It’s Monday Night, and if you were watching last week (or if you read my article and didn’t see RAW), you know that tonight is a special THREE HOUR edition of RAW which is sure to be AWESOME with the eight-man King Of The Ring taking place tonight!

What do the brackets look like?  We won’t know until RAW begins.  Will there be any other matches on the card?  Highly doubtful, with the seven tournament matches taking place likely filling the entire card.  You’d be safe to bet that the other competitors will be featured in segments, though.

Are other Smackdown competitors in the house?  Will we find out anything about the main event for the TLC pay per view?

Let’s find out!

RAW begins with Alex Riley showing up and talking about how he’s going to be throwing a party for The Miz to celebrate his championship victory last week.

Did anyone else notice CM Punk’s shirt?  Nice ode to Colt Cabana there.  I’m guessing that since I have a fairly knowledgable reader-base, the reference with that shirt was only lost on folks who didn’t see it.

Ah yes, there are the brackets, and did anyone else catch the comment by CM Punk where he said that it would’ve been nice to see these brackets ahead of time to analyze?  EXACTLY.

So here are my quick thoughts:

Alberto Del Rio is almost definitely going to beat Daniel Bryan (Danielson).  The only way he doesn’t is if Rey Mysterio were to show up, and I think a first-round match wouldn’t be a good spot for that.  Next year, Bryan, next year.

John Morrison has to beat Cody Rhodes.  As I maintained in my earlier article, Cody Rhodes doesn’t need a win in this tournament to build up his heat.  He’s best served to just walk out of that match when it looks like John Morrison is going to win it.

Ezekiel Jackson should beat Drew McIntyre, as the Scotsman has only won one match on Smackdown in the past couple months.

Sheamus will likely make short work of Kofi Kingston in the first round.

That makes a second-round match between John Morrison and Alberto Del Rio?  Wow, that’s what I thought might be the finals.  I’ll have to go with John Morrison, if for no other reason than I don’t see anyone from the other side of the bracket to fight Del Rio in the finals.  Del Rio vs Zeke would be a nightmare.  Kofi vs Del Rio could work, but I don’t think they’d do it.  Del Rio vs Sheamus would just seem awkward.

The other second round match would be Zeke Jackson vs Sheamus, and with John Morrison getting to the finals, it looks predictable that they’ll use this opportunity to continue things between Sheamus and Morrison.  Sorry Zeke.

In the finals, that would look to be John Morrison winning it, as I think everyone in the IWC is predicting a return by Triple H tonight.

So there are my official predictions for this bracket.  I really thought that Alberto Del Rio might win it, but breaking things down, there’s really no good option for an opponent for him to face in the finals.

The first segment was really short, and we’re getting right down to business with the first match.

King of the Ring Match – Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan (Danielson)

The bruised eye on the ring announcer?  Nice touch.

Fun times on commentary there by CM Punk.  Does anyone else feel like he’s losing his heel edge and going a little face?  I blame Michael Cole, with whom CM Punk does NOT seem to get along.

I wonder if this match has ever happened before.  Bryan has fought all over the world, and ADR has plenty of experience back in Mexico.

Outcome – Alberto Del Rio gets the win with the cross arm breaker after Bryan injured it earlier in the match by crashing into the security barrier.

We get a look at some of the notable winners from tournaments past, and it’s interesting that they referenced Bret Hart as a two-time King Of The Ring tournament winner, as I believe in previous years the 1991 tournament wasn’t acknowledged.  I don’t believe they mentioned Owen Hart, which is a shame, especially since they DID reference Brock Lesnar.

R-Truth is coming to the ring, unfortunately WITHOUT Eve Torres.  Mistake.  Also, isn’t this R-Truth’s old music?  I’m not necessarily complaining, though.

So what’s up with this segment?  Apparently it’s a segment, not a match. R-Truth apparently don’t care what nobody says… and I’m sure most people don’t recognize the double negative.  R-Truth starts talking up John Cena, and are we going to see what I keep hearing about on the internet?  Now would be as good of a time as any.

Did R-Truth say that the battle was lost, but the war hasn’t even started yet?  Does that even make sense?  Has he been watching at all the past few months?  I think he was actually part of the war.

