The second edition of Smackdown following SummerSlam, and as we get closer and closer to Night of Champions, Undertaker is said to make his return tonight.

Should we suppose that Night of Champions for Smackdown will feature Kane vs Undertaker?

Will WWE “creative” do the old usual where they copy the format of the RAW World Championship match and have a six-pack challenge?

Will we see Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston yet again?  This would be the 6th week in a row…

Is Alberto Del Rio going to be in action after beating Mysterio in his debut last week?

Let’s find out.

Along with the 6th consecutive week of Ziggler v Kingston, we’re going to get a SummerSlam rematch for the World Title with Kane vs Mysterio… and it’s the opening contest of the evening?!

Rey Mysterio was on the turnbuckle just a few moments before the fire was ignited from the corner posts for Kane’s entrance… how close was Rey to being braised?

Has Kane really emerged from his brother’s shadow?  Don’t most people pale in comparison to the Undertaker, to whom Kane’s career will always be linked in some way or another?

Rey Mysterio is now the fifth person to sell an arm injury on Smackdown in the past month.

Why would there randomly be 15 kendo sticks under the ring?  A trash can?  I can understand that.  A steel chair?  Fairly obvious.  A table?  No doubt.  What’s the purpose of the kendo sticks?

Is it just the camera angle or does that chair look like it’s almost as big as Rey Mysterio?  Maybe that’s why he’s never been a heel.

Did Smackdown just have a World Title match with the main purpose being the chance to put Rey Mysterio into a position where Alberto Del Rio could attack him?

Why are they making a big deal about C.M. Punk taking on JTG all by himself?  When’s the last time JTG was treated credibly enough to give him a singles match?  The last time I remember seeing him at all was prior to SummerSlam when it was Straight Edge Society against MVP / JTG and one other guy I can’t remember.

Did JTG get any offense in during this match?

Do even half the reviewers remember back when CM Punk originally used the Anaconda Vice?  I seem to think that most fans don’t remember what happened last year, let alone a few years ago.

Did Teddy Long not watch Smackdown last week?  Shouldn’t he know that Hornswoggle likes to hide in that fake bush?

Is Teddy really dumb enough to not know who Hornswoggle has been spying on after he gave him the first clue?  Teddy asked “who”, Hornswoggle got him to say “Lay”, and Teddy couldn’t figure out the rest of his clue?

I should ignore anything related to Hornswoggle from now on.

I’m sure it’s getting repetitive for regular readers, but I’ll note once again that I think it’s lame that Smackdown does a RAW Rebound if it doesn’t get the reciprocated Smackdown Recap on RAW.

Dashing Cody Rhodes isn’t a beard fan… and why am I not surprised.  Did he just say that guys should shave their entire body?   Did I just really watch a grown man shave his leg?

Intercontinental Title match is up next… and is it weird that out of two title matches on the card tonight, neither is the main event?

Is it possible that this is the best Kingston vs Ziggler match in the 6 consecutive weeks they’ve fought?

Why would Dolph want to get back into the ring?  He keeps the belt by being counted out.  He owes the belt to Vickie Guerrero at this point.

With all the recaps they have on Smackdown, is it possible that they could film a week’s episode in about 45 minutes worth of matches while concurrently filming the one or two segments backstage?

Disclaimer: You’ll have to excuse me if this article isn’t as good.  It’s been a long day, a long week and I’m more tired than usual when I write these articles.

Do the producers of Smackdown assume that we neither watch RAW nor have we watched Smackdown from any prior week?  They recap everything.

I didn’t watch NXT nor Superstars, can I find out what happened there?

Commercial comment:  When they say that this is the “Last Exorcism”, can we get that in writing?  I’d rather they not waste my commercial-viewing time.

How funny is it that when Matt Stryker referred to MVP’s style as “street style”, he referenced Rampage Jackson, who is a cage fighter, not a street fighter?

Is it ironic that here on Smackdown, when talking about MVP’s style, they mention Rampage Jackson, but when Rampage was one of the hosts on RAW, they talked about him as if he were actually his character from the A-Team movie, B.A. Baracus?

Why would MVP accept a collegiate-style wrestling match with Jack Swagger, a collegiate all-american IN WRESTLING?


Did Todd Grisham just say that even though Smackdown has been good so far, it’s only going to get better?  Really?  There has been a World Title defense AND an Intercontinental Title defense AND a CM Punk squash match thus far… is the rest of the show REALLY going to be better?

Smackdown getting better as it nears the finish = Alberto Del Rio in a match against a guy I’ve never seen before, and Big Show vs Little Show?  Maybe it’s acceptable that I’m too tired to fully pay attention.

Undertaker is back, in the ring, and talking smack about Kane… but this is one of the worst promos I’ve heard from ‘Taker.  Would Smackdown have been better if I watched it in reverse?  Ending the show with Rey Mysterio getting taken out by Alberto Del Rio would be pretty good.

Does WWE “creative” agree with Undertaker about Kane not being worthy to carry ‘Taker’s prized posession – the World Heavyweight Championship?  It has been a decade since he held it last.

Anyone else agree with Kane that Undertaker does seem to have a weakness in his voice?  He does seem a little weaker… like maybe he’s got a cold or the flu or something.

So Smackdown’s big finish for the evening involves a weak batle of words between Kane and Undertaker where they stand 40 yards from one another?  Perfect end to a sub-par evening.

– – –

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