WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay per view was a lot better than expected, with some surprises in store for the WWE Universe.  While we’ll have to wait for Friday night to see how the saga between Kane and Undertaker continues now that Paul Bearer showed his true colors and is aligned with Kane, we’ve got some of the more intriguing fallout coming on RAW.

John Cena lost to Wade Barrett, and thus he is forced to join Nexus.  He isn’t likely to be a willing participant from the start, but what will his mindset be?  Will he out and out refuse, or will he suck it up and try to affect change from inside the group?

Will we get some insight into the identity of the “fans” from last night who helped Wade Barrett win?  Are they joining Nexus?

Who will Randy Orton be facing next?  Will it be Sheamus or another competitor?  Will there even be a World Title match at the Bragging Rights pay per view three weeks from now, or will it be replaced by some gang warfare style matches?

Now that “American Dragon” has defeated The Miz in a Submissions Count Anywhere match, will The Miz move on or will he take yet another attempt at reclaiming the United States Championship?

Alex Riley got chased off by John Morrison during the U.S. Title match last night, how much more will we be seeing of Alex Riley here tonight?

There appears to be some friction between the former Unified World Tag Team Champions, what will become of the Hart Dynasty tonight?  Will D.H. Smith still be mad that Tyson Kidd accidentally clotheslined him, causing the duo to lose to McIntyre & Rhodes last week?

Following last week’s Smackdown where RAW spoiled the SyFy debut for some of the Blue Show regulars, will any of those folks show up on RAW to try to even the score?

Those are just a few of the questions at this point, and to find out whether any or all of those questions are answered, and to see what new questions arise, let’s get RAW.

The show opens with Nexus walking out from the back… without the only member of their group who has held a WWE Championship.  Should we be surprised that John Cena wasn’t with him?  I wasn’t expecting him to be happy about joining the group, and you’d have to think that they’re going to want to give him some pomp & circumstance for his first entrance as a member of the squad.

Okay, so the identities of the two “fans” was revealed – Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris – rookies from the second “season” of NXT.  Are we supposed to believe Wade Barrett when he says he didn’t ask them to get involved in his match against Cena?  If those guys aren’t members of Nexus in the next two months, I’ll be surprised… and a bit disappointed.  What would’ve been the point?

Wade Barrett introduces John Cena – the newest member of Nexus – and probably for the first time ever, John Cena shows up without any theme music.  He looks disappointed, some might even say “distraught” about having to come to the ring to meet his fate.  Is it because they don’t appear to have one of their shirts for him to wear?  That’s what a fully fledged member of Nexus would have…

Seriously, Michael Tarver, a Nexus armband?  He couldn’t have been given a shirt?  Were you afraid he would launch a Nexus hat into the crowd?  I’ve seen the hats on WWE.com, they actually look pretty awesome.

I’ve never seen someone as disappointed about wearing a sweatband before.

If Nexus can force John Cena to read some statement just because he’s part of the group, can they make each other read statements as well?  Something tells me they’d have fun with Skip Sheffield.

When Wade Barrett announced that John Cena would be part of a tag team match against Evan Bourne and Mark Henry, it became more apparent that WWE hasn’t done much to push the tag team division.  Had they spent more time building up Bourne & Henry as friends and as friends with John Cena, we would likely see this as being a harder decision for John Cena.  He wouldn’t want to wrestle the guys who stood beside him to fight Nexus.  Instead, they focused too much on John Cena and some of the other main eventers in the angle – guys who John Cena has fought against before – and now this doesn’t seem like a heart-wrenching decision.

Match – John Cena & Michael Tarver vs Evan Bourne & Mark Henry

I realize that not many people reading this might have seen Ring of Honor before or know much about their customs, but did anyone else think that Evan Bourne might’ve had a Matt Sydal flashback when John Cena shook his hand before the match?

Should we be surprised that John Cena seems to not be interested to help Michael Tarver out in a match?  Shouldn’t Nexus have started with a one-on-one match with some reprocussions Cena would face if Cena had lost the match?  There’s no incentive for John Cena to be a good tag team partner to Michael Tarver.

