Second biggest WWE pay per view of the year, so there’s no doubt that GuysNation has you covered on the Royal Rumble coverage! Keep checking back throughout the night for updates!

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs Big Show vs Mark Henry

The GuysNation viewing party is surprised they’re starting with this match. Initial discussion is that Daniel Bryan’s agility will probably help him get the win.

Daniel Bryan starts out by trying to escape, and gets destroyed in the process. Mark Henry then gest the brunt of the attack from Big Show, and he gets destroyed as Big Show splashes into him, slamming him into the wall of the cage.

Once it goes back to Bryan and Big Show, The American Dragon gets the best of it and drops Big Show with a series of low dropkicks.  The kicks of Dragon also put Mark Henry on the mat, but escaping the ring doesn’t help, and Mark Henry pulls the champ back in and gets the door shut.

Daniel Bryan gets beaten for a bit by Henry, and then it’s Big Show who holds court. That lasts for a bit until Daniel Bryan hits a Tornado DDT from the top rope, putting him into prime position for the La Bell Lock. No submission registered, as Mark Henry breaks it up and gets on the offensive.

Big Show stops Mark Henry from hitting the slam with a huge KO shot on Henry. That gives D. Bryan the chance to climb up the cage, forcing Big Show to follow after him. In a spot you’ll have to see, they fight atop the cage, Big Show tries to pull Bryan back up, but after hanging from Show’s huge hands, D. Bryan drops to the floor to retain the title.

The Viewing Party Crew thinks the match was a bit shorter than expected, but good nevertheless.

Diva’s 8-Woman Tag Match
Tamina & Eve & Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs Bella Twins & Natalya & Beth Phoenix

Not covering this match. Too distracted.

Beth Phoenix gets the win over Kelly Kelly

John Cena vs Kane

Technical difficulties and a discussion about women (Heidi Klum vs Katy Perry) kept me from covering this one, and it’s going to set a trend for the rest of the show about just hitting the high spots.

This match ends in a double count out, and both guys beat the hell out of each other backstage.

Kane gets Cena with the chloroform glove, then goes after Zack Ryder, does the same, then takes his lifeless body to the ring. Eve Torres shows up, Kane hits a Tombstone on Ryder then starts to go for Eve… and Cena tries to make the save but gets the chokeslam. Instead of knocking out Eve, Kane just walks off.

Random Match – Winner Stays in The Rumble
Drew McIntyre vs Brodus Clay

Not for nothing, but the GuysNation group consensus is that the Jurassic Park style logo on The FunkaSaurus is awesome. Not that we were trying to look at his butt… but we don’t have much choice.

The match doesn’t last as long as the pre-match and post-match dance time.  Brodus gets 90% of the offense… and obviously the win.

WWE Title Match
CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Special Guest Ref Laurinaitis gets rid of Vickie Guerrero in the hopes of being impartial, but Punk spends most of the match being wary of the interim GM.

Near the end of the match, the in-ring (non-IGM) referee gets knocked out, rolls out of the ring, and Punk gets three opportunities where the match would’ve ended if there were a ref to call it

– Ziggler tapped to the Anaconda Vice

– Punk reversed a roll-up and the crowd counted to four

– Punk hit the GTS

When the referee finally got up (after Laurinaitis got hit by Ziggler’s legs during a GTS attempt), Ziggler reverses another GTS attempt into a guillotine legdrop… for only a 2 count.

Punk finally ends up with the victory after another GTS, and Laurinaitis helps with the three-count and hands the belt to Punk.

Rumble Time!!!

I’ll be doing my best to track entrances and eliminations, but it’s tough.

Entry 1 – The Miz

Entry 2 – Alex Riley

This is a huge deal, IMO, and the fans could care less because WWE dropped the ball on Alex Riley. The Miz lost to that guy on a pay per view during a huge feud, and no one cares because Riley has been remanded to NXT.


After going back and forth for about a minute, The Miz eliminates Alex Riley by pulling down the top rope with A-Ry running at him.

Entry 3 – R-Truth

So they’re throwing all of The Miz’s feuding partners at him all at once. Predicted next entrant: John Morrison.

Entry 4 – Cody Rhodes

The Intercontinental Champion rushes the ring and immediately helps out The Miz by hitting the springboard kick on R-Truth.

