Week 2 on the road to CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, and RAW hasn’t established its number one contender yet.

Signs point to it being R-Truth, but things change in WWE, so by the end of the night, it could be almost anyone.

Except for Big Show. He got hit by a car apparently… though that probably won’t stop him from going after Alberto Del Rio!

Each week, GuysNation brings you a RAW recap to start the week, typically live. I welcome discussion, I appreciate feedback, and at the end of the night, this article has somewhere between 6 to 12 of the infamous polls.

As the night begins, WWE continues to show its patriotism by dedicating tonight’s RAW to the memory of those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. I’m wondering how people from other countries view these types of things… and since I’ve got readers from all over the world, I’d like to hear from some of them on the topic.

Technical difficulties help welcome us to the flagship event of WWE’s week… and maybe it’s for the best, because we get the idea of what’s going on with R-Truth walking around, destroying things with John Cena’s face on them. No need to hear him ramble on about it.

If Truth finds out about the technical difficulties, is he going to claim that’s part of the conspiracy as well?

Anyone else think it’s fitting that R-Truth is getting upset about people wearing Cena’s signature shirt, especially because the shirt looks like it was inspired by the Confederate Flag?

If you’re not watching the show, you’re saving yourself from some frustration, as the audio is about four or five seconds behind the video, and the quality of the audio is crappy too.

Cena shows up, and he says he understands what R-Truth is thinking… but he continues to maintain that R-Truth is insane. Truth says it’s everyone else who’s crazy… including Cena. And Truth says it’s a conspiracy… apparently he thinks people should like him even though he’s refusing to sing and dance and TRY to be entertaining.

John says he’s got no problem taking on R-Truth, and then the Anonymous General Manager speaks up and says that Cena and Truth will face each other in the main event, then makes a “joke” about there being no “little jimmies” at ringside. He doesn’t say whether it’ll be a non-title match though. Hopefully someone can hit REPLY to figure out the answer to that one.

Though non-TNA fans probably won’t think so, but I find it funny that they mentioned that tonight, when kHARMa speaks, it’ll be for the first time. For those not “in the know”, kHARMa never spoke as Awesome Kong in TNA, instead having a manager who spoke for her.

Match – Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

After all the comments I’ve heard about Dolph Ziggler dying his hair brown a month or two ago, I’m sure plenty of people will be happy to note that he’s no longer Generic RAW Superstar #3, as he has dyed his hair blonde again.

And in keeping with the theme of WWE Creative having trouble coming up with new ideas (see: my Smackdown article), they’ve returned to a feud Smackdown fans have seen quite a bit over the past year. In fact, I believe there was a stretch of 7 or 8 weeks last summer where they fought each week.

Playing up the idea that Dolph Ziggler has spent a bit of time scouting Kofi Kingston the past few weeks, and that’s how he was smart enough to avoid the S.O.S. flip-over pinfall attempt from Kofi, which gave him the perfect opportunity to setup for the Zig-Zag.

Outcome – Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

Apparently NOW Dolph Ziggler is in the running for a shot at the United States Championship, according to the announcers.  Oh really? Like there’s actually a line? How about the fact that Dolph wants a shot… doesn’t that put him ahead of a lot of guys on the roster?

Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring and reminds us that Big Show got hit by a car last week, and he doesn’t blame Ricardo Rodriguez for the accident, but he will be sending Big Show a bill for the damage. So… I guess they didn’t exchange insurance information… and the police decided that it’s not something in their purview?

How awesomely blatant was that cleavage camera shot of Eve Torres before going to commercial? How would you like to be the cameraman who got to say “okay, so you’re supposed to bend way over and start stretching, and I’m going to focus on your breasts”?

Diva’s Tag Match – Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs The Bella Twins

How much better is the sarcastic Michael Cole than the anti-selling version from before OVER THE LIMIT.

Did anyone else think the submission hold from Eve Torres prior to the Bella Switch was crazy good? That’s one thing about Diva’s matches, they sometimes seem less limited in the innovative moves they’re allowed to do, and although sometimes their matches seem spotty, they do provide some decent stuff to look forward to from time to time.

Outcome – Kelly Kelly survives a wardrobe malfunction (her useless belt coming off) to get the pinfall for her team.

Michael Cole gets into the ring and announces that Alex Riley has been given another contract despite being fired by The Miz last week… and despite being drafted over to Smackdown. Cole apparently is going to get Alex Riley to apologize for beating down The Miz last week.