R-Truth tries to issue an open challenge, but as Michael McGillicutty starts on his way to accept it, he’s attacked by someone whose body and mannerisms closely resemble John Cena… but we never saw his face.  Who could it be?    Most of you folks probably know what they’re doing with this, and I think I actually predicted it in one of my previous articles where I mentioned something that Hulk Hogan did a few years ago… but I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

King of the Ring Match – Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison

Did anyone else laugh when Michael Cole said that Cody Rhodes got an extra long facial today?  How about when CM Punk followed up with the “I bet he did!”?  How many folks are too innocent to understand the “facial” reference?

Am I the only one who gets flashbacks to Bret Hart when John Morrison takes off his glasses and gives it to a kid in the front row?

Does anyone else think it’s awesome that Cody Rhodes throws a fit when he gets hit on the face?

When CM Punk and the announce team were making fun of CM Punk’s haircut and Punk said that two guys in this business have been successful with the same haircut, did anyone else have trouble thinking of the second individual after Ted Turner?  Did anyone else forget that Ted Turner was involved in the business at one time?  Is anyone else having trouble remembering what CM Punk’s haircut looks like?

Did anyone else think it was ironic when John Morrison and Cody Rhodes both went for the springboard flashkick at the same time?  I’ve mentioned that a few times in my articles.

Outcome – John Morrison wins after a knee to the forehead of Cody Rhodes, which Rhodes will undoubtedly cry about later.

Does anyone else think it’s a bit unfair that Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison get more rest during the evening between their matches than the bottom half of the bracket?  Where’s Clarence Mason when you need him?

If they’re going to bring back Slick for Old School RAW, I can make a Clarence Mason reference.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that Miss USA has a very NON English-sounding name?  I actually like it, though.  This country was built on all different races of people who immigrated here, so Miss USA could have just as many family members born in the United States as I do.

What are the odds that “Miss USA” refers to a contest held by the network on which you’re watching RAW, not necessarily this country?

King of the Ring Match – Drew McIntyre vs Ezekiel Jackson

Why did Michael Cole just make reference to the fact that someone was CHOSEN to be King Of The Ring?  He probably should’ve mentioned something about being “chosen by fate” or something along those lines, especially because in McIntyre’s case, being “Chosen” is due to Vince McMahon thinking he’s the future of WWE.

Did anyone else think it was odd that CM Punk was advertising for 5 Hour Energy?  Wouldn’t he NOT take that stuff, given that he’s Straight Edge?

Is anyone else looking at Zeke Jackson in comparison to Drew McIntyre and thinking that they probably wouldn’t even be in the same weight class if this were MMA?

As Zeke and McIntyre spill out of the ring, is anyone else thinking that we might see a cheap way to thin out this tournament by having these guys both get counted out?  I hated it when it happened a dozen years ago, and I’d hate to see it happen now.

Outcome – The referee makes the ten count with both guys outside the ring, and although Zeke gets his music played after he kicks the hell out of Drew McIntyre, neither guy advances due to double count out.


Brie Bella shows up to see Daniel Bryan and check if he’s alright.  Then Nikki shows up and also wants to know how Bryan is doing.  Alex Riley shows up and acts like he wouldn’t trade places with “American Dragon”.  Two Bella twins at his side and the United States Championship belt on his lap?  The only thing I think Bryan would change about that situation is to switch the placement of the belt and Bella Twins.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think we need a recap of the events from last week surrounding the World Title situation?  Especially since they already showed it once tonight?  was that specifically for the folks who forgot RAW was 3 hours long tonight and didn’t start at 9?

Does anyone else think that The Miz’s suit is TERRIBLE?  I’d be willing to admit I’m not the top fashion afficianado…

OMG!  Did anyone else laugh when you saw the pictures of the little girl from RAW last week who was distraught about The Miz taking home the belt last week?  I laughed when I saw it 7 days ago, and I’m laughing again.

Another double negative, The Miz thinks he’d like to prove the people wrong who said he’d NEVER amount to NOTHING.  I know what he’s trying to say… but I know he didn’t say it.

Would anyone else stop watching if The Miz were to be the longest reigning champion in WWE history?  I think someone back in the 60’s or 70’s held the belt for YEARS on end.  If he’s still holding the belt after Wrestlemania, I might take a hiatus.

Is anyone else tired of Jerry Lawler stepping up to fight guys?  I know it only happens once every few months, but that’s too often for me.  He’s getting old and he was never all that great to begin with…. and now he gets a RAW Main Event match for the World Championship?  I’m surprised the fans are loving the idea.

I thought we were going to finally get an idea of what the pay per view main event will look like, but the announcement just lets us know that the Lawler / Miz match will involve tables, ladders and chairs.

