It’s Monday night, time for WWE’s flagship show, and I never thought I would be saying this, but R-Truth is your top contender for the World Championship.

Well, yeah, John Cena is the co-owner of that spot, but it’s still puzzling to me how R-Truth got into this position after being left off of most of the pay per view of the past year, but it is what it is and we’ll make the most of it!

What are the odds that they bring up the fact that Cena and R-Truth had a bunch of backstage segments when Cena was being forced to be a member of Nexus? Will they bring up the fact that they were sold to us as being “friends” back then?

How about a rap battle? Before coming to WWE, Ron Killings of TNA Wrestling talked about how Cena was a phony and he’d battle him any day.

RAW is coming from the O2 Arena in London tonight, so the crowd will be raucous, providing an entertainment of their own.  How good will the show be for our British friends?

Let’s find out!

R-Truth starts off the show, and oddly enough he’s getting a really good response from the crowd, even when he’s not playing sing-along.

He talks all about how he went through a bunch of problems along the way, but now his only problem is having to win a match for the WWE Championship. He says he’s not perfect, but he is going to walk out of the ppv with the WWE Championship. Truth says he’s going to be a fighting champion when he gets the belt… and if I’m Zack Ryder, I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up, because there’s no way Truth is coming out of the pay per view with the belt.

John Morrison, the former tag partner of R-Truth, shows up and Truth looks happy to see his old friend coming.  They high-five, hug, and I’m not convinced that Morrison is on the level about being happy for Truth’s situation.

Apparently Morrison thinks Truth was lucky to get to the end of the match, and Truth reminds everyone that he went through THREE competitors to get to that spot.  Morrison slags on him for having to take a drink of water between matches two and three.  Truth takes off his jacket and looks ready to fight, Morrison goads him a little bit, and Truth says he realizes John is trying to pull him into a match with Truth’s spot on the line.  Morrison pushes the issue, and Truth says he’ll do it and makes a joke about needing a drink of water and a cigarette.

Did anyone else catch the mention from Morrison about having the DRAFT next week? That’s a big deal, and they just drop it as a quick comment halfway through a promo? Lame.

Match – John Morrison vs R-Truth

After some decent wrestling, Truth exits the ring and gets a water bottle.  They goof around a little bit and then it’s commercial time.

The match itself had some fairly decent spots, including R-Truth going for a vertical suplex, Morrison reversing it mid-air, only for Truth to turn it into a stunner type move.

Outcome – John Morrison gets the win by pinfall after the Starship Pain

After the match, while Morrison is celebrating, R-Truth violently pulls him down off the turnbuckle, right onto the back of his head.  Instead of John Morrison starting to go heel in all of this, R-Truth gets the honor, as he follows up the slam from the turnbuckle with a sick running knee which sends Morrison to the outside.  When Morrison crawls over near the security barricade, Truth again hits him with a running knee.  After thinking about what he has done, R-Truth gets in Morrison’s face and half yells at him, half apologizes, and he helps Morrison up to his feet, only to throw him back down to the arena floor.

Anyone else really impressed with R-Truth during the first 20 minutes of the show?  I’m at the point now where I hope he ends up in the ppv main event.

In something I don’t recall ever seeing before, R-Truth lights up a cigarette in the arena and smokes while the fans chant about how it’s illegal to light up in public.

Evan Bourne in the ring, ready for a match, and Vickie Guerrero shows up to introduce her business associate, the “new and improved” Dolph Ziggler, who got himself a haircut and now looks a little bit like Cody Rhodes with a similar haircut – dyed brown (or no longer dyed blonde).

Match – Evan Bourne vs Dolph Ziggler

Before things even get started, Vickie gets in Bourne’s face, and he looks visibly frustrated by it.

In what I thought would be a squash match, it was actually fairly evenly matched, and Evan Bourne actually setup to hit Air Bourne, though Ziggler rolled aside before it could connect.

Outcome – Ziggler surprised Bourne after a missed Air Bourne attempt and hit him with the Zig Zag for the pinfall.

After a quick promo for WWE All Stars, we find out that Michael Cole is going to be “knighted” tonight by “the Queen”.

The Miz shows up and complains about how his match at Lockdown, I mean Extreme Rules, is a cage match, and all of his preparation went to waste because he has been preparing for R-Truth, and now that went to waste because John Morrison now has the spot.

Does anyone else think that John Morrison and R-Truth are similar enough that The Miz should be thankful Truth wasn’t challenged by anyone else in WWE?

The Miz gets a chair courtesy of Alex Riley and says he’ll sit in the ring until the Anonymous GM makes things right.

Back from commercial, The Miz gives his catchphrase and then Sin Cara shows up, as he has a match with Alex Riley.  While Sin Cara stands in the ring across from The Miz and Alex Riley, John Cena rushes the ring, and of course the Anonymous GM turns it into a tag match.

If The Miz didn’t want to be thrown into random matches, maybe he shouldn’t wear his ring attire during promos.

Match – Alex Riley & The Miz vs John Cena & Sin Cara

Cena works over Alex Riley for a little bit, then they cut to commercial.

