The second RAW following Hell In A Cell, which means we’re halfway to Bragging Rights.  There are plenty of unanswered questions leading up to the next pay per view.

Who is going to be on Team RAW for Bragging Rights?  The Miz seemed primed to be the captain, is that the case or will someone else want that spot?

Who is coming over to RAW from Smackdown, and will that individual be part of Team RAW?

Will Nexus get their own team for Bragging rights?

Is “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson) going to get some revenge on Sheamus?  Is it possible that Shelmers could be getting the shot at the United States Championship at the pay per view?

Will we ever hear more on the situation between the Hart Dynasty?  Was that just one-time friction, or will Tyson Kidd & D.H. Smith continue to split up as a team?

There’s only one RAW left after this one, which makes tonights results fairly important.

As always, if you can’t look at this article from the perspective that some of my questions are delivered with humourous intent, then this article might not be for you.  Unless you enjoy the questions regardless of their intent.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the article.

So far my leading candidate for sign of the week:  the three letter sign which basically says “You Can’t See Nexus”.  The random “Mad Dog” and “Rome” signs just don’t do it for me.  Sorry.

When Cena says he has never given up… is that the case?  I can’t remember him ever tapping out, but has it happened?  I know that’s not what he means, I’m just wondering, symanticly, if John Cena has ever tapped out in WWE.  My readers are an educated one, and I’m betting that at least three people respond with examples.

There you go, John Cena dispelling the rumor that if he doesn’t listen to Wade Barrett, he can’t just go to Smackdown after being fired.  Nice that he clears up that potential loophole.

It’s a wonder that Nexus doesn’t show up and put a stop to John Cena’s speech.  I figured they wouldn’t want to listen to him trying to gain sympathy.

So now The Miz does the interruption?  This is a bit of a surprise, but if he’s going to hold the briefcase, the WWE

New “sign of the night” candidate.  “The Miz Is More Annoying Than A Vuvuzela”.  While I’m not sure it’s possible, it is a nice World Cup reference, while not necessarily a timely one.

The Miz offers John Cena a spot on Team RAW for Bragging Rights, which I certainly didn’t see coming.  We definitely get additional insight into how The Miz works.  Apparently he knows that John Cena should be on Team RAW, and despite their differences, he’ll need Cena if they’re going to win.

Great comparison by Cena about The Miz captaining Team RAW being similar to Betty White posing for Playboy – which plenty of people would want to see but would be a terrible mistake.

So the anonymous GM speaks up, and apparently The Miz isn’t necessarily going to be the captain of Team RAW.  Did anyone else like the potential for former tag team champions Show Miz to be the captains of their respective shows?

Commercials comment:  For those of you who are seeing the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial where they get the weatherman to con the people into staying at the restaurant instead of going back to work, does it make you want to go to a restaurant when you know they might be willing to do something that could lead to you losing your job?  That said, I like BW3’s wings (and don’t ask me why a name with only two W’s is called BW3’s, but it is).

Wow, the commercial for NXT was almost like a recap for another WWE show.  This is the first time I’ve seen that sort of thing on RAW in a long time.

Match – Bragging Rights TEAM RAW Qualifier – R-Truth (w/ Eve Torres) vs Ted DiBiase (w/ Maryse)

Eve Torres can add Dancing Valet to her resume, which is better than just sitting back and doing nothing a la Gail Kim and the other non-champion Diva’s.

Is there any reason to believe that Goldust won’t be showing up during this match?  And shouldn’t they have shown us the Million Dollar belt before the match started, or mentioned where it was?  There’s an angle going on whereby Goldust wants that belt, so at least treat it like it matters to somebody.

So apparently Goldust stole the Million Dollar Belt last week.  That’s the sort of detail they should’ve mentioned during the lead up to the match, while R-Truth was doing that rapping entrance.  It may be of secondary importance, but it’s still important.

Outcome – R-Truth pins Ted DiBiase with an assist to Goldust, whose appearance atop the entrance stage provides something of a distraction.

Another show, another John Morrison entrance with the slow-mo camera, another failed opportunity to have used it for Maryse.

Nice to see John Morrison is still growing the “heel beard”.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s considered a bad guy.

