Oh boy is it going to be a crazy night! SummerSlam has come and gone, and just when people (myself included) thought that the interesting times of WWE were at its end with the match between Punk and Cena which looked to be the final meaningful encounter between the duo.

Cena said it on RAW last week: if Punk lost, he was going to be a one-hit wonder, a guy who couldn’t be taken seriously. He would’ve had a nice little run, but it would be over.

But that didn’t happen, and wwE puts us smack dab into the middle of a new feud for both guys. Cena has COO-HHH to be upset with, and CM Punk will likely have something to say to Kevin Nash…

..and NEITHER of those guys left SummerSlam with the WWE Championship!

His name… is Albertoooo Del Riiiiiiio! And he has finally realized his “destiny”.

Who will he be facing next month? Is the John Cena / Alberto Del Rio feud finally upon us? will someone like Kofi Kingston get to step in and hold off the inevitable showdown between them.

Dolph Ziggler and Alex Riley have been at each other’s throats the past few weeks, and this would be the perfect time to officially set things into a direct course for impact between the two. Now that we only have one WWE Champion, the United States title could use some love.

All that’s great, but I think we all know that tonight’s fireworks are going to explode between CM Punk and Kevin Nash when each of them get their pipebomb microphones and walk the fine line between work and shoot. If I were a betting man, which I only PRETEND to be, I’d predict that at some point, Nash talks about how many times he main evented a sold out card at Madison Square Garden and/or pay per view.

Tonight’s a different kind of exciting, but to those of us who have seen (and heard) Nash on the mic know that things are going to get crazy tonight between he and the Second City Saint when they talk about the fact that Kevin Nash powerbombed CM Punk last night to leave the former champ a prime target for Alberto Del Rio.

Is CM Punk going to mention the coincidence that Kevin Nash was in the building both nights when Alberto Del Rio had his biggest successes in WWE (SummerSlam’s title win and the Royal Rumble victory)? We’re about to find out.

At the start of RAW as we get still-frames from last night’s main event, it seems to me that they might’ve chosen Triple H as the special guest referee for the WWE Championship match because he might’ve been the only one available to put on the zebra shirt who was strong enough to hold both belts up over his head. That doesn’t mean that certain recently-suspended-for-performance-enhancements officials didn’t try their best to get ready for the opportunity.

The live show starts, and it’s COO-HHH who walks onto the stage first, and as I sit here watching, I’m half expecting Kevin Nash to follow him to the ring. Because he doesn’t, this means that we have to wait a few minutes to find out whether they’re allies… because you know this segment won’t end without giving us more insight. They might not tell us straight out whether Nash and COO-HHH are together in this conspiracy, but we’ll get a clue.

COO-HHH acknowledges that people are probably upset, so he apologizes. Apparently he realizes that he wasn’t completely fair to John Cena, and after watching the footage, Cena’s foot was on the bottom rope and he shouldn’t have counted the pinfall to completion. Later tonight, he’ll apologize face to face with Cena.

Speaking to the speculation that COO-HHH had something to do with Nash’s involvement in the aftermath, The Game says he had no idea that Nash was going to get involved. Wanting some answers, COO-HHH sent Nash a text to invite him to RAW tonight, and Big Kev agreed to make an appearance so long as he gets to speak about the situation.

Why else does Nash think he was being invited to the show…. to get his ass kicked by CM Punk? To get a face-scan for involvement as a downloadable character in the new WWE game?

COO-HHH says that there is just one WWE Champion… his name is Albertoooooo Del Riiiiiio…. and he’s getting some mic time.

ADR talks about how he’s going to be a great champion for all the people in San Diego… offering autographs and taking pictures…. He calls the folks of San Diego “his people”, and clearly he didn’t get the two-part memo:

1 – Rey Mysterio has a guaranteed World Title shot tonight in the main event

2 – 6-1-9 is the area code for San Diego

Add that up, and Alberto Del Rio doesn’t have a friendly crowd to work against this evening.

His final suggestion before he drops his mic: ADR suggests that San Diego changes its area code because he’s going to be their new hero before the end of the evening… and clearly he doesn’t know how area codes work.

Before we head to commercial, COO-HHH is seen backstage going into the locker room of John Cena.

What’re the odds that when COO-HHH knocked on the door of Cena’s locker room, the response John gave was “The Champ Is Here”.

Sure, he’s not the champ anymore, but old habits die hard.

R-Truth is next, and he finally gets some theme music after a couple months of silent entrances. John Morrison is his opponent for the match, and the parkour competitor is once again using the slow-motion camera during his entrances.

Falls Count Anywhere – R-Truth vs John Morrison

So R-Truth won the match between the duo last week, and the fact that the action can go anywhere in this match? All signs are pointing to John Morrison winning the match.

I won’t recap the entire match, for several reasons, but the ending was the best use of a chair I’ve seen in a while:

After setting up for a vertical suplex which landed R-Truth into a seated position in the chair, John Morrison hit a Shining Wizard to not only knock over R-Truth, but it leads directly to the pinfall.

