Let’s face it, not everyone entered into the Royal Rumble has the same odds of being the last man standing, and in most cases it doesn’t matter what number they randomly draw to enter the fray. Listed below are the odds GuysNation perceives each respective competitor to win the Royal Rumble.

Michael McGillicutty Odds 100000:1;

Johnny Curtis Odds 100000:1;

Epico Odds 10000:1;

JTG Odds 10000:1;

Primo Odds 10000:1;

Jey Uso Odds 10000:1;

Jimmy Uso Odds 10000:1;

Trent Barreta Odds 10000:1;

Tyson Kidd Odds 10000:1;

Goldust Odds 1000:1;

Curt Hawkins Odds 1000:1;

Jinder Mahal Odds 500:1;

Mason Ryan Odds 500:1;

Hunico Odds 500:1;

Yoshi Tatsu Odds 500:1;

Tyler Reks Odds 500:1;

Heath Slater Odds 300:1;

Justin Gabriel Odds 200:1;

Santino Marella Odds 143:1;

Brodus Clay Odds 100:1;

Ezekiel Jackson Odds 100:1;

Alex Riley Odds 50:1;

David Otunga Odds 50:1;

Ted DiBiase Jr Odds 40:1; Likely WrestleMania Match: Money In The Bank

R-Truth Odds 33:1; Likely WrestleMania Opponent: The Miz

Drew McIntyre Odds 33:1; Likely WrestleMania Match: Money In The Bank

John Cena Odds 25:1;

Already slated to face The Rock at WrestleMania, there’s absolutely no reason for John Cena to win the Royal Rumble, and it would cause a confusing situation if he did. I expect The Rumble to help further his feud with Kane, and for the Elimination Chamber pay per view to put a pin in it and allow him to transition to The Rock at WrestleMania. Putting Cena into the title hunt at this time just really confuses an already complex situation unecessarily. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: The Rock
Jack Swagger Odds 20:1; Swagger being the United States Champion is going to be annoying to Dolph Ziggler. Imagine if, following the Rumble, Swagger has the US Title AND a guaranteed title match at WrestleMania? There’s also a scenario where Ziggler could somehow weasel his way into Swagger’s guaranteed title shot, which would be unprecidented AND cool. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Money In The Bank

The Undertaker Odds 14:1;

Part of the low odds are due to the lack of faith I have that Undertaker will even return for the Royal Rumble. I’m not convinced he’ll even partake in WrestleMania, to be quite honest. If he does have a match at the flagship event, there’s little doubt that Triple H would be his opponent – unless somehow Brock Lesnar is ready, but I’m not so sure there’s enough time to build that up, nor do I think either of them would be primed to lose to the other at the big event. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Triple H

Kane Odds 12:1;

I’m struggling to think of a viable person whom Kane could face at WrestleMania who could be holding the World Championship following Elimination Chamber, and although he has been effective in his return, he’s not a good option to be champ just yet. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Money In The Bank

Kofi Kingston Odds 10:1;

With AIR BOOM on hold for a bit, it’s tough to predict what Kofi will be doing at WrestleMania. He has shown the potential for heated main-event level feuds in the past, but that would be a quick climb and he doesn’t have any strong potential feuds already started. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Tag Title Rematch

Cody Rhodes Odds 8:1;

The current Intercontinental Champion would be a great option to step up into the main event with a Rumble win, though I don’t see it happening just yet. He’s certainly building up his case to be atop the heap, but it seems unlikely as of yet. He’s got a potentially great feud ready and waiting for him to give him a good win at WrestleMania Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Goldust

The Miz Odds 7:1;

The former Reality TV star could be a great opponent for either of the current World Champs when the big event comes along, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see WWE put the R-Truth feud on hold until after WrestleMania. Still, I don’t see CM Punk or Daniel Bryan getting through Elimination Chamber with the belt still in their possession, but CM Punk would be the most likely champ that The Miz would face. Having to enter the Rumble in the first spot doesn’t help his chances, either. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: R-Truth

Mick Foley Odds 7:1;

It would come as a huge shock to me if Mick Foley wasn’t in the Royal Rumble, and if he’s participating there, he’ll be at WrestleMania one way or another. He’s not needed in either corner for The Rock vs John Cena, and he could do great as an in-ring opponent for any number of guys on the flagship event. I could certainly see him as the “feel good” storied winner of this year’s Rumble en route to putting someone over at WrestleMania Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Dolph Ziggler

Mark Henry Odds 6:1;

I could certainly see the Silverback welcome plenty of people into the Hall Of Pain en route to being the last man standing heading into WrestleMania, but I’m having trouble envisioning him being the challenger at the flagship event because there aren’t many “face” options to be holding the strap with whom he’d have a good match as the challenger. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Sheamus

Sheamus Odds 5:1;

The only thing standing in Sheamus’ way is the lack of potential opponents for WrestleMania, because he needs to face a heel with some clout, and there’s really only one good option for that, and it happens to be his on-again / off-again feuding partner Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Mark Henry

Wade Barrett Odds 4:1;

Whether it’s CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Mick Foley, The Undertaker or even a “face” Chris Jericho, there’s no doubt in my mind that Wade Barrett could be a great opponent for them at WrestleMania. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: Randy Orton

Chris Jericho Odds 3:1;

While it’s still tough to tell who will have the World Championship belts at WrestleMania, I fail to see an option – other than John Cena – where Chris Jericho couldn’t be a viable challenger to whomever walks out of Elimination Chamber with the straps. Likely WrestleMania Opponent: CM Punk

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