Only 360 days left until WrestleMania 28, and WOW, are there tons of questions to be answered or WHAT?

In all seriousness, last night’s event left a lot of people shaking their heads about various issues or wondering what comes next.  As always, GuysNation is here to help clear things up and give our perspective on the events of tonight’s RAW as it happens… LIVE!

Triple H failed to defeat the Undertaker last night, but he quite possibly took the Dead Man beyond his limits.  He vowed to die trying to break the streak, so how does that sync up with the fact that he tapped out to ‘Taker last night?  Will he retire?  Will he and Sheamus lock up again?  It could be Triple H’s one opportunity to have a legitimate reason to target the United States Championship, which, to my knowledge, has escaped Triple H during his prestigious career.

The Rock played a huge role in the outcome of the World Title main event match.  How will John Cena respond?  Will The Rock be there to explain himself or answer Cena’s criticism?

Would The Miz allow Cena to be his next challenger?  Does Cena deserve a rematch? How will the Anonymous General Manager view the situation?

Speaking of the Anonymous General Manager, a lot of people felt that the decision to disqualify Jerry Lawler last night and overturn Stone Cold’s decision was unfair.  What will the GM have to say for himself (or herself)?  Will their identity finally be revealed?

WWE sometimes likes to give Wrestlemania rematches in the weeks following WrestleMania, will we see any of those?  We didn’t even get to see Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the United States Championship, so that would be my vote, but I could see them put Randy Orton and CM Punk back in the ring with one another tonight.

All those questions and more will be answered in the coming weeks, some things potentially we might find out about tonight.

Apparently John Cena is going to call out The Rock tonight, and apparently The Rock will be there to face him!

That’s not the only big news… JIM ROSS is on commentary and Michael Cole is nowhere in sight!

Starting out the show is a man whose efforts resulted in a loss to The Undertaker last night.  How is Triple H going to respond to becoming #19 in Undertaker’s streak?  We’re about to find out.

Triple H admits to being bruised, battered and tired from last night.  He admitted to being nervous last night.  He even admitted to having wrestled Undertaker at Wrestlemania before.  I guess it’s Monday Night Confessional.

Addressing the fact that some people think Undertaker won’t be back for another match, Triple H says that he believes Undertaker will return for another WrestleMania, and Trips says he’d like to be there to have another shot a year from now.

I hope not.  The Undertaker needs to retire with the streak in tact.  Not only do I not want to see HHH vs ‘Taker for a third time, but I have the feeling that another Wrestlemania Rematch, happening at WrestleMania 28, would result in HHH ending The Streak.

Michael Cole is the next person to show up, and he’s proud of his performance last night.  He says everyone is talking about his performance last night, and he’s claiming that because he’s undefeated at WrestleMania, he’s taking Shawn Michaels’ spot as Mr Wrestlemania!

Wouldn’t The Undertaker have that spot?

Amidst his speech, Michael Cole asks Jerry Lawler for a rematch, which Lawler agrees to, and then Cole clarifies that he was talking about a Swagger v Lawler rematch from last week’s RAW.  For some reason I think this is going to result in Michael Cole doing commentary with Jim Ross for the remainder of RAW tonight, and I’m not looking forward to that prospect.

Match – Jack Swagger vs Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler certainly holding his own in this contest, but the way they’re talking about Jack Swagger, you’d think they might have big plans for him. If that means Michael Cole is going to be his manager and no longer a member of the announce team, I’m all for it.

Jerry Lawler gets set to do the falling fistdrop onto Jack Swagger, and when Michael Cole gets up onto the apron, Lawler changes his priorities and inexplicably goes after Cole.  That gives Swagger enough time to get up and lock in the ankle lock… which he doesn’t release even as the bell rings.

Outcome – Jerry Lawler wins as the referee reverses his decision when Jack Swagger doesn’t release the hold.

After the match, Michael Cole gets upset and feels that Jim Ross is laughing at him, so he sprays BBQ sauce all over JR.  He even claims that JR is sitting in his seat, despite Cole having sat in the protective bubble instead of the announce table for the past month.

As Jim Ross chased Cole backstage, did anyone else think that Jim Ross looked REALLY pissed, not just acting?  I think Cole got him in the eye with the sauce squirt, and I’d be pissed too!

Coming back from commercial, and unfortunately Jim Ross is being replaced on commentary by Michael Cole.  At least Josh Mathews and Booker T will be doing most of the heavy lifting.