Does anyone else weap for the possibilities for CM Punk and Michael Cole being left on commentary as a two-man team for the remainder of the evening?  They’ve pretty much only bickered with one another through the first three matches of the evening.

King of the Ring Match – Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus

Could that smile on the face of Sheamus have anything to do with the fact that he won’t have a second-round match if he wins this match?  I guess that advantage Morrison & Alberto Del Rio got earlier by fighting in matches in the first hour of the show is nullified.

Wow, there’s an announcement that the Slammy Awards are taking place in two weeks, and is anyone else having a flashback to 1994?  They really need to start mentioning Owen Hart.  I know there’s some sort of lawsuit pending by his widow, but they could at least mention him.

CM Punk reminded us that he and Kofi Kingston were actually tag team champions together a couple years ago.  Did anyone else think that’s something WWE was going to ignore?

Outcome – Sheamus pins Kofi Kingston after a jumping kick which looked like it could’ve probably done some legit damage to Kofi.

Non-Title Match – Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry vs Nexus (Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)

I should’ve mentioned this earlier, but did anyone else notice the new Nexus shirt?  What do you think, better or worse than their old one?

Does anyone else think that Justin Gabriel looks more like a heel now that he has the beard?  Is that making you re-think John Morrison now, too?

So John Cena is in attendance and he has like four tickets… but he’s sitting on the end of the row and there are people sitting next to him.  How does that work?

Am I the only one who questions Justin Gabriel’s judgment for stomping down onto Mark Henry with both feet, considering that Heath slater was underneath him at the time?

Outcome – Mark Henry pins Heath Slater and John Cena shows up and puts Slater through the announce table with an Attitude Adjustment

Was it not the best idea in the world to destroy the announce table 90 minutes into a 3 hour RAW?  I’m sure Punk and Cole can’t be thrilled about that.

Did anyone actually think that David Otunga and Husky Harris were going to catch up with John Cena?  Those are the two least athletic members of Nexus.

Arn Anderson comes backstage to find Jerry Lawler and proves that he doesn’t actually watch the show, asking if the rumor about Lawler getting a title shot was true.  What else would Double A be doing that he isn’t watching what’s transpiring?  Why else would Lawler be backstage?

For all of the people who thought it was a bad idea for The Miz to get the WWE Championship, how many people would be furious if Jerry Lawler were to win it?

King of the Ring Semi-Final Match – Alberto Del Rio vs John Morrison

Did anyone else catch CM Punk’s comment about his in-ring career being over?  Hopefully that’s just a joke.

Okay, so now we got a mention of Mabel winning the 1995 King Of The Ring, and still no mention of Owen Hart.

Big props to CM Punk for pointing out that john Morrison wouldn’t be a good king because he’s wearing bedazzled tights.  Am I the only one who thinks Morrison’s attire is more MANLY than Alberto del Rio’s short-shorts?  At least Morrison’s thighs are covered.

Are we supposed to be surprised that Rey Mysterio showed up and distracted Alberto Del Rio?  I suppose only if we haven’t been watching Smackdown.

Outcome – John Morrison kicks Del Rio in the head with his springboard kick and gets the win.

Is anyone else shocked that Sheamus and John Morrison just HAPPEN to be meeting in the finals of this tournament after feuding for over a month?  Coincidence?  Come on…

Did we really need a THIRD recap from last week’s RAW to let us know how The Miz became champion?  I’m almost thinking I could watch every other week and get the high spots.  But then I couldn’t write this AWESOME article week after week, and I don’t want to deprive anyone.

Am I the only one who noticed John Cena’s “Surely you can’t be serious?” quote, a nice ode to the recent passing of Leslie Nielson?

So they mentioned that this particular assault was on Justin Gabriel.  Who’s left to attack?  Husky Harris?  I think John Cena has gotten to the rest of them, apart from Wade Barrett.

Six Diva Tag Match – Maryse, Tamina, Alicia Fox vs Natalya, Gail Kim, Melina

If this is what it takes to get Maryse in action, I’m all for it.

Is it sad that at current, Tamina has the best angle out of these six women?

I’m happy to hear that CM Punk agrees with me that Maryse is the cream of the crop… though, does it matter, since Straight Edge says something about promiscuity, so CM Punk wouldn’t be looking for a night with Maryse unless she broke up with Ted DiBiase?

