As we get closer and closer to Night Of Champions we get a double dose of Smackdown for this week, as the Smackdown roster was in attendance during RAW.

What more will Kane do to The Undertaker?

Will we get go finally have it confirmed that Kane will defend the World championship against Undertaker at Night of Champions?

Will Nexus show up on Smackdown in full force, since they did attack undertaker on RAW?  is there some sort of official alliance between Kane and Nexus; did they take part in putting him into a vegative state?  Is Kane part of the larger master plan that Nexus has been talking about?

Are we going to get yet another Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler match for the 142nd straight week, or are they going to break the streak of moderately lazy booking by the creative team?

If the booking streak continues and we get another Ziggler v Kingston match, what new / fresh way will the Smackdown’s booking team use for the ending of the match to continue this feud?  They have done a decent job with finding a way to keep things fresh, even with the wrestling-equivalent of left-overs.

Who will Alberto Del Rio be involved with this week if Rey Mysterio is on the shelf with an injury?

Alberto Del Rio starts the evening with an in-ring celebration.  Who’s going to be there to crash the party?  Is there any chance that the Smackdown creative team can let someone else be involved for a little bit and actually SELL the injury?

When Alberto Del Rio destroyed the pinata (which Del Rio referred to solely as a “burro” (donkey) and the head of the pinata was swinging from the ceiling, wearing Rey Mysterio’s mask, did anyone else find that a little morbid?

How great is it to see Christian Cage actually involved in something seemingly important on Smackdown by involving himself with Alberto Del Rio while Rey Mysterio is out?  The fans certainly haven’t forgotten him.

Did anyone else laugh when Christian called Alberto Del Rio “JBL – Juan Bradshaw Layfield”?  Is it the car?  Is it the hatred of Rey Mysterio?

Which makes you hate the person more: Alberto Del Rio because he backed out of a fight with Christian like a coward, or Drew McIntyre for attacking Christian from behind?

The announcers wonder how long Drew McIntyre had been planning on attacking Christian… but honestly how long could he reasonably had to have planned things out?  Christian wasn’t out there all that long, and Drew McIntyre ran in from the crowd, it’s not like he just ran down the ramp to make the attack, so he had to go to a different part of the reana than if he was just planning on showing up for a match.  As my favorite radio show (LaVar Arrington Show w/ Chad Dukes on 106.7 The FAN FM in DC) might say, there’s the crushing grip of logic.

By the way, LaVar Arrington & Chad Dukes hosted R-Truth and the Bella Twins in studio for a great interview on Friday.  The podcast can be found online on the official 1067 The Fan FM website.  Certainly an interesting listen, as Chad Dukes is a huge fan of wrestling.  But I digress…

Nice Dean Malenko reference as Drew McIntyre hits the gutbuster.

How ironic is it that Christian wins the match with a crazy roll-up?  If you don’t know Dean Malenko’s work, you might not understand… so you’ll want to look up Malenko on YouTube or Dailymotion.  His work in WCW and Japan is far more representational, so you’ll want to look for that.

Is anyone expecting much of anything to be said during this Michelle McCool vs Kelly Kelly match?

I’d be totally cool with Kelly Kelly trying to go for a hurricanrana on me.

If you haven’t seen anyone else do that finish move that Michelle McCool uses, you should really go to YouTube and look for “Styles Clash” by AJ Styles.  He does it so much better.

Why is it that the fans popped when they brought out the “See And Say” during the Hornswoggle segment?

What part of shocking a midget is part of TV-PG?  What about a midget shocking a doctor and resposible parties running away to let it happen?

How many people have decided that Hornswoggle is more reason why they don’t want to watch Smackdown?

Does anyone else think it feels weird to see Dolph Ziggler in the ring against someone other than Kofi Kingston?  I know it’s just Chris Masters, but I’m just happy to get a change.

Was anyone else surprized that Kofi Kingston didn’t interfere during the Ziggler vs Masters match?  It is nice to see him get some credibility by winning the match cleanly.  I would’ve thought he would show up at least in the match aftermath.

Does anyone else throw up in their moth a little bit when they see Dolph Ziggler lick his lips while Vickie is caressing him?

If Punk, Gallows and Mercury can’t beat Big Show in a three-on-one handicap fight at SummerSlam, why should we think that Punk & Gallows in a two-on-one would stand any closer?