Complete with new theme music and a jumbotron of his own, Alex Riley makes his entrance to a decent reaction from the fans, and Michael Cole proceeds to be totally out of touch with reality as he runs down Riley for attacking The Miz, apparently without provocation (according to Cole).

Riley laughs at the notion that the fans were emotionally affected by the beatdown, but then gets physical with Michael Cole as he crosses the line in his criticism of A-Ri.

Why don’t competitors ever anticipate an attack from behind by someone they’re clearly going to be feuding with? Alex Riley should have at least positioned himself in the ring so he could’ve seen The Miz coming… but instead he gets tackled down to the mat and eats a dozen fists. Sure, A-Ri turns things around and sends The Miz running for the hills, but he could’ve saved himself a couple bruises in the process.

Match – Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk

Any old Raven fans getting a kick out of the fact that CM Punk waits for his opponent in a seated position on the mat?

Ironic that, when facing New Nexus, Rey Mysterio is wearing black and yellow (black and yellow) attire? Not that he’s a member of Nexus, but a year ago, he could’ve been forced to team with Punk had he lost a pay per view match.

I doubt I’m the only one, but I wish they would’ve come back from commercial a bit earlier, or they’d at least show one of those “this is what happened during the commercial”, because I’ve got NO CLUE how CM Punk would put Rey Mysterio into that submission hold (back to back, Punk holding onto Rey’s neck over his shoulder, Rey’s feet locked backwards over Punk’s thighs). Crazy commercial breaks.

How great was Punk’s sell job where he flipped backwards over the announce table when Rey Mysterio dove out of the ring onto the New Nexus leader?

CM Punk sees Rey Mysterio trying to skin the cat and makes him pay for it… and somewhere Bret Hart is smiling (read his book, you’ll understand).

Though Rey Mysterio avoids the Go2Sleep, Punk stays in on the offense and drills Rey with a kick to the back of the head, and for once, a match ends cleanly without someone having to use their signature move.

Outcome – CM Punk wins by pinfall

kHARMa time, and after her in-ring melt-down cry-it-out session from last week’s RAW is recapped, she’s in the ring with a mic. She’s had two dreams in her life… She wanted to become a WWE Superstar, and despite Jim Ross telling her she was over-weight, she traveled the world and honed her craft and finally got to WWE. Unfortunately her timing isn’t great, because her other dream was to become a mother, which is also coming true right now, because she’s pregnant, which is apparently going to keep her out of the ring for a year.

While at first I wondered why they let her pull back the curtain and explain this to the fans, apparently they’re using this as an opportunity to gain some more heel heat for The Bella Twins, who come out to the ring and make fun of kHARMa for being a big woman and make jokes at her expense. kHARMa says she’s looking forward to being back a year from now to get some revenge on the Bella Twins. Even though there’s two of them and only one of kHARMa and kHARMa won’t get physically involved right now, The Bella Twins cower in fear… even after kHARMa is all the way up the ramp.

Match – Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger

Mid-match, Michael Cole mentioned that Jack Swagger was an academic All-American. I wonder how Jim Ross feels about Jerry Lawler’s comments about how non-academically-challenging Oklahoma is.

Building him up as something of an opportunist and an under-dog, Evan Bourne scores an upset when he rolls-through a slam attempt from Swagger into a pinfall.

Outcome – Evan Bourne gets the win by pinfall.

Zack Ryder sighting! Woo Woo Why is the only way that Ryder can get on television is by showing up with John Cena backstage before the World Champion has a match?

And if R-Truth has his face plastered on the side of tractor-trailers, what does he have to complain about? that’s dedication on his employer’s part if you ask me.

Match – R-Truth vs John Cena

Ah yes, the old “Let’s Go Cena!” chant mixed in with the “Cena Sucks!” chant. Glad to see Omaha has an opinion on Cena. It had been a while since I remember hearing those chants.

So R-Truth spends a fair amount of time out of the ring, and then when John Cena comes after him out in the crowd, Truth knocks him down, then enters the ring to the manipulate the countout situation.

Outcome – R-Truth gets a win over the World Champion by count out… and now it doesn’t actually matter whether it was a championship match or not

R-Truth rushes off into the crowd, and he once again finds himself face to face with the same John Cena fans from earlier in the night, and this time, R-Truth throws a big cup of water into the dad’s face. John Cena sees this, rushes into the crowd, and although he’s not there in time to get his hands on R-Truth, John Cena does show us why he wears all those sweatbands… apparently to help wipe off the faces of people in the crowd who get water thrown in their face by his challengers.

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