Match – Bragging Rights TEAM RAW Qualifier – John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd

Apparently this match was supposed to be a triple threat, but D.H. Smith is nowhere to be found.  In all seriousness, is this a bad flashback for anyone else?  The same was said about Chris Benoit when he was supposed to be fighting for the ECW Championship the night of his death… a match which John Morrison was ultimately involved in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if D.H. Smith were to show up and cost Tyson Kidd the match.  Unless the anonymous GM was expecting the members of the Hart Dynasty to fight one another, building that opinion solely on the post-match argument they had a week or two ago, wouldn’t that have been an unfair set of circumstances for John Morrison?

Move Of The Night contender:  John Morrison goes for his second-rope springboard spin-kick, and Tyson Kidd leaps up and executes a modified Side Russian leg Sweep.

Move Of The Night contender #2:  John Morrison hits a backflip urinage on Tyson Kidd.

Outcome – John Morrison hits a phenomenal flipping urinage on Tyson Kidd, and Team RAW is already looking exactly like it did at SummerSlam, with R-Truth and John Morrison.

WWE with some nice work at keeping us guessing about what is going on with McGillicutty & Husky Harris.

Where was Michael Tarver?  Is he still injured from last week?  Was he removed from Nexus based on his inability to work together with John Cena?  And if that’s the case, wouldn’t John Cena just try a similar approach with the other members?

Clearly David Otunga doesn’t want to fight Randy Orton, and Justin Gabriel gains considerable credibility just by seeming like he actually wants to wrestle Orton.

Match – Bragging Rights TEAM RAW Qualifier – Santino Marella vs (the eventual winner) Zack Ryder (who doesn’t get an actual introduction, which makes me question my pre-match prediction)

Would anyone expect Santino OR Zack Ryder to be part of Team RAW?  I’ve enjoyed both of their matches when they actually get the chance to show what they’re capable of doing in the ring, but I didn’t think WWE would give either of these guys a chance to be in a match on PPV.

Outcome – Santino Marella successfully hits the Cobra and gets his first win that I can remember in years (though I’m guessing some of my readers remember one I’m forgetting about), and Santino gets one of the biggest pops (crowd reactions) of the past couple months (for a RAW anyway).

Wow, the WWE actually picks back up with the Santino / Tamina storyline whereby the tough female competitor apparently wants Santino.

Match – Justin Gabriel (w/ Otunga & Slater) vs Randy Orton

It looked bad for Justin Gabriel as Otunga & Slater wer sent backstage due to their very brief attempt at outside interferene, but does anyone else think that Justin Gabriel looks better in this match than he might’ve if Otunga & Slater had stayed at ringside?  Losing a close match to Randy Orton without interference is probably better than winning with lots of help.

Sign Of The Night contender:  While Justin Gabriel had a submission hold on Randy Orton, a front row fan had a sign held up, obviously meant to be directed at the referee, saying “ask him!” (referencing the fact that the referee should ask if there’s a verbal tap out to be had).

Why does Randy Orton even attempt a pinfall directly following a move other than the RKO / the punt / the elevated DDT?  I don’t know the last time he won a match with a pinfall after a move other than those.

Did Justin Gabriel just screw up the 450 splash that randy Orton was supposed to roll out of the way of, or was it meant to partially just hit Orton on the back / shoulders?  It didn’t look good, whatever it was meant to be.  The quick follow-up by Orton to hit the RKO and finish the match makes me wonder.

Outcome – Randy Orton gets the win, which I’m sure everyone figured ahead of time would happen, even before Otunga & Slater were kicked to the curb.

And so now we get the first promo I’ve ever seen for Big Show’s movie… and it actually looks decent.  Knucklehead.  I don’t believe I’ll be seeing it during its “limited engagement” in theaters (which is likely going to be a three-week thing similar to Legendary prior to hitting DVD shortly thereafter), I’ll definitely check it out on DVD.

Match – Bragging Rights TEAM RAW Qualifier – “American Dragon” vs Sheamus

Is this return match happening a lot sooner than most people thought it would’ve?  I thought maybe they’d fight at Bragging Rights, but to have them battle for a spot on Team RAW?  Unless somehow this ends in a double countout or double DQ or something similar, it looks like it’s a short feud.

If Sheamus loses this match, will all of his fans claim that he’s in the dog house?

If “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson) loses this match, will all of his fans claim that he’s soon to be fired?