Match – Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk & Cody Rhodes

I REALLY like the booking of this match!  Not only does it give us continuance of hings from last night’s event, but the teammates have faced one another at past Wrestlemanias.  Randy Orton faced Cody Rhodes last year, and also on that card was Mysterio vs CM Punk!

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When CM Punk had Randy Orton above his head in position to hit the Go2Sleep, was anyone else thinking that wrestlers often take WAY too long for moves they could hit rather quickly?  Wasted opportunity…

Is anyone else thinking that CM Punk and Cody Rhodes make a great team?  I prefer them as singles competitors, but the pairing is fantastic, and if there’s ever a month where they have to find something else to do so they can be on pay per view, I’d love to see them come back together.

The next time Randy Orton is in a match, I’m just going to assume he’s going to win unless he’s been in control for almost the entire time.

Outcome – Randy Orton hits the RKO after Mysterio hits the 6-1-9 to pin Cody Rhodes

I know a lot of people like to draw parallels between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Orton, but if Stone Cold were in this match, he would’ve hit Mysterio with a Stunner after their hands were raised.

Backstage, Stone Cold finds Triple H and congratulates him on last night’s match against Undertaker.

After the commercial, guess who hits the ring?  I’ll give you a hint, he’s got two middle fingers and loves to pour beer over people for a laugh.

Stone Cold hits the ring and he asks the live crowd if they’re ready for Tough Enough… but technically won’t they be on their way home while Tough Enough is being shown immediately after RAW?

Was anyone else thinking that WWE NXT typically airs on a different night and is taped before RAW?

I’m not reviewing the segment where Tough Enough contestants are introduced.  Maybe I’ll cover it if/when I do my review of Tough Enough.  Hopefully a few of them won’t still be here.

Before Austin is done speaking, he’s interrupted by The Miz, who’s still holding the World Championship… and is wearing a bright red ascot tie.  Despite needing help from The Rock to retain the World title last night, the live Atlanta crowd is cheering The Miz after almost everything he says.

Did The Miz just throw out a challenge to Stone Cold by asking him if he had one more run in him?  The crowd seems to want to see it, but I have my doubts whether The Miz would actually give him the opportunity, despite the fact that he’s offering to clear the ring and do it right then and there.

I smell a Stunner coming…

Whoa… Austin says to clear the ring… but Alex Riley didn’t listen.  The Miz gets a cheapshot, Alex Riley starts working over Stone Cold in the corner, but then Austin turns the tables and starts stomping a mudhole in A-Ri and walking it dry.  Just when it looked like we were going to get that Stunner, Riley made a comeback, but it was fleeting.  When he got back to his feet after taking a pounding… STUNNER!  Riley escapes, Austin gets beers, and he starts throwing them to the Tough Enough kids all around the ring (aside from hard-side / camera-side).  Austin cracks a couple open with the newbies, and I’m surprised that none of them got a Stunner for their troubles, especially the big dude with the afro.

Austin did, however, go over and threw some beer at Michael Cole, which was great.  I’m sure part of that was because of what he did to JR with the BBQ sauce.

Match – Alberto Del Rio vs Evan Bourne

ADR makes his entrance without the assistance of an automobile, and I’m guessing that this is going to be the new trend.

Does Evan Bourne actually have a legit shot in this match?

Spot of the night so far: Evan Bourne brings his legs up in the corner to catch ADR who is charging in on the attack, flips backwards up onto the top rope, but before he can keep on the offensive, Bourne gets kicked in the head by Alberto Del Rio, who hops up to the top rope and boots Evan in the head.

Outcome – ADR gets the win with the cross-arm breaker submission

Want that DX DVD?

When Vickie Guerrero interrupted Michael Cole’s rambling after the WWE Axxes video, was anyone else torn about possibly being happy about seeing Vickie?

Dolph Ziggler challenges for something of a rematch from last night, wanting a mixed tag match where he’ll team up with Vickie Guerrero against John Morrison and Trish Stratus.

If this match is starting at 10:38 and there’s still the advertised encounter between Cena and The Rock remaining, does that mean this is the final match of the evening?  Not quite the main event I was thinking about, but I’m happy to see Trish Stratus again!