Is anyone else annoyed by Michael Cole’s whining on commentary? Hearing him complain about no one mentioning John Morrison isn’t effective “heel announcer” schtick, it’s just annoying.  Why not put a 8 year old on the announce team? They could be annoying and fail to put over the product too!

Sin Cara gets into the ring and, to no one’s surprise, he cleans house with a lot of crazy high flying, fast paced moves before getting pulled off the apron by Alex Riley.

The Miz takes care of Sin Cara outside the ring, and then moves it back into the confines of the ropes.

Things get going in the ring, Cena makes the tag, works over Riley and then tags Sin Cara into the match to finish things off.

Outcome – Sin Cara pins Alex Riley after a springboard moonsault

Time for another creepy Awesome Kong vignette, and this time she pulls the legs off of a brunette doll and then tosses it aside.

We follow that up with a Diva’s match as Eve shows up.

Match – Nikki Bella vs Eve Torres

Apparently Brie Bella is looking forward to their return match… but she admits it might not happen if Eve goes to Smackdown in the draft next week.  Does she not pay attention to the fact that she’s supposed to be defending on both shows? Even if Eve goes to the Friday night program, she still has a rematch, and Brie isn’t exempt from that based on the show.

Outcome – Eve Torres gets the win by pinfall

Michael Cole’s “knighting” segment, and I’m going to just cover the basics. Jack Swagger gets called out, and he brings a royal robe for Michael Cole, they shake hands, and things are apparently okay between them now. Swagger reads some note about how Cole is now going to be known as Sir Michael Cole, and then he introduces “the Queen”.

Interesting, but nearly everyone is standing for the Queen’s music, even though she’s clearly NOT the Queen.

She reads a brief statement, then uses a sword to “knight” Michael Cole, after which the “Queen” gets a huge kiss on the mouth from Cole.  After she leaves the ring, the most annoying announcer in the business today tries to start a “Sir Michael Cole” chant, but they give him nothing more than a “Who Are Ya?” chant.

Cole then tells Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to kiss his feet, and I’m having flashbacks to 1993 with Lawler’s feud with Bret Hart.  Lawler and Jim Ross inexplicably go into the ring, despite Jack Swagger being in there, and they both get knocked out and Jim Ross has his face shoved onto Cole’s foot.

Match – Sheamus vs Santino Marella

Apparently Sheamus wasn’t happy about how Santino embarrassed Santino the last time they were in England, so he wants revenge.

Aside from a couple of offensive moves, one of which comes as he evades Sheamus rushing into the corner and the champion simply hits the turnbuckles, Santino takes the brunt of the damage in this match, but near the end, Santino sets up to go for the Cobra… and he fails.

Outcome – Sheamus avoids the COBRA strike and gets hit with the Brogue Kick to the head, leading directly to the pinfall

Coming up next, Randy Orton vs CM Punk in a Wrestlemania rematch for the main event contest of the evening!

Wrestlemania Rematch – CM Punk vs Randy Orton

New Nexus has been banned from ringside, so they don’t accompany their leader to the ring.  Shame, because Mason Ryan is a Brit, and he could’ve gotten a decent pop from his homeland crowd… though maybe WWE didn’t want him to get a face pop.  I still maintain that it’d be good to help push the New Nexus underlings as credible guys, especially in how they were squashed by Orton prior to Wrestlemania.

The London segment of the WWE Universe is a bit split between Punk and Orton, based on their “Ran-dy Or-ton!” / “C-M PUNK!” chants.

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CM Punk works over Orton inside and outside the ring, and he’s toying with Randy a bit too much.  Orton hasn’t had much offense in this match, and so I’m not liking the chances for Punk to get a victory. I suppose that makes it better for him at Extreme Rules.

After biting Punk’s hand, Orton gets into the mounted position and peppers Punk with tons of punches, but soon thereafter Punk does his “patented” knee lift into the corner (Cole misses an opportunity to say “Vintage Punk” even though he’s the one who made the “patented” comment).

Orton makes a little comeback, but then Punk gets back on the offense, tries an awkward pinfall position, but Orton keeps it going.

Punk works over the leg with kicks, then hits a kick to the gut, but Orton catches him off the ropes and hits the backbreaker over the back.

Whoever told me on Twitter that they’re cool with the continuation of Punk vs Orton because of the high quality matches, this is a great example of that.  Tons of back and forth during the late portion of the match, counter after counter.

Outcome – Randy Orton gets the pinfall in a weird schoolboy style roll-up

After the match, New Nexus shows up and beats the hell out of Randy Orton, and Mason Ryan REALLY wants to punt Randy Orton in the head, but CM Punk says he’s going to do it.  Ryan reluctantly moves aside, and Punk sets up to do it, but when Punk rushes in, Orton leaps up off the mat and hits an RKO to walk away doubley victorious on the evening, leaving Punk extra frustrated to end the show.

This article HAS BEEN UPDATED with the ever popular POLLS, so be sure to go back through and vote!  You should also check out the article detailing last night’s pay per view!