How did Michael Cole miss out on such an easy verbal “spike” opportunity when Lawler said that Bryan had been hit so hard that his kids would be born dizzy.  Wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity for Michael Cole to say something about Bryan being a lame virgin or something like that.

Outcome – Sheamus gets the win with the big kick, but Bryan looks great in the process.

Why isn’t Wade Barrett forcing John Cena to wear a Nexus shirt?  They could make him a special version with a purple “N” inside the gold square.

It’s funny to see R-Truth say that he and John Cena have been friends for a long time.  R-Truth was actually saying he wanted to return to WWE so he could rap battle Cena.

Can R-Truth not read?  He’s telling John Cena that he could just quit… but clearly while John Cena is wearing the “Never Give Up” shirt, he doesn’t intend on ever quitting.  In fact, wasn’t that part of Cena’s speil in the opening segment?  Was R-Truth not watching?

So we finally find out, officially, who the replacement for Edge is, and I couldn’t be happier with CM Punk on RAW.  He was a huge part of the reason I watched Smackdown, but I’m at the point now where I watch Smackdown regardless, so this is just more reason for me to love RAW (which frankly needed a little help)

Match – Bragging Rights TEAM RAW Qualifier – Evan Bourne vs CM Punk

Loving the potential for this match – both now and in the future when it eventually happens again.

YES!  Michael Cole refers to Smackdown as “Team Blue”!  I think he read my article from last Friday’s Smackdown.

Outcome – CM Punk gets the win with the Go2Sleep

Didn’t Evan Bourne watch the Gabriel vs Orton match?  The corner he tried to do the Shooting Star Press from was cursed.  I’m not surprised at all that he missed the move and it ended up costing him the match.  Not after seeing Gabriel fall to defeat after trying his 450 off that turnbuckle.

Uh oh, CM Punk with the post-match beatdown, and is anyone else thinking this is going to be over-turned?  Is anyone else wondering why Mark Henry isn’t showing up to help out his tag team partner?  Neither occurred.

Natalya Neidhart talks about how she’s going to be winning the Diva’s championship at Bragging Rights (which I refuse to call “Unified” while there are still two belts), and she’s interrupted by LayCool.

How great was the Photoshop work “by LayCool” to give Natalya the Neidhart facial hair?

Did LayCool just add “Jealous Much” to their list of catchphrases?  Seems like I just heard that on Community from last week from the hot Gillian Jacobs and the uber-hot Alison Brie.

I bet Gail Kim is more than happy to show up and help attack LayCool.  It’s almost like wrestling, which I haven’t seen her do on RAW in a very long time.  Think she’s happy about having left TNA, where she was one of the top Knockouts?  Doubtful.

Speaking of TNA, I did a couple of articles on their “flagship” event – Bound For Glory – which occurred the night before RAW (Sunday, October 10th, since I can’t say “last night” when some of you will be reading this on Tuesday and Wednesday).  Give it a read on (if you’re not there already).

Match – No Disqualification – Bragging Rights TEAM RAW Qualifier – The Miz (with Alex Riley) vs John Cena

If this match is No DQ, why would Alex Riley ever stop being involved?  I don’t think Nexus wants John Cena to win this match, so they’re not likely to get involved on his behalf.  Wade Barrett wants John Cena to be focused on helping him beat Randy Orton at Bragging Rights, not on Team RAW.  If anything, I would think that maybe R-Truth could show up to help Cena.

If John Cena wanted to put Alex Riley in either of his finishing moves, why not hit the Attitude Adjustment instead of the STF?  Quicker, doesn’t force him to change his focus, and it leads to something of a knockout.

Outcome – John Cena loses to The Miz with some outside involvement from McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

Does anyone think that maybe the jeans & black dress shirt from Alex Riley / McGillicutty / Husky Harris should be something of a sign that THOSE GUYS are aligned, not necessarily Harris / McGillicutty with Nexus?

So Wade Barrett is going to let McGuillicutty & Harris into Nexus IF they can beat John Cena and Randy Orton in a tag match next week?  I guess that’s a fairly decent tryout match for those two, but I still like the idea of a four-man stable lead by The Miz involving those two guys and Alex Riley.

What better way to end RAW than to have Wade Barrett mock John Cena with a “You Can’t See Me”.  Now things are getting personal.  You don’t mock a guy with his own catchphrase / hand signal.