If you’ve seen a few articles on GuysNation.com, you’ll know that I like to make predictions.  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a betting man, but only because I don’t like to lose money – and when money is on the line, somehow my predicting skills go down the toilet.  No money is at stake here, so I would like to predict that I’m going to get all of these predictions correct.

Night Of Champions

Sunday night, less than 24 hours from now, WWE is producing a pay per view event, with the matches listed below on the card.  I’ll give you my picks for winners, and if you’d like, you can join in on the fun by replying to this thread and making your own predictions.  Though your predictions, you might very well win a GuysNation shirt.

Grudge Match
CM Punk vs Big Show

Big Show has been feuding with the Straight Edge Society for months now, and having taken out Joey Mercury and “Not Quite as Big Show” Luke Gallows (who looks like a 75% version of Big Show), it’s now time to see if CM Punk can do alone what he couldn’t do with the help of two others at SummerSlam – defeat Big Show.  I’m not sure why WWE expects anyone to believe that CM Punk is going to be the victor in this battle, which is exactly why I’ll predict it’ll happen.  If Punk loses this match, he basically didn’t get any sort of significant “victory” over Big Show in the entire feud.  This feud will continue, and a CM Punk win will help it have legs.  If Big Show wins, there’s no real reason to continue things between the two.

Prediction: CM Punk

Female Championship Unification (DIVA’s Championship & Women’s Championship)
Michelle McCool vs Melina

I don’t see any reason why the titles should be unified.  There are so many women on the roster that it makes sense not only to have two championships, but I would make one of the championships a tag team belt (which is what I initially thought they were doing when LayCool won the belts).  Regardless, it looks like there’s going to be only one belt after Night Of Champions, and I’ll go ahead and flip the coin… Melina wins.  Look for the split between LayCool, as we’ve seen that Layla wasn’t pleased with how Michelle worked her way into the title match at NoC.

Prediction: Melina

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Kofi Kingston

On at least 8 of the past 10 weeks, we’ve seen these two battle it out – usually in a singles match with the title (or a title shot) on the line.  The WWE has done every finish I can think of to keep the belt on Dolph Ziggler without giving him a legit pinfall or submission victory, but I think that’s going to change at Night Of Champions.  Kofi Kingston is headed for bigger & better things, and there’s plenty of potential for a Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Title reign.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

United States Championship
“American Dragon” vs The Miz (c)

Having been a fan of Bryan Danielson for the past five years, I’m excited to see him in a singles match on a WWE pay per view, even if I’m forced to call him “American Dragon” since I can’t force myself to use his WWE-ized name.  As much as I’d like to predict that Bryan walks away with the belt, I’ll ease my expectations and predict that The Miz will find some way to retain the belt and extend the feud between the two, at least until Survivor Series.

Prediction: The Miz

Unified World Tag Team Championship
Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes vs The Hart Dynasty (c)

Though this match isn’t official yet, I still think it’s going to be announced leading up to the event, especially since Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes beat The Hart Dynasty at the last episode of Smackdown.  I think McIntyre & Rhodes are a decent tag team, but unless WWE Creative is out of ideas for Hart Dynasty, I don’t think McIntyre & Rhodes are going to win the belts in their third-ever match as a tag team.  I’m probably wrong because WWE seems to hate their tag division and The Hart Dynasty retaining would help strengthen the belt.  In all honesty it’s likely that Hart Dynasty will lose the belts and we’ll be getting a feud between McIntyre & Rhodes and R-Truth & John Morrison… but my official prediction (and HOPE) is that the Hart Dynasty retain.

Prediction: The Hart Dynasty

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker vs Kane (c)

As much as it defies logic, I’m really thinking that Kane is going to retain the title as he beats The Undertaker.  I usually predict that the underdog gets the win in feuds where they haven’t found success in any “victories” in the feud, but I just don’t see any benefit to having The Undertaker defeat Kane at Night Of Champions.  I don’t know how much longer they can drag out this feud, but I have to think that it goes at least one more month.

Prediction: Kane

Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE World Title
Randy Orton.  Wade Barrett.  John Cena.  Edge.  Chris Jericho.  Sheamus (c)

This one’s really tough.  I don’t think Wade Barrett will win the belt.  It would be a significant help to Nexus, but I just don’t like the odds of it actually occuring.  I’d like to think that Chris Jericho will win the belt and stay with WWE, but I keep hearing that he’s going to be leaving since his contract is expiring.  Edge might win the belt, as it doesn’t seem like he has held it for quite a while.  Sheamus retaining could happen, but I think his reign has lasted long enough this time around.  John Cena always seems to be an option, but the WWE could probably wait to put the belt back on him.  Randy Orton seems like the most likely option, given his recent dominance, but it just seems almost too obvious.  This prediction would be a coin flip if that worked in a six-man situation… and since I don’t have a dice to roll, I’ll just make a wild guess…

Prediction: Edge

– – –

So let’s hear it!  What are your predictions?  I’ll be doing a contest between now and Wrestlemania, and one of the top 4 predictors between now and then will win a tshirt!