Match – John Morrison & Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

How great was it when Vickie Guerrero tried (and failed) to do the cartwheel?  She’s actually becoming fairly entertaining as a comedy act.
With this match lasting about 4 minutes, I want to stop hearing TNA Haters talk about how short TNA Impact matches are!  In fact, I’ll reference last night’s 8-man tag as evidence of that, too.  I don’t know how long last night’s match involving SNOOKI was, but it didn’t seem to be much more than 4 minutes either (John Morrison didn’t even get into the ring for that match)!

Outcome – John Morrison pins Dolph Ziggler with the Starship Pain

Oh good, we’re getting an additional match on the card!

United States Championship Match – Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (c)

Is anyone else thinking that Sheamus is definitely going to be winning this match, after finding out that Sheamus got new red, white and blue ring attire to celebrate the fact that he’s United States Champion?  It would be a huge waste if he were to just lose this match… and I don’t think Daniel Bryan would just end up wearing it.

Just like a few months ago before Sheamus won King Of The Ring, he’s basically dominating Daniel Bryan.  American Dragon makes a bit of a comeback, but it doesn’t last long.

After Daniel Bryan sustains a few weakening holds, he does get a second win and gets back on the offensive, but just when he’s set to go for the LaBell Lock, Bryan gets the tables turned on him once again and Sheamus puts an end to things.

Outcome – Sheamus wins the match by pinfall

Once the bell has rung, Sheamus starts beating down Daniel Bryan, but Sin Cara shows up and makes his debut, rushing the isle and diving into the ring.  His attack is fast and furious and he takes Sheamus out of the ring and then does a huge splash from the top rope, coming crashing down onto Sheamus before leaving the ringside area.

Is anyone else drooling at the idea of seeing Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara as a top contenders match for the chance to fight Sheamus?

John Cena’s music hits, his Confederate Flag style graphic shows up on the Titan Tron and side screens, and he’s got something to say to The Rock.  Will The Rock be there?  We’ve been lead to believe he will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not.

So we’re apparently not going to get any complaints from John Cena.  He congratulates The Miz for being able to walk into the Main Event of Wrestlemania as the champion and still walk out of the match with the belt still in his hands.  Cena does make the point that The Miz would’ve retained last night even if The Rock hadn’t intervened to restart the match.

John says that he and The Rock have business to settle, and since The Rock is in attendance, John wants him to show up and get down to business.

The Rock makes everyone wait, and I think he’s doing it just to piss off Stone Cold, because the longer The Rock waits, the further back it pushes Tough Enough, which means some DVR folks who didn’t set an over-run won’t get to see the ending.

The Rock gets into the ring, he wastes more time by milking the crowd’s response with multiple turnbuckle climbing, and then he stands face to face with Cena.

Even with a mic in The Rock’s hands and things looking to get started, the fans cause a delay with a “FRUITY PEBBLES” chant.

The Rock finally speaks up, saying John Cena had it coming after what Cena did last week when he gave The Rock an Attitude Adjustment.

The Rock says he does RESPECT John Cena, because he knows what John has done, and he knows how dedicated Cena is to the WWE.  He calls John Cena one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time.  The Rock doesn’t like John Cena though.

The Rock points out their differences, but he says they’re similar in the fact that they’re both electrifying.  The Rock throws out some insults, and John Cena says the time for talk is over… and what the fans want is a match: John Cena vs The Rock

Wrestlemania 28 is 360 days away, and there are 51 episodes of RAW left… can they stretch it that far?

The Rock says he’ll definitely have a match, but he wants it to be historic… and he wants to wait for Wrestlemania 28, which just happens to be in The Rock’s hometown of Miami.

This could be a good opportunity for John Cena.  He won’t need to worry about winning The Royal Rumble.  He won’t have to worry about his dance card not being filled for the event…

They shake hands, and this is going to go down in history as the longest buid up to a single match in WWE history.

For whatever reason, The Corre storms the ringside, and John Cena is forced into one corner, with The Rock pushed into a different corner.  The Rock is the first to fight back, as he takes out his two opponents.  John Cena does the same, then he hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.  The Rock then sets up Wade Barrett and he hits the People’s Elbow.

Cena and The Rock meet back up in the middle of the ring after Cena gives Heath Slater an Attitude Adjustment and The Rock delivers a Rock Bottom to Wade Barrett… and with this WrestleMania 28 Meeting Of Legends having to wait 360+ days, this could be an absurdly long year.

Another handshake, another staredown, and I’m left to just shake my head.

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