Outcome – John Morrison defeats R-Truth by pinfall

So after Melina gets fired this month and he lost to R-Truth last week in the first return match for their feud after Morrison’s return, John gets back on the up-and-up.

The Miz gets some mic time, and how does he start things off? He wants to welcome Jared “The Subway Guy” to the show… and apparently Jared loves The Miz… a feeling which isn’t reciprocated.

As if The Miz doesn’t have his hands full with all his WWE responsibilities, he decides that he should be the spokesperson for Subway instead of Jared…

…and he goes on shilling the new sandwich from the not-so-fast food joint.

And that’s the extent of what The Miz showed up to say. Apparently he didn’t get dinner before showing up for the show, and he feeds himself in the middle of the ring.

Limo time… and Kevin Nash has showed up.

The biggest thing to take from that segment? Michael Cole reads my articles, as he refers to The Game as “COO-HHH”.

Call me crazy, but I find this “Greatest Superstars Of The 21st Century” less blatant advertising than what The Miz just did in the middle of the ring.

“That’s a good sandwich”

Respect drops a few notches.

Trace Atkins is in attendance… and is it just me, or is it unlikely that the country music superstar actually lives in San Diego? Maybe he’s got a night off from his tour…

Diva Tag Match – The Bellas vs Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres

Not to ignore what’s going on in the ring, but Jerry Lawler says he doesn’t believe COO-HHH when he said that he didn’t know Kevin Nash was going to get involved last night, with his reason being that The Game and Nash are good friends. CLEARLY Jerry Lawler hasn’t been paying attention to all the wrestling storylines over the years where best friends turn on one another.

One move in this match that I will comment on… One of the Bella Twins show the WWE Universe just how flexible Kelly Kelly is by nearly turning her into a Diva Pretzel, and Kelly’s foot could’ve easily been in her mouth at that point… or behind her head.

Eve Torres gets into the ring, and while her moves are getting a lot better, her standing reverse neckbreaker? It was hard to tell who that move should’ve hurt more.

Outcome – Eve Torres gets the pinfall victory for their team with a top rope moonsault.

Following the match we get Beth Phoenix’s theme music, and she shows up with Nattie Neidhart at her side… and it’s funny that the so-called heels don’t rush the rin like we usually see happen.

How badly is WWE missing Layla, Michelle McCool and kHARMa right about now? Not to say I don’t like this angle but they’re having to turn their attention on Divas who actually came to WWE with in-ring ability, which we all know WWE hates to do.

Kevin Nash is being introduced, and my first question: what theme music will he use?

Seems like the San Diego crowd is providing the only entrance accompanyment, their booing heard loud and clear.

The outspoken 7 footer gets a mic, and he starts by thanking COO-HHH for giving him the opportunity to explain his actions from last night.

Nice to see that the crowd’s giving Kevin Nash the “WHAT?” treatment.

His explanation: Nash got a text that asked him to hit the winner of Punk v Cena with a powerbomb, so he did it.

Any chance Nash mis-read who the text was from? Any chance someone else was using COO-HHH’s phone? Could it have been Stephanie?

CM Punk shows up, and he’s got some bitchin’ to do.

The former WWE Champion doesn’t believe Nash… but more importantly, he’s wearing jeans. Apparently he doesn’t wear those wrestling tights everywhere… even in San Diego, where it’s probably warm enough weather to wear something that short.

Punk questions Nash’s understanding of what’s good for business, since Nash thinks it was a good idea to attack Punk last night.

After questioning Nash’s credibility with the “text message” story, CM Punk gets the offer from Big Kev to show off the text message.

The snarky comments go back and forth, and after Waffle House gets ripped on a little bit by Nash and defended by CM Punk, and then Nash gets a reminder that he hasn’t been relevant in 15 years. Things look like they’re going to end up getting physical… but the security guards step in the way, and Punk won’t get his opportunity to get his hands on Nash. Punk wants answers, so he’s going backstage to find COO-HHH.

Backstage, Kevin Nash finds John Laurinitis, and the two of them agree that CM Punk is disrespectful, and then they decide to go talk somewhere more private.

Seems to me like they decided a bathroom-turned-COO-Office isn’t the best place to talk about how Laurinitis sent the text message… especially with a camera recording their conversation.

After we get a recap of what has happened recently between Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler, we get Dolph & Vickie on commentary, and Alex Riley is getting to compete.

Match – Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley

Early prediction: Vickie Guerrero is going to get involved, and it’s going to lead to Alex Riley attacking Dolph Ziggler at some point tonight.

How does Vickie Guerrero get involved? She steals the cowboy hat from Jim Ross and puts it on the referee, which apparently is enough to distract Alex Riley and opens the door for Jack Swagger to struggle… and struggle.. and finally find a way to hit a gutwrench powerbomb without killing Alex Riley.

