WWE NXTNearly all of the WWE Universe watches RAW, and a smaller subset watches Smackdown. Like most of those fans, I don’t typically watch NXT on a regular basis. The low ratings caused WWE to take it off of television, but the show filled with younger talent lives on through WWE.com, and lately I’ve heard great things.

Here’s my review of the March 14th episode.

William Regal as Match Coordinator / Night of Tag Team Action

If you’re not a William Regal fan, you should be. He’s a great wrestler, he’s great on the mic, and his involvement in NXT makes it easy to understand why I hear great things about the show every week.

The fact that this week’s show is filled solely with tag team matches is exciting for me, because Regal is right, it is a lost art (whether it’s due to “superstar” short-comings or WWE booking decisions is a different argument). There’s no doubting the importance of the tag team division in WWE history.

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil Mocking The Usos

The Usos have a unique entrance, and when their opponents for the opener walked to the top of the entrance ramp, they mocked the war dance, and that immediately makes me care more about the match, and to a degree, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil – two guys whom I have little other reason to care about as a new viewer of NXT aside from whatever appearances they had over a year ago on RAW and/or Smackdown. Little things like that to show a wrestler’s personality goes a long way.

Alex Riley and Percy Watson Pairing

The backstage interaction between Alex Riley and Percy Watson made them seem like they should be a legit tag team utilized on the main roster, because they seem like friends. The dialogue even helped establish the difference between the two of them and gave us some insight into their personalities.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks Pairing

Though neither specifically impressed me as singles competitors in the past, they seem like a good tag team duo. Their post-match words for William Regal were a nice touch.

The Kaitlyn / Maxine Segment

Kaitlyn is hot, and even though the premise of the segment was a little lame (Kaitlyn and Derrick Bateman were playing tag and Kaitlyn runs into Maxine), we do get more build up in what I understand is a long-time feud involving those three and Johnny Curtis – who shows up at the end and gives a little innuendo before leaving. This is perfectly adequate to setup the mixed tag match we’ve heard is coming later.

The Michael McGuillicutty / Tyson Kidd Feud

Tyson Kidd is a great wrestler who seems to be getting better and better on the mic. McGuillicutty was already above average on the mic, and his promo work during this segment showed more improvement. As this continues to include more in-ring work, I’ll enjoy watching it.

William Regal on Commentary

Throughout the night, William Regal has made some great comments on the mic which were under-stated but definitely got a laugh out of me. It reminded me of back when Jerry Lawler was at his best.

In-Ring Psychology and Body Language from Johnny Curtis

Matches are meant to be a big part of telling stories and pushing feuds, and Johnny Curtis was a stand-out in the mixed tag match in terms of using psychology, body language and selling things. The match itself could’ve been better because it ended way too suddenly, but as just one piece in a much larger story, it worked well.