Predicted next entrant: Goldust

If it is, they’re screaming “this is fixed”

Entry 5 – Justin Gabriel

Entry 6 – Epico

Entry 7 – Mick Foley

Takes him 80 seconds to get to the ring, so it’s almost time for the next entrant

Entry 8 – Alberto Del Rio… or his ring announcer, pulling up in a a crazy beat-up car with duct tape all over it.

In less than two minutes of action as a competitor, I already like Ricardo Rodriguez more than I like Alberto Del Rio.

Entry 9 – Santino Marella

After a bit of goofing around, Santino eliminates Ricardo Rodriguez, setting up…



There’s a Mexican Standoff, which ironically Ricardo Rodriguez isn’t a part of… and that gets broken up by the next entrant, A PUERTO RICAN!!!

Entry 10 – Epico*

(The previously mentioned entry of Epico was falsely reported by the TitanTron, as it was really Primo)

Santino and Foley get eliminated shortly thereafter by The Miz and Cody Rhodes.

Entry 11 – Kofi Kingston

Having previously worn Spider-Man inspired tights, Kofi tonight is wearing Riddler-inspired gear. The question marks are undoubtedly wondering how much longer Evan Bourne keeps his job after two Wellness Violations in the past four months.

Entry 12 – Jerry Lawler

Lawler doesn’t lose much time at the announce desk, as he gets eliminated before the countdown timer starts for the 13th guy.

Entry 13 – Ezekiel Jackson

Chant of the night: “Ahmed Johnson!”

Entry 14 – Jinder Mahal

They hype up things between Mahal and Zeke, and then when Mahal gets into the ring, they get taken out by the other competitors.

Entry 15 – The Great Khali

The big man comes out to the ring and immediately eliminates Jinder Mahal.

Entry 16 – Hunico

Entry 17 – Booker T

Not sure why the announcers were surprised that Booker T was an entrant in the Rumble, he wasn’t wearing pants!

Entry 18 – Dolph Ziggler

Debate going on: If Ziggler had won the title, could he still be in the #RoyalRumble? We like the possibilities for YES

Entry 19 – Jim Duggan

One of the members of the GuysNation viewing party is psyched for Duggan, who he says would be one of the all time greats to hang out with at a bar… or at a backyard BBQ.

Aaaaaand now he’s gone. Cody Rhodes with another Legends Elimination.

Entry 20 – Michael Cole (who IS wearing pants at the announce table)

Entry 21 – kHARMa

The psycho Diva goes right after Michael Cole, resulting in him starting to eliminate himself… getting an assist from Booker T and Jerry Lawler

And unfortunately she gets to eliminate Future Superstar Hunico.

Entry 22 – Sheamus

Top names still left to come: Wade Barrett, Jericho, Randy Orton… Three of the top odds from our earlier article.

Potential surprise names: Mysterio, Christian, Triple H and Undertaker

Entry 23 – Road Dogg

Nice BREAK IT DOWN old school D-X shirt… it should say “BEWARE THE DOGG”

Entry 24 – Jey Uso

He skips the Samoan War Chant… so clearly he’s not going to win

Entry 25 – Jack Swagger

Entry 26 – Wade Barrett

Entry 27 – David Otunga

I guess it makes sense that Otunga gets the coveted 27 spot, being best friends with the Interim General Manager of RAW.

Entry 28 – Randy Orton

Entry 29 – Jericho

So now we have bets on who’s going to be #30.  I’m thinking Undertaker, but the other guys aren’t sure. John Cena is being named as a strong possibility. Triple H or Shawn Michaels are also being named.  Hulk Hogan gets a mention, but because he’s one of the top names in TNA Impact Wrestling right now… probably not.

If we weren’t having technial difficulties, I’d post a poll.

Entry 30 – Big Show

So we’re wrong on all accounts… including a late guess of Goldust (which would’ve made sense, with Cody Rhodes still out there)

The Miz, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler… all gone (not necessarily in the last two minutes), and it’s looking like most of our top pics are gone.

Everyone teams up on The Big Show (meaning Jericho, Sheamus and Randy Orton), and Big Show gets the best of them, knocking everyone else down and then chokeslamming Jericho.

RKO by Orton on Big Show

Randy Orton eliminates Big Show

Jericho eliminates Randy Orton (yep, it happened that quickly)

Final two: Sheamus & Jericho

If Jericho’s prediction is right and this is the End Of The World As (We) Know It… does that mean Sheamus wins?

After a lot of back and forth including a bunch of spots where Jericho nearly gets eliminated, Sheamus knocks Jericho off the apron with the Brogues Kick to win the Royal Rumble!

More updates coming!