I still want to know how Mark Henry (and Big Show for that matter) can stand on anyone’s chest without breaking ribs and/or sternum in the process.  Some things can be faked… other things cannot.

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne get the relatively easy victory, which should come as a shock to no one.

What should also not come as a shock to anyone is that John Cena has decided not to play nice, as he states after the match that he intends to be a member of Nexus AND against Nexus, tearing them apart from within.

Why is it that Nexus couldn’t bare to sit backstage last night and watch Wade Barrett fight John Cena, but they’re more than happy to sit back there tonight and watch John Cena try to destroy Michael Tarver with the steel steps?  They had plenty of time, and yet they sat back and did nothing.

The Anonymous General Manager, however, decided to speak on the matter… and unfortunately they have a new laptop… though we are lucky in the fact that the synthetic voice program no longer works.

John cena has his fun for one match trying to destroy Nexus from within, but the Anonymous General Manager speaks, and Cena has to play nice or else he’s fired.  Couldn’t that just provide an opportunity to renegotiate his contract?  Surely John Cena can’t be worried about the economic downturn.  He would instantly be the biggest free agent in the business.

Match – Natalya Neidhart vs Alicia Fox

Wow, in the amount of time it took me to write up the match header, the match was over with Natalya getting a submission victory with the Sharpshooter (I don’t sound like I’m complaining, do I?  Because I’m not).  If guys can have squash matches to help push someone that WWE wants us to take as credible, why shouldn’t the Diva’s have those matches too?  I’m guessing that a lot of guys would rather a Diva’s match be over more quickly than some of the guys matches.

Johnny Knoxville shows up to hype his new movie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gail Kim and Melina were the only two Diva’s on the roster interested in Jackass 3D.  Now Zack Ryder helps hype the film by getting hit by a giant gimmicked hand, straight from the movie.  At least Long Island Iced Z is getting some on-screen time.  I suppose Santino can’t be the only one used in comedic bits.

John Cena is backstage and just as he’s starting to be interviewed by “Rear View” Josh Matthews, the interview quickly ends as Cena spots McGillicutty & Husky Harris and runs off to get them.  Where do they end up?  Not coincidentally they end up in the Nexus locker room.

I don’t know if this is happening for anyone else, but this is the third time during RAW tonight that a commercial has been switched halfway through to a totally different commercial.  Something tells me some sponsors are going to be pissed.

Match – Sheamus vs “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson)

“American Dragon” has the most historic theme song in the history of the WWE (easily rivaling Flair’s “2001”), and we don’t even get to see his entrance?  That sucks.

Apparently the WWE thinks the best way to use the United States champion is to absolutely destroy him over the course of about 60 seconds.  The fact that Sheamus is disqualified doesn’t really change the fact that this was a squash of the secondary champion on RAW.  Bryan being under the rope not withstanding, it makes it seem like he’s not crafty enough to evade the attack.

I’m skipping the recap from last week where Edge destroyed the computer, and I’m also skipping the recap where we are reminded of what happened just prior the Sheamus / Bryan match.

So Edge has to apologize for destroying a computer… and the new computer is put inside the ring where it’s easily accessible for Edge to once again destroy if it’s his wish to do so?  Good thinking, GM.

Face turn in full effect as Edge announces that he’s not apologizing and he’s continuing his crusade against stupidity, and he rips on Michael Cole – further getting the fans on his side.

Big announcement time from the RAW GM:  There’s going to be a 20 man over-the-top Battle Royal to determine who gets the title shot against Randy Orton at Bragging Rights.

Possibly the bigger announcement:  a lot of people get their wish as Edge gets traded to Smackdown.  I suppose this means there won’t be anymore matches between Edge and The Great Khali.  Heartbroken.

That begs the question:  if Edge was “traded” to Smackdown, who’s coming over to RAW?  Might we figure out during the Battle Royal?

When Michael cole says that his “Cole Miners” enjoy his work, do a large portion of the inhabitants of West Virginia cringe?

The Miz shows up and doesn’t let Edge decide how to end the segment.  Is anyone else not surprised that The Miz and Michael Cole are friends of sorts?

Is this the second time Edge has made fun of someone for being an Edge-wannabe?  Could The Miz and CM Punk be any more different?

