Tonight is my favorite WWE pay per view of the year, Royal Rumble, and as I’ve ordered it, I’m giving my play-by-play here in this live-blog, doing my best to keep up with the action as it goes and deliver my brand of GuysNation analysis (and humor) along to you!

Each week you see my articles where I give my perspective on RAW and Smackdown in the form of results, questions, comments and analysis.  I don’t usually get the opportunity to do this for pay per view events, but I make the exception or this event, the most enjoyable of the year in my humble opinion.  You never know what’s going to happen, you never know who’s going to show up, and it’s a huge gateway leading up to the flagship event as the starter to Wrestlemania season!

As the event starts, we see the sold out TD BankNorth Garden in Boston packed to the brim!

We’re starting things out hot, with the World Championship match for the Blue Show, Smackdown!

Match – Dolph Ziggler vs Edge (c)

Edge makes his entrance first, which isn’t necessarily typical for the champion coming into a match.  I’m not sure that his pyro worked… or maybe they didn’t have any for him tonight.

We get a recap video, reminding us that Vickie Guerrero stated on Smackdown that if Edge uses the Spear against Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble event, he will lose the World Heavyweight Championship.  Should be interesting.

Here’s a choice for you:  between Vickie Guerrero introducing Dolph Ziggler, or Alberto Del Rio’s special ring announcer, which do you prefer?

Interesting mention by Matt Stryker, officially making it known that the piledriver has been outlawed, which I believe was mostly just an urban legend at this point.

Is it possible that Dolph Ziggler is wearing his tights inside out?  The D and the Z are backwards on the back of his trunks.

After some back and forth, Edge gets the advantage and goes for a pinfall attempt, but Dolph gets out before the referee can make any sort of count.

Dolph tries to make a comeback, but Edge keeps him on his heels and continues to dominate.  My pay per view feed through my cable company is a bit choppy, so you’ll forgive me if I miss something… which shouldn’t happen since this is HD.

As Edge tries to get back into the ring after working over Dolph on the outside, Ziggler (already in the ring thanks to Edge) hits him with a neckbreaker drop, getting the advantage.  Edge tries to recover on the apron, but with his head and neck hanging over the ledge, Ziggler moves to the outside and works over the head / neck / shoulders / chest area with elbow shots and kicks and headlocks.  Back in the ring Ziggler goes for a pinfall attempt, which fails, and then Dolph locks in a headlock.

Edge gets back into the game and shoves Dolph head first into the turnbuckle, goes for a pinfall but only gets a two.  Dolph gets back into it and hits another falling neckbreaker, but he only gets a two count.

Ziggler stays in on the attack with some impactful moves and then wearing him down with a reverse headlock.  Edge is fighting back, the fans are obviously cheering him on, but Ziggler stays in on things.  He lets go of the headlock, hits a leaping elbow drop to the chest.  Edge out to the apron, stands up, Dolph propels him out into the security barricade.

Dolph doesn’t do anything on the attack outside, merely just rolling Edge back into the ring for another failed pinfall attempt.  After a bionic elbow to the top of Edge’s head, Dolph is back in on the headlock.

Edge works his way to his feet, the two exchange shots, then they both run into the opposite ropes, meeting in the middle as they both go for flying crossbody blocks, both falling to the mat.

They both get to their feet, Edge in the corner, and Ziggler rushes in and goes for a flying splash, but Edge moves out of the way and Dolph comes up with a chest full of turnbuckle.

After both men stay on the ground for a moment, they both again get up, and again Dolph rushes in to go for the attack, but Edge hoists him up by the leg and falls backwards into a flapjack.

Both men back up again and Edge with a series of clotheslines, and now he’s unsuccessful in his attempt for a pinfall, getting only a two-count.  Edge with another clothesline attempt but Ziggler ducks, hooks the arm and head and then hits a stunner-style maneuver with a great reversal.

As Edge gets up he’s bent over, so Dolph rushes in and goes for a Rocker Dropper / Guillotine Legdrop to A Standing Opponent, and Edge swings Dolph around in mid-air, turning it into a powerbomb!

The action then soon heads to the top rope, where Edge is looking to get on the attack, and Dolph tries to stop him, but to no avail.  Edge goes for a flying crossbody from the top rope, but as they hit the mat, Dolph rolls over into a pinfall attempt of his own…


Back to the action, Dolph goes for an offensive move, Edge blocks it, then Edge locks the legs in and puts Ziggler in a modified Sharpshooter, but instead of just simply bending backwards, Edge twists around a little bit and starts hammering into DOlph’s ribs!  It looks like Dolph might tap…. but NO!  He gets to the ropes!

