Tonight, the wrestling landscape changes the likes of which we haven’t seen since… since… the last time WWE had a draft, which I believe was last year… or at least the year before that.

Who will move from one show to another? Whose career will get a boost based on being told they are to travel with other men on a different tour with better opportunities? Who will have their careers put on the decline because they’re moved to a show which includes better talent that will take their spot? Whose spot will be over-taken when a budding new competitor leaps to their show?

Whose careers will stay the same level but will have new potential feuding partners with whom to possibly spar leading to a pay per view?

Tonight, WWE Draft! Can you feel the excitement?

Amongst the unknowns, how will it be decide who switches shows? Will they use the past method off having cross-brand matches where the winner gets their show a draft pick?

Will tomorrow’s compensatory draft… Oh, sorry, let’s not talk about tomorrow… let’s just talk about tonight and let tomorrow’s mid-card switches handle themselves.

It’s time to get RAW!!

The night begins with a 20-man over-the-top Battle Royal, and whichever show wins the match, they get the first draft pick of the evening!

Battle Royal

First eliminated is Kane, by a combination of Kozlov, Evan Bourne and Sheamus.

I’m sure I won’t catch all of the eliminations, but I’m going to try my best.

Thus far the guys from the same show are working together a bit… and the crew from Smackdown eliminate The Great Khali, who I actually thought was on Smackdown, aside from his red shirt.

Interesting to see Sheamus and Wade Barrett battle for a moment, as they’re the two mid-card champions at current.

Kozlov has been eliminated, and I’m doing as well as the announcers, as I didn’t see who eliminated him, not even during the replay.

Evan Bourne and Mark Henry work together and eliminate Zeke Jackson, and it should only be a matter of time before those guys form an actual tag team that gets a legitimate push.

Heath Slater is eliminated… and that was fairly obvious.  Surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Chris Masters somehow eliminates himself, and I somehow think that was a mistake.

Wade Barrett eliminated by Ted DiBiase, and that’s the closest thing DiBiase has had to a win since Maryse became his manager… and shortly thereafter he’s eliminate.

Mark Henry eliminates himself and Brodus Clay as they both fall over the top rope.

Yoshi Tatsu is gone, and I’m surprised he lasted that long.

Sheamus gets eliminated by Drew McIntyre, and then Santino tries to eliminate Drew… and they hit the commercial!

When we come back from commercial, things are a little harder to follow, but there is one spot I wanted to cover. Santino goes over the top rope but stays on the apron, and when he tries to hit Big Show with The Cobra, Show blocks it, turns Marella’s hand around and drills Santino with the Cobra strike, causing Santino to fall to the floor.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston with a fun little back and forth spot where they both try to make an elimination and dodge being thrown out.  Then Big Show gets involved with Evan Bourne and LAUNCHES him over the top rope.

Show eliminates Mason Ryan, and Smackdown gets the win in the match and get the first pick of the night.

Who are they going to get?

I’m pulling for it being Daniel Bryan, but I’m biased because I predicted he would switch shows in my WWE Draft article.


And it is…

John Cena!

Now, I did predict that he was one name who wouldn’t be switching shows, and just like Triple H a few years ago, I think Cena might end up coming back to RAW in some sort of a trade. If he stays on Smackdown, this could be very VERY interesting for Friday nights!

Cena gets interviewed, and he seems okay with the idea that he’s going to Smackdown and he reminds us that he’s going to have the chance to take the belt with him to Smackdown. The Miz seems happy that Cena won’t be around after Sunday night. I guess he’s overlooking the fact that it might be tough for him to get a rematch if Cena is on the Blue show.

I suppose The Miz might go to the Blue Show before the night is over as well.

We get a recap of last week’s RAW where John Morrison worms his way into R-Truth’s spot in the main event at the pay per view and then Truth makes a Killing (that’s right) and takes out John Morrison. Is the leather-pants wearing bearded one going to be healthy enough to compete on Sunday?

R-Truth gets some mic time, so we’re about to find out!

Truth says it’s the fans fault that Morrison took his spot last week because they made him accept the match because he has always done what they wanted him to do. He wants those voices in his head to shut up, and now he’s living for himself and he’s going to do what he wants to do… and being selfish apparently feels good.

