Professional wrestling is defined by moments. Indelible moments in time that will never be forgotten by its fans or its performers. And for every great moment, there’s a picture that captures its essence. It bottles up the emotion, the electricity inside the arena, so we can all enjoy it for the rest of time.

Today, a series known as Picture Perfect debuts on GuysNation. In this series, we take some of the many iconic photos in professional wrestling’s vast history and analyze them; analyze the circumstances, the emotion and why it has become so special.

PICTURE PERFECT -- Banks vs. Bayley, A Story of Respect


Since its inception, NXT’s mission statement has been to be the breeding ground for future WWE Superstars and Divas. And when you take a look at the WrestleMania 31 card, every match—with the exception of Triple H vs. Sting—included at least one talent from NXT.

Even with all that NXT talent spilling onto the main roster, the gem of NXT in its first three years has arguably been its Women’s Division. Because for years, the women’s—or Divas—division has been nothing but an afterthought on any and all WWE programming. But in the process of three years, the women went from being an afterthought to being at the forefront of NXT.

On Wednesday, October 7 live on the WWE Network, we witness the culmination of this women’s wrestling movement when women will main event NXT Takeover: Respect.

It will be two of the key components of what has been dubbed the Divas Revolution, Sasha Banks and Bayley, wrestling in a 30-minute Iron Woman Match for the NXT Women’s Championship. A match that was set up by their match back in August on the night before SummerSlam.


Inside a sold out Barclay’s Center audience of 15,589, the challenger—Bayley—made her entrance first to a raucous ovation.

Bayley was sporting a black and yellow polka dot bandanna as well as wrist bands in memoriam of the recently passed ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes.

Bayley had come to know hard times just as well as Rhodes had, failing time and time again, suffering setback after setback, only to comeback stronger each time. Most recently, she had suffered a broken hand that had taken her out of action for months.

Following Bayley was the entrance of the defending champion, ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks, coming out with the pomp and circumstance that only a boss could.

Sasha got as far as she did with a confidence and attitude that directly conflicted with that of Bayley. She was brash, arrogant, and willing to stoop to any low to attain victory. She didn’t care. As far as she was concerned, the NXT Women’s division belonged to her until she didn’t want it anymore.

Following the in-ring introductions, the bell sounded and Sasha immediately seemed amused by Bayley. She was mocking her, laughing in her face before Bayley took Sasha off her feet and went to work with rights and lefts.

The two aggressively exchanged the advantage on the mat a few times, displaying how much animosity had built between Banks and Bayley.

Bayley bounced off the ropes and hit an elbow to Banks’ back, and a dropkick to her midsection. The first cover of the match resulted in a one count.

Dueling chants echoed throughout the Barclay’s Center; the electricity was palpable.

Sasha Banks sent Bayley into the turnbuckle twice, before pounding her head into the top pad but Bayley was having none of it. She’d do the same to Sasha before precariously placing her in the tree of woe to set up a springboard elbow drop. A second one count followed.

Sasha responded with a quick roll-up that garnered another one count. A kick to the gut put The Boss in charge as the crowd debated whether or not she was ratchet. But Bayley countered with an elbow in the corner and an arm drag off the second rope that sent Sasha flying to the floor.

A frustrated Sasha took a powder on the outside but ate a surprise dropkick under the bottom rope from The Huggable One. Bayley would waste no time in getting the champion back into the ring, knowing she couldn’t win the title by countout.

On her way back in, however, Bayley ate a knee to the solar plexus allowing the boss to wedge her in between the top and middle turnbuckles. From there, Sasha attempted her diving double knee drop, but to no avail. They traded forearms and Sasha seemed ready to superplex Bayley, but lost her balance and instead opted to kick her to the outside.

Having the champion’s advantage, Sasha was able to take a breather and mock Bayley even more while Bayley climbed back inside the ring. From there, she controlled the match with stomps and elbows which led to a near fall.

Bayley tried to battle back, but Sasha locked in a submission hold, contorting the head and neck of her challenger before transitioning into a straight jacket hold. And just when Bayley got to her feet, Sasha pounded her into the corner.

The two exchanged blows in the corner before Sasha set up her double diving knee stomp for a second time, which Bayley had scouted out once again. However, Banks was able to adapt on the fly and pounded Bayley’s head into the turnbuckle with her legs.

