WWE Universal Championship

With all the success he has had recently over Lesnar, choking him out, chasing him down, bullying Paul Heyman, I fear that Samoa Joe will not get the final boost into the stratosphere with a victory over Lesnar at GREAT BALLS OF FIRE. If WWE were willing to pull the trigger and give Samoa Joe that chance, his career would take a huge step forward, WWE would get a new SUPER superstar, and they would have a champion willing to be around every week.

But it’s so very highly unlikely that Samoa Joe will win the belt. It’s a shame, because he is a great option to defeat Lesnar, and he would make a great champion, but it simply won’t happen.

At SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar can be defeated by someone like Finn Balor or Braun Strowman or Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, or even John Cena. WWE will have a champion they can depend on to lead their flagship show (which isn’t half as good as its Tuesday night counterpart). Eventually, they should invest in Samoa Joe the way they did when he was crowned in NXT.

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