Edge back to his feet first, Dolph tries to use the ropes, so Edge rebounds off the far ropes and goes for a splash onto Dolph’s back…. but DOLPH MOVES AT THE LAST MOMENT!!!

Back to his feet, Edge is still doubled over a bit, and this time Dolph connects with the Rocker Dropper!

As the action continues, Edge gets the upperhand, and he moves into the corner to go for the Spear… but he remembers that he’s not allowed to use it.  As he goes in towards Ziggler, Dolph swings around and tries to lock in a sleeperhold.  No dice!  Edge with a kick, then an Edge-o-cution… pinfall attempt… NO!!  At TWO, Vickie Guerrero pulls the ref away.

After a bit of an exchange, Vickie smacks Edge in the face, and then Kelly Kelly rushes to the ring and takes out Vickie Guerrero!

From behind Dolph Ziggler connects to Edge with the Zig-Zag… for only a two count!

Both men get to their feet, Dolph Ziggler locks in the sleeperhold, and it looks like Edge is going to take a nap!  Edge in the center of the ring, fading fast…

Edge nullifies Ziggler with a sitout stunner, but the referee somehow gets knockout in the process, and Edge realizes his opportunity and connects with a Spear, and the match continues, Edge is still the champion… but he’s gotta hit a move to finish the match… so he hits the Unprettier / whatever they call Christian’s finishing move!

Outcome – Edge retains the World Championship after using the Unprettier, and Vickie Guerrero looks DISTRAUGHT!

I understand the phrase about how the Royal Rumble starts the Road To Wrestlemania, but technically doesn’t the Road To Wrestlemania start the day after the previous year’s Wrestlemania?  I’d say that Royal Rumble starts off the Wrestlemania season, which seems to be including the Elimination Chamber as a yearly fixture, too… which detracts a bit from the importance of the Royal Rumble, but that’s a debate for another article.

The Miz apparently asked for some mic time, and he said basically the same thing that he and Alex Riley have been saying all along, about being disrespected, and how he’s awesome.  Not breaking any ground there.

The other championship match is up next!

Match – Randy Orton vs The Miz (c)

Randy Orton shows up first, which is the opposite of how it worked last match… unless you consider that the “face” showed up first in both matches, in which case that’s the start of a trend.  What are the odds that John Cena shows up first for the Royal Rumble?  I’m sure a lot of people would like that… although with the likelihood of Cena winning the Rumble, people would probably hate it if he won it from the #1 position.  Talk about Super Cena!!

I find it odd that The Miz, who has dressed in nice suits since prior to winning the World Championship, shows up for this match in a crazy leather jacket with biker-style studs on it.

I’m not going to go move-for-move with this match like I did with Edge and Ziggler because I think I hurt my hand trying to do that in the opening contest, but I will give some of the high spots.

Orton dominates the early portion.  The Miz tries to go outside the ring to rest a bit, but Orton goes out and takes him back into the ring and continues to work him over, including his slingshot type move where he propels The Miz neck-first into the bottom rope while The Miz is upside down and Orton is standing, holding his legs.

The MiZ tries to make a comeback, but Orton works him over into the corner, then chokes him on the ropes.  The Miz does eventually get the upperhand with a little help from the outside from Alex Riley.  The Miz starts his assault in one corner, and not 30 seconds later tries to use a different one, but Orton blocks a head-to-turnbuckle smash and then starts working on The Miz.  After throwing The Miz into the far corner across the ring, Orton tries to move in for the attack, but The Miz moves and starts the offensive again.

Running from across the ring, The Miz continues his assault with his diving clothesline into the corner, failing to get the pinfall, but he stays in on the attack with a little help from the outside from Alex Riley, who gets a “nice work” high five from Michael Cole for his efforts.  The Miz steals a move from Orton’s old playbook and uses the resthold / rear headlock to maintain the advantage.  Orton tries to make a comeback, but The Miz hits a knee to the midsection on the rebound from the ropes, then a boot to the chest of a seated Orton by the champ.

The Miz continues working over Orton, never getting more than a 1 count during pinfall attempts.  The champion maintains the advantage until Randy Orton is able to work The Miz into position and he hits a Superplex – Off The Top Rope!  Orton maintains control and works over the champ, hitting his innovative over-the-shoulder back-to-back backbreaker, but as Orton goes for his rope-assisted DDT, The Miz gets back into it and throws Orton over the top rope.  With the referee distracted, Alex Riley attacks Orton, getting the advantage back for The Miz.