When the Smackdown announcers pretended not to understand that Big Show was partially impersonating Hulk Hogan from RAW, doesn’t it just make them seem out of touch?  I realize Hulk Hogan is now in TNA Wrestling and he hasn’t been in WWE for a while, but they probably should’ve just left out the comment.  The timeliness factor in the reference isn’t a problem.  Matt Stryker made a “Buschwackers” comment a minute later.

If Big Show signalled for a chokeslam, why did he end up doing a powerbomb oss over his head?  If Big Show is trying to establish dominance like the announcers were predicting, why wouldn’t Big Show try to let the match continue and try to go after Punk and beat both opponents?

After the match, Luke Gallows gets attacked and hit with the Go2Sleep by CM Punk… why not get a brief promo from Punk to give us a little glimpse into his mindset… at least giving us a reason for why Serena was nowhere to be found?  People who saw the brief announcement on last weekend know that she’s no longer with WWE, but they could easily give us an in-character reason.

What’s the difference between Jack Swagger hosting the VIP Louge and Jack Swagger hosting a different segment where he has furniture and memorabilia in the ring like he has done before (famously destroyed by Big show)?

With a leather couch in the ring, why couldn’t Jack Swagger Sr. sit there instead of in a wheelchair?  It’s not as if he was wheeled directly into the ring.  He had to somehow get up onto the apron and then somehow moved into whatever seat he would be using.

How many push-ups was WWE going to let Jack Swagger do before having MVP interrupt him?  Swagger started to get a little slow around 43 push-ups.

MVP says that the VIP Lounge was lacking since it didn’t have music blasting, ladies dancing, bottles poppin’… does anyone actually know of a time when MVP’s version of the VIP Lounge had any of those things?  I certainly don’t.

Why are we supposed to cheer for MVP attacking a helpless old-man like Jack Swagger sr.?

Shouldn’t Matt Hardy take some time off to let his ankle heal instead of taking a match booking?  We’ve all seen guys duck out of matches for lesser reasons.

Does anyone else think it’s about time that Cody Rhodes finally started making fun of people for not doing enough grooming?

Isn’t the mirror on the back of Cody’s jacket the best accessory in WWE?

Was there ever any doubt that Cody Rhodes would beat Matt Hardy?  Does anyone think it should’ve happened any differently?

Is Smackdown ending their show yet again with another main event Kane / Undertaker SEGMENT?  Is it really a good idea for this to be a backstage segment?!

At least we finally get confirmation that Kane will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Undertaker at Night Of Champions?

Did Kane just say that the Undertaker’s powers are now his?  Does that mean he has an urn somewhere that helps him sit-up on command?

When the casket was brought to ringside, did anyone actually think Undertaker was going to pop up out of it?  How lame would that have been to start Undertaker’s part of the promo by having him use that as his entrance?

Isn’t it a lot better to get a regular entrance from Undertaker when he’s looking for the face-to-face than if he would’ve shown up in the casket?

Sidenote:  With the Undertaker’s ability to control the lights with his arms during his entrance, what’s the possibility that he’s the RAW GM?  The lights flicker when emails are received…

Undertaker has been seen coughing the past few weeks.  Is that part of his story where he’s not at 100% these days, or is that unrelated?

Does anyone else think that the ending of this week’s Smackdown was FAR superior to the way it ended last week, even though they both involved an Undertaker / Kane segment where there was no actual physical confrontation?

Aftermath / Remaining questions:

Where was Kofi Kingston on this week’s Smackdown?  It seems likely that he’ll be facing Dolph Ziggler at Night Of Champions for the Intercontinental Title, but shouldn’t he at least make an appearance?

Did it feel weird to have a Smackdown where we didn’t see Rey Mysterio OR Kofi Kingston in action, two guys who almost always have matches on Friday night?

Why not get any mention of the Cody Rhodes / Drew McIntyre alliance on Smackdown?  They were in a #1 contendership match in the tag team division back on Monday Night during RAW 900, and there’s no mention of that at all?

Is WWE really going to waste a potential tag team opportunity by splitting up the Straight Edge Society?

If Hornswoggle starts talking, is he going to be more annoying than he is right now?

Is there any way that WWE might bring in Paul Bearer, Father James Mitchell, or the urn into the Kane / Undertaker feud?

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