Outcome – Jack Swagger gets the victory with a small assist from Vickie Guerrero

Despite Jerry Lawler being the one who made fun of Vickie Guerrero during the match, Jim Ross has his hat stomped on by Ziggler.

Backstage, Jack Swagger talks up Vickie Guerrero, and something tells me he’s hoping that they’ll become the next great Power Couple in WWE. Swagger invokes the name of the great Bobby Heenan, urging her to consider taking on a second competitor into her roster of guys she manages.

When CM Punk seeks out COO-HHH, he ends up face to face with the Billion Dollar Princess, and Steph McMahon-Helmsly doesn’t appear to be a CM Punk fan… and if you don’t get the hint that she’s the one who sent the text, I could probably help you buy real estate in southern Florida.

Tag Match – Otunga & McGillicutty (c) vs Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne

Kofi reppin’ for the United Nations tonight… a reference most people won’t get… but if you want to be “in the know”, look at Kofi’s new ring attire and then go look up the flag for the United Nations.


How sad is it that the ring attire for Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston – a first-time team as far as I can recall – matches better than the current tag team champions?

A couple minutes into the match, and the announce team trio finally mention the competitors in the match… only to have them say that Otunga and McGillicutty haven’t done anything awe inspiring or exciting or impressive as champions.

Apparently they should be putting their belts on the line more frequently. Maybe if WWE spent more time building up semi-credible tag teams to compete against whomever the current champs are at a given time, they’d have more options for teams to defend against.

Is it just me, or did Jerry Lawler just laugh when he went to say that the action in the ring is a good match?

As a matter of fact, if you watch this match with it on mute, you can actually appreciate that it was a decent match which could lead to more exciting matches in the future now that the teams are a bit familiar with each other.

Outcome – Evan Bourne gets a pinfall with his Air Bourne move which immediately followed the Trouble In Paradise.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio has put on his mask, and with about twenty minutes left in the show, he might want to be as ready as possible if he wants to give himself enough time to wrestle a full match.

WWE Championship Match – Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio (c)

So if Mysterio wins the belt in this match, that would mean we’d have five different title changes in the span of a month for the belt which is supposed to be considered the top championship in the business.


And are we really about to finish RAW without a John Cena appearance? Seriously, I’m not upset by it, but I am a bit shocked. We saw his name on a locker room door, but we haven’t seen him nor heard from him.

Maybe he realizes that Smackdown is in need of some help, and he’s headed there to see about taking the belt from Randy Orton.

Anyone else thinking that Mysterio looks like he lost a fight with a mustard bottle with his ring attire this week? It at least ended up in the washing machine….

Winning the Royal Rumble and getting a World Title match at Wrestlemania? That’s a big deal. Winning Money In The Bank and using the briefcase to capture the WWE Championship? Quite the accomplishment. But still, if Alberto Del Rio could be the one to de-mask Rey Mysterio? That might be the biggest feather in his cap.

How disappointed were the San Diego fans when Rey Mysterio got clotheslined before he could “dial up” the 6-1-9?

I kinda wanted to hear how they’d react to it… though I’m guessing Rey might still hit it before the match is done.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate the fact that they’re calling Alberto Del Rio the “Undisputed” WWE Champion? I’d like to think that Randy Orton would have something to say about ADR being the “Undisputed” champion of the WWE.

Furthermore, if Stephanie McMahon said that technically CM Punk didn’t win the WWE Championship last night because John Cena’s foot was on the rope, then technically didn’t ADR, in her eyes, pin a guy who didn’t have a legit claim to the belt?

That’s not the route they’re going, so it’s a waste of time to even mention it, but what else should I do, talk about how great Rey Mysterio’s reversals of the Cross Arm Breaker were? First the pinfall, then the duck-under?

And before you know it, Alberto Del Rio pulls his knees up to block Mysterio’s top-rope splash and immediatey turns it into a pinfall.

Outcome – Alberto Del Rio retains the WWE Championship by pinfall.

Anyone else impressed that ADR gets a clean victory in his first title defense? WWE doesn’t always book heels to be credible like that… and yes, Sheamus, I’m talking about you.

There were rumors that Rey Mysterio had an injury before SummerSlam, and they hadn’t written him off yet, but they might be writing him off with this post-match attack by Alberto Del Rio.

Who comes to the aid of Mustard Man? John Cena, who not only forces ADR to run from the ring, but he also gets a mic.

John Cena again claims that a man holding the WWE Championship doesn’t deserve to hold it… and John Cena says he’s hoping to be first in line.

The man who, to a lot of people, represents The TV-PG Era steps it up to at least TV-PG-13 tonight, as he talks about kicking Del Rio’s ass and (albeit without a mic to his mouth) calls him a son of a bitch.

Things are getting heated, and while it’s not as hot as the build-up to SummerSlam, WWE is definitely giving plenty of reason for us to want to tune in on August 22nd.

Keep checking back in throughout the night to get updates as RAW continues LIVE. As always, by the end of the evening this article will have the infamous polls.

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