Michael Cole mentions that The Miz keeps getting nearfalls, but it’s not until a double-axhandle smash from the turnbuckles that The Miz actually gets a 2 count in this match, with Orton kicking out sooner prior to that move.

The Miz inadvisably locks in the move that brought Randy Orton to the show, his reverse headlock resthold, and so Orton knows perfectly how to get out of it.  The action goes to the outside and it looks like Orton was going to go for a powerbomb, but The Miz reverses it and sends Orton into the corner ringpost, ringing Orton’s bell.  Randy is outside the ring until a count of 8.5, and then somehow has the energy to hit a Lou-Thesz Press, hammering in on The Miz.  The champ getting right back in on the attack in the corner, but then it’s Orton with a series of clotheslines, followed by his quick powerslam off the ropes.  Kicks to the mat, and now Orton is looking like he’s in the driver’s seat….

The champ gets back on the offensive with his backbreaker-into-a-neckbreaker that is becoming VINTAGE MIZ, but only a two count.  The Miz tries to follow up with his finisher, but Orton counters, then The Miz blocks an RKO attempt, and Orton hits an Angle Slam.

Not happy about his chances, The Miz tries to escape to get the championship belt, hoping to just get a loss by countout to help himself retain his championship, but Orton cuts him off and throws him back into the ring.  Orton takes too long outside the ring, and when Randy gets back into the ring, the Champ gets back on the offensive.

After doing some damage, The Miz again goes for his kick to the seated opponent, but Randy Orton ducks and then gets back in control.  Suspension DDT… HITS IT!  Getting set up for the RKO… and suddenly the four assistant members of The Nexus (sans-Punk) show up at ringside for the distraction.  Randy Orton helps stave them off by throwing Alex Riley into them, then he hits an RKO on The Miz, but while the referee is distracted CM Punk shows up, hits Randy Orton with a Go 2 Sleep.

Outcome – The Miz retains the belt as CM Punk places him on top of Randy Orton for an easy pinfall after Randy Orton gets taken out with the Go 2 Sleep.

Cody Rhodes issued a statement, read by Todd Grisham, and that’s a great idea.  Instead of having him showing up and basically saying the same thing he said two days ago, he gets more heat in a different way and still manages to keep the angle going.

The handicap Diva’s Championship Match is up next!

Match – Natalya (c) vs Both Members of LayCool

I suppose this is part of the reason that Teddy Long is currently on the shelf, because without Vickie Guerrero as de facto / interim General Manager of Smackdown, there’s no reason this would have to be a handicap match.

Apparently the Anonymous General Manager doesn’t like the idea of a handicap match, so he makes it a fatal fourway, including Eve Torres!

What are the odds that this is the catalyst towards the eventual breakup of LayCool?  If they both can’t be champion, this match could very easily come down to them fighting.

By the way, very happy to see Eve Torres in the ring.  Not only is she a great in-ring competitor, but she’s one of the hottest Divas in WWE today!

Almost immediately after I make that comment, we get an opportunity for McCool and Layla to fight each other, but the opportunity does last past the staredown.  Natalya gets the advantage, and that ends up with something awesome that I’ve never seen before… where Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter on TWO opponents at once – Eve Torres AND Layla!  She would’ve won the match with that, but McCool comes in with a boot to the head.  Still, very impressive!

During a crazy exchange, Eve Torres gets the upperhand on Layla, and McCool gets the upperhand on Natalya, and Eve hits the moonsault on Layla and goes for the pinfall, at the same moment that Natalya is being pinned by Michelle McCool!

Outcome – Eve Torres reclaims the Diva’s Championship, as the referee saw her pinfall attempt, not Michelle’s.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan (who I’m not going to call Danielson tonight), is talking about how it would be incredible to go from being an NXT Rookie to Main Eventing Wrestlemania.  The Bellas show up, apologize, and they say they’re alright with the situation (Bryan dating Gail Kim), because he’s more in Gail’s “League”.  Tempers flare, the ladies brawl, and the ladies have to be pulled apart.


First entrant in the Rumble:  CM Punk

Second entrant in the Rumble:  Unknown, as The Corre shows up en force, and then the New Nexus shows up and a brawl gets going.

Did one of the announcers just say “a dozen new faces are in the ring”?  Last I checked, 5+4 = 9.