The Boss wouldn’t take no for an answer with her patented double diving knee stomp, this time tried successfully from the top rope. Cover: 1, 2, kickout by Bayley!

Frustration was beginning to set in for the champion, who couldn’t put the resilient Bayley away.

“You think you’re better than me? You think you’re better than me because all these people love you? You’re a loser! You’re pathetic!” said Banks.

She’d continue with “You’ll never, ever, ever…” before eating a boot to the mush.

Bayley tripped Sasha into the bottom turnbuckle, then again in the middle of the ring. She took advantage with a Slip ‘N Slide and some heavy jabs to Sasha’s head.

Bayley sent Sasha to the ropes but The Boss put on the brakes. Bayley went over the middle rope, leading to Banks jamming her aforementioned injured hand on the ropes.

Sasha smelled the proverbial blood in the water and ripped the brace and padding off Bayley’s hand. Sasha directed the injured Bayley in and back out of the ring to break the count.

She then focus her attack on the hand, slamming it against the steel ring steps. Sasha would bend Bayley’s arm back and stomp on it, and for the finale, trapped the hand in the stairs and kicked away.

Bayley’s hand may well have been broken, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy Sasha Banks as she flipped over the referee onto Bayley on the outside with a plancha.

The crowd voiced their appreciation for the match as Sasha quickly rolled Bayley into the ring for the cover, but Bayley kicked out.

Sasha taunted Bayley and slapped her in the face. She then grabbed her arm and climbed to the top rope, but Bayley pushed her to the floor.

The Boss didn’t stay down long. She’d get back in the ring and traded more forearms with Bayley. Bayley would win the exchange and feverishly hit a series of double axehandles, a shoulder to the stomach of Banks in the corner, and a running back elbow to finish the flurry.

Next for Bayley was a suplex into the corner which sent the Brooklyn crowd into quite a frenzy.

Bayley attempted the Bayley-to-belly, but struggled to hit it. They jockeyed for position, with Bayley temporarily having a roll-up before Sasha reversed with an armbreaker into a Bank Statement.

Bayley crawled to the ropes, but Sasha stomped the injured right hand to prevent it. And when Bayley finally reached the ropes with her left hand, Banks pushed herself off the ropes, freeing up Bayley to lock in Banks’ own move, but Sasha got a foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

Bayley flung Banks off the ropes and into a second Bayley-to-belly. Hook of the leg; 1, 2, no!

Bayley positioned Sasha’s dead weight on the top top rope and looked to finish this match off. Not so fast, though, as The Boss had other plans and sent Bayley collapsing to the canvas.

Bayley recovered quickly and hit a running elbow to Banks’ face. Sasha blocked a Bayleycanrana, with Bayley just lucky to avoid landing on her head.  Sasha now took advantage with diving knees to Bayley’s shoulder into a near fall.

Sasha was now the one putting Bayley on the top rope, where they’d fight for positioning, before Bayley was able to nail a Bayleycanrana on her second attempt. Bayley-to-belly! Cover: 1, 2, 3!

After years of hardwork, years of falling just short, the dream of an 11-year old girl from San Jose, California had finally come true. Bayley was your new NXT Women’s Champion!

Charlotte and Becky Lynch came out to congratulate a tearful Bayley.

These two had turned their backs on Bayley at one point, but through their battles, they earned respect for her and reformed old friendships. And now, as made clear by their hug, Sasha Banks and Bayley had also discovered a newfound respect and bond. But if we knew The Boss at all, we knew she’d be back with a vengeance.


Mere weeks after her NXT Women’s Championship triumph, Bayley returned to the NXT Arena and celebrated with her biggest fan—a girl named Izzy.

Izzy illustrates one of the many little girls to look up to Bayley, who represents everything good with the hopeful renaissance of women’s wrestling. No longer does one need to be a “ten” and be playboy material, nor should they be expected to participate in bra and panties matches and other degrading things like that. But now, we can hope, the women in the WWE will be empowered to succeed solely based on their talent.

Sasha Banks would again make her presence felt, however, and cut Bayley’s celebration ceremony short. She said that while Bayley was great for one night, it was only one night. And now she had even more to prove, so she wanted to beat Bayley over and over again.

She’d challenge Bayley to a rematch, leading to NXT General Manager William Regal making his entrance.

Regal announced that at NXT Takeover: Respect, Banks and Bayley will be the main event in a 30-minute Iron Woman Match for the NXT Women’s Championship.