When Santino shows up and plays his guitar to serenade Tamina, did it seem ironic to anyone else that his song is about them being alone, and yet, this is the least “alone” they’ve been in any of their segments?  Six competitors.  Thousands of fans in the same “room”.  Millions watching on television.  Also, did anyone else wish that the Usos would show up and attack Santino?  It would at least add some depth to the angle.

Outcome – Natalya gets the win with the Sharpshooter, and honestly I have no clue who she made tap out.

As they highlight Jerry Lawler’s career, does anyone else think it ironic that he’s a Hall of Famer, and yet he was never deemed good enough to even warrant a SHOT at the WWE Championship prior to now?

When Maryse dresses down Ted DiBiase for not having won the United States Championship, did anyone else hope that Maryse was going to break up with DiBiase so she’d be single?

Could we possibly be seeing a Ted DiBiase face-turn here?  He put over a few folks after splitting from Cody Rhodes

Did Sheamus just quote his grandmother?  Why is Sheamus’ grandmother talking about him being slim pickings?

Did John Morrison even see the movie Powder?  Clearly Sheamus has a head full of hair and an awesome beard.  That reference is probably lost on a lot of people, since Powder wasn’t a great movie, and it was a long time ago.  They made the reference, I just cleaned it up.

If WWE is doing a three-hour RAW every other week, when does it stop being “special”?

So a night dedicated to the King Of The Ring doesn’t even feature the finals as the last match of the evening?

2010 King Of The Ring Finals – Sheamus vs John Morrison

Did anyone else think it was funny and yet poignant what Punk said about WWE being a billion dollar company which is unable to get the announcers a good chair and they can’t show up to fix the announce table in the span of an hour?

Is everyone reading this article just waiting to hear that Triple H showed up and evened the odds on his nemesis Sheamus?  That’s what I’m waiting for.  And if it happens, I’m wondering how much that will detract from the credibility of John Morrison winning King Of The Ring.  Now I’m waiting for a referee bump and Sheamus looking for a weapon… likely a sledgehammer.

Am I the only one who appreciated Sheamus’ Judo-style hiptoss he used while keeping the Fujiwara Armbar on Morrison?

Outcome – Sheamus hits the High Cross and gets the win to become the 2010 King Of The Ring

Is anyone else slightly underwhelmed?  I don’t know if it’s because I was expecting either John Morrison or Alberto Del Rio to win it, or because I thought Triple H might show up, but I had a much different thought of how things would turn out.

Is it me, or is this the second time Sheamus has sat on the entrance stage on a throne?  Didn’t he sit there when he was the World Champion prior to the Fatal 4way pay per view?

The fact that Lawler vs The Miz was determined to be the main event should’ve told me that Triple H wasn’t coming back tonight.

World Championship TLC Match – Jerry Lawler vs The Miz (c)

Am I the only one who fears that Jerry Lawler might hurt himself if he tries to climb one of those ladders, let alone falls from one of them?

Why is Alex Riley still carrying around the Money In The Bank briefcase if The Miz has already cashed it in?

I guess it’s appropriate that if Jerry Lawler is EVER going to get a title shot at the WWE Championship, it may as well be on his birthday on a night where RAW is hosting the KING of the Ring.  I still think it’s absurd that he has the opportunity to win the belt.

Did anyone else wish that CM Punk would’ve followed up his “Thanks for coming, Alex Riley” comment with “hope you have someone to drive you home!”?

Is the combination of last week’s RAW and this week’s King Of The Ring tournament the only way to make a World Title TLC match underwhelming?

Did the entire IWC loose their dinner when The Miz went through that table outside the ring with Jerry Lawler less than 10 feet away from getting the World Championship?

How tenuous is the relationship between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler going to be after Michael Cole stopped him from becoming the World Champion?

Why didn’t Jerry Lawler climb the ladder right after punching Michael Cole?  Instead, he left the door open for The Miz to come right back to the ring and get the belt.

Outcome – The Miz retains by capturing the championship belt

So WWE avoids disaster as The Miz retains the belt and we don’t get a 60 year old champion.

Sheamus is the King Of The Ring, and Triple H doesn’t return.  The saga between Sheamus and John Morrison continues.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler hate each other more now than they did before.

John Cena comes back and knocks some people out, but he doesn’t get to everyone, as David Otunga has a plan.

The saga between Tamina and Santino continues, but we’re ignoring the rest of the Usos.

He might have lost in the first round of the tournament, but Daniel Bryan still has the Bellas at his side.