The anonymous GM makes his opinion known, and apparently none of those guys is the second entrant, and he forces them backstage, warning them that anyone who doesn’t leave will be removed from the Royal Rumble.

Great comment by Matt Stryker, asking if the GM’s announcement was made in ALL CAPS, since Cole yelled the entire thing.

Entrant 2:  Daniel Bryan / American Dragon

Does anyone find it awesome that Lawler and Stryker both mentioned that both Bryan and Punk had both been in the “minor leagues” / “indies” before coming to WWE?  One of the announcers said that the internet is loving this match, and I fully agree!

Entrant 3:  Justin Gabriel

How great is this trio?!  I’d love to see a Triple Threat with these guys!

Justin Gabriel goes for his 450 splash on CM Punk, but Punk moves and Daniel Bryan eliminates him!

Entrant 4:  Zack Ryder

Ryder gets into the ring and does a great job of working over the guys.  His time in the Rumble only goes about a minute, however, as Bryan eliminates him.

Entrant 5:  William Regal

How great is it that William Regal gets to enter the match against two guys who respect him and would gladly sell for him?  He has some nice spots in the ring before he’s eventually eliminated, which I didn’t really catch.

Entrant 6: Ted DiBiase

Coincidence that the guys who are somehow associated to Daniel Bryan have made their entrances all here?  Come on…

Entrant 7:  John MOrrison

I don’t recall exactly when it was, because things are moving quick, but John Morrison with one of the craziest spots I’ve ever seen!  He gets thrown from the ring by he supports himself on the security barricade, his feet not having touched the floor, and then he pulls himself up onto the top of the barricade, then leaps to the steel steps

Entrant 8:  Yoshi Tatsu

Entrant 9:  Husky Harris

A nice spot in this match where Husky Harris squats like a sumo wrestler in the corner, with CM Punk crouched behind him, and Husky Harris dares the rest of the competitors to try to attack Punk.  They rush in and attack him, but the strategy works out well for them, as both Punk and Harris survive.

Entrant 10:  Chavo Guerrero

Just when it looks like there’s someone in the ring who Ted DiBiase could actually eliminate, Chavo Guerrero works over him, then starts the Three Amigos… only to be stopped by CM Punk… and then Chavo starts the Three Amigo suplexes on him.  That’s interrupted by Daniel Bryan, and Chavo then does the Three Amigos on him!  Great spot for Chavo… if you’re a Chavo fan.

Entrant 11:  Mark Henry

Entrant 12:  JTG

Entrant 13:  Mike McGillicutty

Did anyone find it funny that the announcers mention that 13 is lucky in this case for CM Punk, as another member of New Nexus shows up?  To find this ironic / funny, you’d have to know that Punk considers “13” his lucky number, which is why he has it tattooed on his arm.

Entrant 14:  Chris Masters

Interesting how Chris Masters enters the match to Zekiel Jackson’s theme song.  He does well when he gets there, though, nearly eliminating CM Punk (though McGillicutty helps Punk stay in the match)

Entrant 15:  David Otunga

For a moment, the look on Otunga’s face makes me think he has alterior motives… and I’m wondering if maybe at some point, he might turn his back on CM Punk and the rest of Nexus.

That definitely doesn’t happen, as Nexus goes on to eliminate everyone in the ring who isn’t a member of Nexus.

Entrant 16:  Tyler Reks

After getting worked over, then gets dominated and eliminated by Nexus.  That leads to Jerry Lawler asking who is going to be able to overcome the odds of Four Nexus members in the ring.

Entrant 17:  Vlad Kozlov

The Sambo Expert shows up, and seeing him compared to those guys just shows how big he is.  He can’t overcome four guys, and he gets eliminated by CM Punk, too.

Entrant 18:  R-Truth

Same story for R-Truth as he gets swarmed.  Matt Stryker says that Truth should’ve waited to get into the ring, and I’m tempted to make a Damien Demento reference, but I fear no one would get it.

Entrant 19:  The Great Khali

The Indian giant gets to the ring and does some good work, and he flattens every member of Nexus, eliminates Husky Harris, and gives people hope.

Entrant 20:  Mason Ryan

The newest, biggest member of Nexus shows up, and Mason Ryan eliminates The Great Khali

Entrant 21:  Booker T

The Harlem Heat member who is a former multi-time World Champion (and holder of the TNA Legend’s Championship) shows up and starts knocking suckas out…. SPINAROONI TIME!!!