How great was Alex Riley’s line about Edge being more similar to a woman with his “long hair and pouty lips”?

Now THIS is a great way to hype up Bragging Rights, with Edge going to Smackdown and The Miz hyping the fact that they’ll likely be facing each other in whatever sort of team match might be put together for that pay per view.  Alex Riley gets speared, but The Miz gets the last laugh, and leaving things “all even” between the two is a great way to set things up.

Match – Bella Twins vs LayCool

Okay, so a Diva’s tag match, and not only are there now two Diva’s matches tonight, but the Unified Diva’s Champions are fighting in a tag match, which just makes me even more interested in seeing that championship become a tag title.  How great is it that LayCool was doing their own commentary for the match?  I can’t remember the last time i saw that.

Sidenote:  I’m starting to notice the different between the Bella Twins, and it includes a tattoo that’s hidden by one of their waistbands.

Now not only has Long Island Iced Z been hit with the Jackass big hand gag, but Ted DiBiase and Maryse get hit with it too.  Did they really think that Johnny Knoxville, one of the least shy people in the world, would’ve been the one sending notes to Maryse (or DiBiase)?

Wow, what a surprise, Ted DiBiase wasn’t happy about the gimmicky hand, and for the first time in months, DiBiase knocks someone out.  Too bad it’s a reality star and not a wrestler.

The mystery stalker reveals himself, and for the first time in a decade, Goldust does something awesome (though the “match” against William Regal the other week was pretty cool).  Apparently the object of Goldust’s affections was the Million Dollar Belt, not Ted DiBiase nor Maryse.

Does anyone else find it odd that Wwe would show Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair during the Make A Wish video package, two guys currently working for the opposition?  I wouldn’t have found it so odd were it not for the mentions of Mick Foley last week.

I’m sure that I’m mostly alone in this, but I find it frustrating that we get 5 recaps during the full episode of RAW to remind us of things that happened earlier in the night, but WWE doesn’t bother to show Smackdown recaps.

Match – #1 Contenders Battle Royal
Entrants:  John Morrison, R-Truth, Santino marella, Vladimir Koslov, Sheamus, John Cena*, Nexus (Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel)

(Cena’s music played, but he didn’t show up until Nexus made their entrance)

That’s ten guys, and I suppose we don’t get entrances for the other 10 individuals.  Through the power of a DVR pause button, I also see:  William Regal, Ted DiBiase, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Tyson Kidd, The Miz, Zack Ryder, Darren Young, D.H. Smith and Primo Colon.

Don’t forget, Wade Barrett has ordered John Cena to do whatever he can to help him win the Battle Royal.

And my prediction that the person from Smackdown traded for Edge didn’t show up in the main event Battle Royal.

Is anyone else not surprised that D.H. Smith gets eliminated early?  Seems like if The Hart Dynasty split up, he’s not likely to remain on the roster in any sort of significant role.

Why is it that while Nexus is having their little spat, none of the other guys in the ring – not even Darren Young – turn their sights on Nexus?

Is it possible that John Morrison’s elimination of The Miz was the most innovative elimination in Battle Royal history?  A springboard body scissors from the ring apron which flung The Miz over the top rope.  Crazy.

Note to future Battle Royal contestants:  if the guy you want to eliminate is standing up against the ropes, don’t rush in after them.  You’re going for a ride and it’s ending with your elimination.

The final three competitors are John Cena and Wade Barrett… and if John Cena has been helping Wade the entire match, why would it be such a difficult decision to eliminate himself?  I don’t even think Wade Barrett should’ve had to demand it.  Cena knows that his purpose in the match was to help Wade Barrett win, and final two isn’t a victory.

Part of me thought that John Cena would grab Wade Barrett and throw him over the top rope.  Not only would John Cena be a prime free agent on his own right, but to have a guaranteed title shot in three weeks at Bragging Rights would give him plenty of bargaining leverage if they were to fire him for betraying Wade Barrett.

So Randy Orton makes his one and only appearance of the night… and even though he’s not wrestling, he’s also not wearing a shirt or pants.  Why wear ring attire when you don’t have to?  Wouldn’t it be easier for Orton to have just walked out there in jeans and a tshirt and not had to change?