The day following Night Of Champions, and we’re less than two weeks away from the next pay per view – Hell In A Cell.  What does RAW have in store for us?  Who will Randy Orton’s first (and potentially LAST) challenger be?  How will John Cena respond to the way in which he was eliminated from the Six-Pack Challenge?  Have we seen the last of Chris Jericho?  Has RAW seen the last of the World Tag Team Championships for a while?  How will The Miz respond to being less than awesome at NoC against “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson)?

Let’s find out.

Randy Orton comes to the ring to bask in the afterglow of becoming World Champion again, and he’s interrupted by Sheamus, no surprise there.  Sheamus is actually claiming that Randy Orton doesn’t deserve to be champion because Orton didn’t beat him in a one-on-one match.  Didn’t Sheamus win the belt in a Fatal Fourway?  How does he reconcile his opinion with reality?

Did anyone else appreciate the fact that Sheamus smiled when it was mentioned that his match against Randy Orton would be Hell In A Cell?  Usually a guy who has been booked like Sheamus (only winning in multi-person matches, or with outside interference aiding his efforts, or retaining through disqualification or count out) would hate the idea of having to win straight-up.  The fact that Sheamus didn’t look disappointed in the slightest is a good thing, in my opinion.  He needs more credibility, regardless whether he gets the title back in the next 12 months or not.

I wonder how many people (including Sheamus) actually thought that Randy Orton was going to do anything other than hit Sheamus with an RKO when he tossed him the belt.  After what Randy Orton said, shouldn’t we have been expecting an RKO?

Fan Sign note:  Did anyone else notice the “Shelmers Glue” sign someone made, likening Sheamus to the Elmer’s Glue bottle?  Nice work.

Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov

It’s nice to see the Hart Dynasty at the commentary desk.  Continuing to give them time to be seen and heard is a good thing for the World Tag Team Championship division as a whole.

I’m not sure how many RAW viewers actually watch Smackdown, but to me it felt weird to see Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes on RAW.  I suppose while they’re champs, I may as well get used to it.

How long before Koslov takes Santino under his wing and teaches him how to wrestle?  Anyone who has seen Santino’s work prior to him starting in WWE knows he has a good “Strong Style” offense, and it could go well with his comedy stylings.  Instead, he’s just a joke… and a funny one at that.

Outcome:  McIntyre & Rhodes get the obvious win

Did anyone else think that Michael Cole’s attempts to play the “heel” on commentary seemed a bit flat?  I knew what he was going for, but it wasn’t quite working.

So we find out that John Morrison is getting a shot at Chris Jericho… but didn’t Jericho quit after losing the Six-Pack Challenge?  That’s what he had promised to do.  Shouldn’t WWE have given us some sort of explanation, instead of just saying “look at John Morrison with his lame wall-pressing push-ups, he’s going to be fighting Jericho tonight!”  They didn’t even mention Jericho’s vow to quit if he didn’t win.

What makes Zack Ryder think that Edge would want to hang out with him?  Edge has disrespected him several times over the past month or two

Why is Daniel Bryan (Danielson) wearing a wetsuit?  Is he planning on going swimming?

Does anyone else think that a year from now, we could be seeing Edge vs Bryan main event a pay per view (or at least for one of the World Title matches)?

John Morrison vs Chris Jericho

How many kids in the front row are disappointed that John Morrison decided to just drop his glasses atop the entrance ramp instead of handing them out?

Did anyone think it was weird to hear Michael Cole say that the moves John Morrison does in the ring are “revolutionary” and that people weren’t doing those things “10 or 15 years ago”, especially since 10 or 15 years ago it was Jericho (and Rey Mysterio and a few others) who really started that revolutionary style that Morrison uses?

Outcome:  John Morrison defeats Chris Jericho

Is this twice in a month that Chris Jericho has lost to John Morrison?  First he lost to relinquish his spot in the Six-Pack Challenge, and now he loses… to continue his descent into professional depression?  If Jericho decided not to quit after Night Of Champions, what’s keeping him around?
Daniel Bryan (Danielson) vs Edge (non-title match)

So The Miz says he lost to “American Dragon” because of a medical issue?  I guess that at least gives some continuity from prior to Night Of Champions when he had to duck out of his match with Bryan due to internal issues (like the fact that he has no guts?).

Outcome:  “American Dragon” defeats Edge by disqualification

Although not a quality victory, it’s nice to see “American Dragon” get a win over Edge.  It definitely strengthens Bryan as a competitor and the United States title as well.

Now that he’s the United States champion, how long until Bryan starts using his monacre “AMERICAN Dragon”?

No one else is surprised that the feud between Daniel Bryan and The Awesomes (Alex Riley & The Miz) continues, right?  Especially with just two weeks before the next pay per view and a need for a very heated match (you can’t just put two random competitors against one another inside a Hell In A Cell.

Layla vs Melina

So WWE has a championship match to unify the Womens Championship with the Diva’s Championship… only to leave us with CO-DIVAs Champions?  If thise doesn’t result in a Womens tag team division, I don’t know what will.  Wouldn’t you rather see less of each DIVA and see twice as many of them at a time?

Outcome:  Layla pins Melina

Not only is Chris Jericho staying in WWE, but now he’s going to be trying to reveal the identity of the RAW GM as well as challenging Randy Orton?  Does anyone else find that odd?

R-Truth & Eve Torres vs Maryse & Ted DiBiase

For the second week in a row, these teams battle, and the outcome is virtually the same (Eve pins Maryse instead of R-Truth getting the win over DiBiase).  And for the second week in a row, an anonymous message is relayed to Maryse and/or Ted DiBiase.  Last week it was a note in the limo, this week, the person uses the Titan Tron jumbotron with the message “I WILL HAVE YOU”.

Outcome:  The Eve Of Truth defeats Dirty Sexy Money

Is it just me, or does that make the entire heterosexual male population between the ages of 18-65 in the English-speaking world suspects (including some of the women)?

John Cena vs Nexus (Gauntlet Match)

Is this the first time WWE has ever done two straight nights with Gauntlet matches?  Last night at Night Of Champions, there was a tag team gauntlet, and this is likely the first time they’ve had a follow-up the next night.

Outcome:  John Cena runs most of the gauntlet and then wins by disqualification

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that John Cena is going to run the Gauntlet? How great would it be if they were to let Justin Gabriel beat John Cena?  That wouldn’t hurt Cena’s credibility much, Justin Gabriel wouldn’t lose his credibility, and John Cena could still be at odds with Nexus.  He and Wade Barrett could still have their match at Hell In A Cell.  Isn’t a three-man domination streak enough to make Cena still seem like a near-Superman?  Now Gabriel doesn’t look like he could beat Cena even if Cena had competed against three other guys before him.

Final Thoughts & Observations:

So it appears we have the following matches setup for Hell In A Cell:

World Championship – Orton vs Sheamus (c)
John Cena vs Wade Barrett
US Title Match – The Miz vs “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson) (c)

Is there going to be a World Tag Team Championship match at the pay per view?  Probably, but I’m not willing to predict McIntyre & Rhodes vs Hart Dynasty just yet.  Not until after Smackdown, where a different challenger might arise.

Will Chris Jericho continue to be on the active roster?  He threatened to leave, but now he appears to have some goals he wants to accomplish?

Who is going to be involved in the DiBiase / Maryse / mystery stalker angle?  Someone new?

Is RAW next week going to feel like an over-stuffed couch, trying to fit in everything they need to do to do the final build up to Hell In A Cell?

– – –

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