How did Smackdown go down tonight? Was it worth watching? At GuysNation, I take an analytic look at the Friday Night bookend show to let you know whether it was a success or failure.

Segment by segment, we’ve got you covered.

Bret Hart as the Special Guest General Manager

It’s just natural that Bret would be the GM when Smackdown is in Calgary. Because this was the one and only time he was involved in the entire show, that doesn’t sit well with me. There are episodes of Smackdown where Teddy Long is involved more than this, and he’s not a draw.

Verdict: Miss

The Bret Hart / Christian / Mark Henry / Sheamus Interaction

WWE did a good job of having Bret Hart and Christian not share that Canadian Bond by having Bret show disapproval of how Christian has been acting. When Christian showed he had a guaranteed title shot before anyone else, it was sold well by Bret Hart that he was going to put Christian into a match with a stipulation he wouldn’t like.

Does anyone else think that Christian should appreciate the Steel Cage stipulation given his penchant for acting like a coward and running away?

The interaction between Mark Henry and Sheamus was nicely done, and it seems natural that Mark Henry would want to deal with Sheamus while he waits for his title shot.

Verdict: Hit

Match – Christian vs Daniel Bryan

The action was good, on par with what you’d expect from both of these guys. Putting Daniel Bryan into a match with the former World Champion is a good thing, as you probably want people to view him as a credible challenger when he does get the match, not just a guy who won a briefcase.

Verdict: Hit

Match – Wade Barrett vs Jobber

Before the match even gets started, Wade Barrett refuses to wrestle a guy of that low stature. Great way to get heel heat in a new / different way. A welcomed change from an in-ring promo.

Verdict: Hit

Match – Sin Cara vs Heath Slater

Decent action, nothing special, which is disappointing when you consider there was no angle in this match and it was just used to showcase Sin Cara’s wrestling ability. Heath Slater got SOME offense and played to the fans a little bit, but there was never a sense that he might win the match.

Verdict: Miss

Match – Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase

The action was decent. I don’t buy Ted DiBiase in that role, but the reason he was there was basically just because of the story they’re building up between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, and because of the history between DiBiase and Orton in Legacy. I don’t know that I’ll ever buy DiBiase as a main eventer, and this match was an example of how he’s just not on par. It was a way to move the angle forward, but a couple times I wanted to hit fast forward.

Verdict: Miss

Match – Kelly Kelly vs Tamina

The pre-match pre-taped promo where Natalya talked about how Kelly Kelly is basically a doll and how Natalya doesn’t play with dolls just further makes me think this is WWE’s reaction to kHARMa being sidelined.

The match was not even as average as I was expecting… and I don’t blame Kelly Kelly. A couple times in this match Tamina either blew a spot or just looked really sub-par. And given that Tamina hasn’t wrestled a singles match in quite a while, no one should be surprised by the outcome of this one.

Verdict: Miss

Jinder Mahal Interview

They pushed the idea that there’s some friction between Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali stemming from Khali going against Mahal’s instructions to protect Jinder last week during the Battle Royal. Pushing along the storyline to get to the point where it establishes the long-term vision for Mahal / Khali is a good thing.

Verdict: Hit

Match – Ezekiel Jackson vs The Great Khali

There aren’t many Great Khali matches that I remember enjoying… and Ezekiel Jackson hasn’t had many 4 star matches (and no 5 star matches), so I didn’t expect to enjoy this one too much. I was interested to see how far they’re going to let Ezekiel Jackson continue to fall following the decent run he had been having. Getting Jinder Mahal physically involved and potentially setting up something between them in the future, and then letting Ezekiel Jackson show off his impressive strength by putting The Great Khali into the Torture Rack made for a good ending.

Verdict: Hit

Main Event – Sheamus vs Mark Henry

THIS was the main event? I’m guessing the live crowd got something better. The action was decent, and the finish was interesting. I definitely didn’t expect to see it end with Mark Henry getting counted out because the brawl outside the ring affected him just slightly worse than it did Sheamus.

The aftermath was what made this match decent, with Number One Contender Mark Henry getting his revenge on Sheamus and giving him a good beatdown to end the show. Still, it would’ve been alright for a mid-card match, but not the main event, and unless my DVR cut things short, this ended the show.

Verdict: Miss

All things considered, this episode was a MISS. There were entertaining parts, and parts which did a good job of advancing certain storylines and the credibility of some competitors and the Intercontinental Championship, but the good didn’t out-weigh the bad. If I needed to give it a grade, I’d go with C- or D+. It’s not a failed show, but it’s not above average.