As Booker T goes after CM Punk, it makes me wonder if Booker T and CM Punk talked backstage earlier tonight about how they were both in TNA for a while and made their exit to show up in WWE.  Probably not, but I’d love to hear that conversation.

CM Punk tries to eliminate Booker T, but he fails, and then Mason Ryan grabs him and throws him out.

Entrant 22:  John Cena

In disappointing fashion, John Cena simply charges the ring and starts attacking everyone.  Cena is able to eliminate Mason Ryan, then he double-clotheslines Otunga and McGillicutty… and if anyone says that it doesn’t matter how you book someone as to what kind of reaction they’re able to get from the crowd, I submit to you “Super Cena” and his ability to do what no one else can do.

Entrant 23:  Hornswoggle

Punk’s last horrah, he works over Hornswoggle a bit, but then when it comes down to Cena vs Punk, the Nexus leader joins the rest of his crew as he’s eliminated from The Rumble with an over-the-top attitude adjustment.

Entrant 24:  Tyson Kidd

Certainly a moment of the night: Hornswoggle hits the Attitude Adjustment on Tyson Kidd, and you’ll have to see the spot to fully appreciate it!

Entrant 25:  Heath Slater

After Slater gets worked over by double-teaming from Cena and Hornswoggle (it’s as odd to see as it is to type, trust me), John Cena eliminates Heath Slater, but not until Hornswoggle gets the Tadpole Splash.

Entrant 26:  Kofi Kingston

An odd moment, as Kofi and Cena try to decide what to do in the ring.  They both want to go to Wrestlemania, but they don’t look like they want to fight each other.  They do lock horns, and Kofi shows off his leaping ability by COMPLETELY leap frogging Cena a few times before hitting a big leaping elbow.  After some mounted punches in the corner, Kofi hops back down as it’s time for another opponent.

Entrant 27:  Jack Swagger

Now it’s going to get interesting again.

Swagger gets into the ring and immediately does work.  He knocks down both Kofi and John Cena, hitting his corner valuting splash on both of them (twice on Cena), and at that point, he really looked like he might go to Wrestlemania… except for the fact that the Rumble was only halfway done at that point.

Kofi Kingston takes advantage of the fact that Swagger is distracted by Hornswoggle and hits a cross body block off the top rope to knock Swagger down, only to then hit the Boom Boom Double Leg Drop on Swagger.

Entrant 28:  Sheamus

Sheamus in the ring goes to work, just like Swagger, he takes out Kofi and then takes out Cena (John getting the Urinage Back Breaker).  Then Swagger goes after Hornswoggle, but the little guy hits the Sweet Shin Music on Sheamus before Sheamus puts Hornswoggle up on the top turnbuckle.  Cena helps out the little guy and Hornswoggle tries to climb down the turnbuckles to get to the apron, but Sheamus gives him the running boot for the elimination.

Entrant 29:  Rey Mysterio

Rey gets into the ring, and it actually looks like Mysterio is going to get hit with a powerbomb from Jack Swagger, but Mysterio turns it into a headscissors, putting Swagger on the ropes, and then Rey works over Sheamus, then hits the wheelbarrow bulldog on John Cena.  Sheamus tries to get involved, but Kofi helps out.  Swagger rushes in and starts working over people, and he ends up on the apron.

Rey Mysterio eliminates Jack Swagger, who had skillfully kept himself in the ring on the apron when his feet nearly hit the ground, which had worried me, as it’s easy for something to go wrong when that happens, but I guess in this situation, it wouldn’t matter.

Entrant 30: Wade Barrett

When Barrett gets into the ring, everyone is basically on the mat already, so he just starts stomping people, then targets Kofi.  Barrett tries to hit his finishing move to eliminate Kofi Kingston, but Rey Mysterio with a nice dropkick to the leg.

John Cena tries to go after Wade Barrett, but it’s the member of The Corre who gets the advantage.  Kofi Kingston gets his hands on Wade and puts him into the corner and starts stomping away to wear him down.

Entrant 31:  Dolph Ziggler

The challenger in the first match of the night makes his entrance, and it’s funny to think that this is the first time we’ve had a 31st entrant into the Rumble, and it comes in the form of a challenger from the World TItle match from earlier… something that typically doesn’t happen.

Entrant 32: Diesel

Now I’ll admit that I marked out for this.  I knew that Kevin Nash had signed on to WWE, and that he could possibly be in the Rumble, but the fact that they called him Diesel and used his old theme music from the mid-nineties?  Awesome!