What doesn’t feel good is the beating R-Truth got from John Morrison… but at least he was nice enough to let Truth run through all his reasons and talk some trash before he interrupted Truth. Very polite for a guy who got his head bashed in last week.

Next week, live from Miami, The Rock is going to be on RAW, and this is two weeks in a row where RAW is a huge show… and unless I’m mistaken, John Cena’s not scheduled to be in attendance. It is The Rock’s birthday that night, so maybe Cena will be there just to celebrate.

Another creepy promo from the woman formerly known as Awesome Kong, and she pops the head off of another doll. This time we see her face, and apparently she’s being called “KHARMA”, with “HARM” highlighted in the middle of her name.

Match – Eve Torres vs Layla

The hotter member of LayCool comes to the ring alone, and her lesser attractive partner Michelle McCool walks to the announce table, and you know they’ll be interacting before they head backstage, as Layla got thrown into a couch on Smackdown.

McCool didn’t stay at the announce table, and neither did Michael Cole (whose name sounds a lot like Michelle McCool).

Cole talks all over the action and we barely see that Eve Torres rolls up Layla with a school-girl pinfall.

Outcome – Eve Torres wins by pinfall

After Cole is done with his stupid schtick, Layla exits the ring, McCool tries to pie face her, but Layla beats her ass about half as well as R-Truth last week, which is to say she actually did a pretty damn good job.

Draft pick time.  And RAW gets…

Rey Mysterio!!!

So now that’s TWO guys who I said would never change shows, and I could see Cena and Rey being parts of a trade which keep them “home”.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Mysterio on RAW would be a terrible thing, given his heat with Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes and tag team chemistry with Big Show.

Jim Ross is warming up backstage, and while my initial understanding was that there was going to be a segment, I suppose he and Michael Cole are going to have a match.

With reaction to that last draft pick, Cody Rhodes gets interviewed backstage, and Rhodes promises to give Rey a “Going Away” present through their match at Extreme Rules on Sunday.  That gift: anesthesiologist mask prior to surgery when he sends Rey to the hospital six nights from now.  Good promo from Cody if you didn’t see it. This is one case I’ll actually appreciate a RAW Recap during the Blue Show.

Match – Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston

In a moderately quick match which sees some quick stuff back and forth before Kofi pulls out the victory with his flashy kick to the head.

Outcome – Kofi Kingston wins by pinfall after Trouble in Paradise

Smackdown gets another draft pick, and it’s…

Randy Orton!!

Okay, so RAW is getting robbed, and you’d have to think that there’s going to be some sort of trade, because there’s no way that Orton and Cena will both be on Smackdown.

Orton gets out onto the entrance stage, and he looks almost sick when he looks at the Smackdown shirt.  Talk about “wind out of his sails”…

Next is the Jim Ross vs Michael Cole match… so which one of those guys represents RAW in the battle for draft picks?

Match – Michael Cole vs Jim Ross

Cole wastes a ton of time and he barely even squares up with Jim Ross. When they do meet, Ross shoves him backwards, so Jack Swagger gets a stool and takes a time-out so Cole can take a drink of water. I guess he won’t be making fun of R-Truth for drinking water during a match ever again.

After his timeout, Cole gets up and tries to slam JR, but he can’t, and JR falls down onto him and then does some mounted punches. Cole tries to escape, Lawler throws him back into the ring, and then Swagger takes out Lawler. Seeing that things are hopeless for Cole in the ring, Swagger then gets in and pushes Jim Ross aside.

Outcome – Jim Ross wins by DQ

After the match, Swagger puts the ankle lock on JR, then takes off JR’s belt and whips him with it until Lawler shows up to fight off the bad guys. Lawler then gets the belt and Cole beggs off, tries to escape, and Lawler wails away on him, leaving Cole to run away scalded.

But the Anonymous General Manager speaks up, and Josh Mathews gets to read the message…

“This Sunday at Extreme Rules, JR & Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole & Jack Swagger will be a Country Whipping match”

At some point during the match, Jim Ross bloodied up his knuckles, and I’m interested to hear more about what happened there… and how many stitches JR needs.

Backstage, The Miz gets interviewed, and he’s not happy about The Rock getting a birthday party next week, and he plans to ruin the celebration, since he plans to retain the title.

Match – two draft picks on the line – Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

How weird is it that Orton is representing Smackdown and Ziggler is representing RAW?

