’t remind us of what happened on Smackdown?

Teddy Long gives Kane the bad news about Undertaker’s return to Friday Nights from his time away… Why does it take Undertaker two weeks to return to Smackdown?

We’re 10 days away from the 900th edition of Monday Night RAW, a truly historic event, and how many people have noticed the series of articles building up to the 900th episode on  Patterson brings some great articles, you’ll want to check them out.

Time for the main event.

How awesome is it that WWE is giving Alberto Del Rio his own personal ring announcer?

JBL had a limosine for his entrance… Alberto Del Rio shows up in a Rolls Royce, which begs the question: what would happen if those two squared off?  Would there be parking problems?

With all the money they’ve put into Alberto Del Rio, why is he wearing generic white wrestling boots?  Why not something with gold on it, or even a monogram?

Time to see what he’s capable of doing.

Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio seem to have some in-ring chemistry.  This could be a decent longer-term feud… so long as WWE doesn’t book this match every week for the next month and a half.

What makes Alberto Del Rio think that stomping on Rey Mysterio’s arm is going to lead to a pinfall?

With CM Punk and Big Show both having their arms heal, is that why WWE decided that it’s alright for Alberto Del Rio to focus on Mysterio’s arm?  He’d join Christian as the upper-limb-impaired.

How quickly does Alberto Del Rio jump back to his feet?  Numerous times in this match he has sprung back up really quickly.

Whoa, how swift was that flying armbar that Alberto Del Rio locked in on Rey Mysterio?  A quick spin around and BOOM!

Was anyone else surprised that Alberto del Rio got the win in his debut?  They did sell it a few times that Alberto Del Rio was able to gameplan for Mysterio, but Rey having never seen Alberto in action was seriously handicapped in this match.

Also, knowing that this is Rey Mysterio’s 5th different opponent in as many weeks, does that make you appreciate him all the more?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Smackdown tonight?

Did they have enough matches?

Are you disappointed in how Kane responded to the Undertaker returning?

How does Alberto Del Rio’s return victory sit with you?

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