Seeing Diesel with the big boot to Rey Mysterio was crazy, but it also reminds me of the time he lawn-darted Mysterio into the production truck back in WCW during the nWo invation.

Nostalgia over.

Entrant 33:  Drew McIntyre

As The Sinister Scotsman gets into the ring and works with the Irishman, the Boston crowd is chanting “Let’s Go Diesel!”

Rey Mysterio with a 6-1-9 on Diesel, and I’m still having trouble believing what I’m seeing.  Now we just need Macho Man to be one of the entrants and life would be awesome!

Entrant 34:  Alex Riley

Unfortunately Diesel gets eliminated by Wade Barrett, and these Boston fans are NOT happy about it!  I wonder if this might be a catalyst for Nash to stick around WWE a little longer in a more official role?

Entrant 35:  Big Show

Fun moment as Big Show and Kevin Nash lock eyes as Big Show makes his entrant.  Disappointing to hear Matt Stryker mention that Big Show “towers over Diesel”, since he doesn’t.  It’s a few inches taller, and the angle the cameraman had on the exchange didn’t show ANY difference in height.

Big Show imposes himself early, as he eliminates Dolph Ziggler.  Across the ring, Kofi Kingston eliminated Alex Riley, and then Drew McIntyre was eliminated by Wade Barrett.

Entrant 36:  Ezekiel Jackson

Zeke shows up and eliminates Big Show, then we have a funny moment where The Miz compliments Alex Riley for being crafty, but it turns out that Riley is already eliminated.

Entrant 37:  Santino Marella

Santino surpasses his 1 second mark from the Rumble two years ago, but it doesn’t work well for him.  He doesn’t get eliminated yet, but he gets attacked and then he rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope.

How is it that Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson are BOTH working over John Cena, and they have him up across the top rope, and they STILL can’t eliminate him?!

Entrant 38:  Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio takes his time getting to the ring, and he’s actually still making his entrance when #39 shows up.

Entrant 39:  Randy Orton

The Viper rushes to the ring and attacks Alberto Del Rio right away, then throws him into the ring and hits an RKO.  Then an RKO on Sheamus!  Then an RKO on Kofi Kingston (after ducking a Trouble In Paradise).

Kofi thrown out by Orton!  Then Sheamus thrown out by Orton!

Staredown between Orton and Cena, with Cena pointing at the Wrestlemania sign.  The countdown timer starts to go before they can lock horns, and the burst of flames stops everyone dead in their tracks.

Final Entrant at Number 40:  Kane

How crazy is it that Kane gets to be the final entrant?  How angry are a lot of people who were predicting that Triple H was going to show up?

I don’t see Sheamus anymore, and I think he was eliminated at some point during Kane’s entrance.

Ezekiel Jackson charges in after Kane, but Kane drops down and pulls the top rope, and Zeke is gone!

Rey Mysterio with the headscissors on Kane, eliminating him!

Mysterio ends up outside the ring on the apron, and Wade Barrett eliminates Rey with a running knee to the back!

Final Four:  Wade Barrett, John Cena, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio

Orton worked over ADR, but doesn’t eliminate him.  Same with Cena on Barrett.

Cena and Orton go to work together, but neither guy gets eliminated, though Cena gets the upperhand.

With a distraction by Alex Riley, The Miz gets into the ring (from the commentary position) and eliminates John Cena!

After being told he’s eliminated, John Cena walks over and says something angrily to Michael Cole, and I’ll be looking forward to finding out what that’s all about.

Randy Orton finds a way to eliminate Wade Barrett, but Orton stays at the ropes a bit too long and Alberto Del Rio throws him over the top rope.

Alberto Del Rio thinks he got the win, but Santino Marella was outside the ring, not yet eliminated, and he gets into the ring and hits ADR with the Cobra!

The fans are going crazy, thinking that Santino is going to win, but as he tries to throw ADR out of the ring, Alberto drops down and maneuvers his hands quickly enough that he is able to eliminate Santino, thus OFFICIALLY winning the Royal Rumble.

Outcome: Alberto Del Rio is going to have a World Championship Match at Wrestlemania as he wins the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler with the line of the night:  As Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer is making the announcement, Jerry Lawler says “Can I press 1 for English?”

Stay Tuned!  I’m working on putting together some statistics for the show, as well as to integrate some polls into the article and put together that elusive “middle part” that isn’t currently there!