Does anyone else think Ziggler looks like a completely different person with that different haircut? He looks generic, yet more credible…

Am I the only one who’s really surprised that Ziggler is firmly in control of the match and Orton nearly got counted out?

Would you be surprised if Ziggler gets another offensive move the entire remainder of the match?

Thirty seconds later, the closest Zigs got to a move is kicking out of a pinfall attempt.

Oh, wait, a defensive offensive move as he gets a boot up in the corner as Orton rushes in.

As Randy grows out his beard, is anyone else thinking he’s on his way towards looking like CM Punk?

Vickie provides a small bit of distraction, but Orton battles through it and an RKO is quick to follow.

Outcome – Randy Orton gets the win by pinfall

And the draft picks are…

CM Punk…

…interrupts! No, he’s not a draft pick, he interrupts the announcement, and he talks all about how he’s going to beat the hell out of Randy Orton on Sunday.

Orton says he’s going to put Punk unconscious after Sunday, as Orton plans to be the Last Man Standing.

Good for him.

Random Sidenote: Anyone else think that WWE picked Red And Blue for their show colors because, on nights like this, we can watch in 3D?

And here we go with the draft picks…

commercial time!

Seriously? Were they worried we’d change the channel if we found out who the draft picks were BEFORE the commercial?

Here are the two draft picks….

Mark Henry…

and Sin Cara!

If Sin Cara is going to Smackdown, maybe Rey Mysterio WILL be on RAW! I’d be surprised if they were both on the same show, though I guess that could happen.

And so much for Mark Henry and Evan Bourne teaming up. I guess maybe tomorrow’s supplemental draft could change that.

Match – for two draft picks – Wade Barrett vs Rey Mysterio

Yet again we have two guys squaring off who used to be on the same show when the night began. My money is on Mysterio, with some probable outside interference from someone in The Corre.

The announcers talked about this match as if Wade Barrett controlled the offense for the most part, but it was actually a fairly even contest… and there was no outside interference.

Outcome – Rey Mysterio wins cleanly by pinfall with a splash from the top rope.

What are the odds that Cody Rhodes comes to RAW?

The first draft pick….?

Big Show! That’s a big name coming to RAW, but I haven’t seen a show bank on him in a while. It could be cool to have him fighting for the World Title… though he is one half of the tag champs right now.

The second pick…. Alberto Del Rio!

Backstage, Del Rio doesn’t look happy about something… or at least it doesn’t seem like he is. Brodus Clay just wants to know what happens to him, and I’m thinking that with all the talent Smackdown has received tonight, they’ll be willing to give away the second coming of King Kong Bundy for free.

Teddy Long shows up to announce the main event

Six Man Tag Match – CM Punk / Alberto Del Rio / The Miz vs John Cena / Mark Henry / Christian

Well, it’s three Smackdown guys against three RAW guys, but it’s not exactly the mix I would’ve predicted to start the show.

Mark Henry smiling ear to ear as he comes to the ring… does he know he’ll be getting more television time now that he’s going to a show which has time for him? A Cody Rhodes v Mark Henry feud could be alright.

John Cena saluting… goodbye?

Is it ironic that for the first time that John Cena has ever had a red shirt, he gets drafted away from the Red Show over to Blue Show Smackdown?

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t Christian’s shirt look like a much different shade of blue than what Mark Henry is wearing? I guess so long as it’s just some shade, it doesn’t really matter.

Any chance that Christian and John Cena realize that they might be fighting each other for the World Title a month from now? I guess maybe Cena’s betting on ADR…

Or maybe he thinks they’ll both walk out of Extreme Rules with championship gold?

How in the world doesn’t it crush CM Punk’s internal organs when Mark Henry legit steps on his gut? Even if Henry was releaving half his body weight by pushing down on the ropes, that’s still 200 pounds!

Just when I thought the main event was going to end in predictable fashion, Mark Henry makes a heel turn and attacks Cena? First R-Truth and now The Silverback? I could go for a good Mark Henry heel run!

Outcome – The Miz pins John Cena after the Skull Crushing Finale

Draft pick…

John Cena comes BACK to RAW!

So far as I remember, that’s a first! I always wondered if people were able to be drafted back, and I guess so!

Now THIS seems more like the WWE drafts I remember where Smackdown gets some of their guys ripped and RAW doesn’t give up too much.

The polls are on their way!