It is billed as a night where all of the champions are booked to compete… even though the Intercontinental Championship isn’t on the line. With the immediate future landscape of the WWE potentially being significantly altered with the results of tonight’s event, here’s how I think it should go down, and a bit of a prediction for how it will.

Tag Team Turmoil Match

At this point, I don’t think it’s going to hurt The SHIELD to take the belts off of them, but to have them lose on the pay per view to a team who won the tag team turmoil from any position EXCEPT for the last position would be a joke… unless they treat it like a joke. If the Prime Time Players win the turmoil, and then maybe The SHIELD are shown backstage during the early part of the PPV, treating it like a joke, and then the Prime Time Players win the match, that could be a good thing. It would give COO HHH someone else to target with his “best for business” schtick. Or at the very least, they should have PTP win the Turmoil and then have COO-HHH have the Tag Team Championship match happen to start the pay per view.

What could be cool to see, but that they won’t do, is to have The Usos win the match, then have The SHIELD beat them down backstage, have one of the Usos injured, and have Brodus Clay show up to team with the other Uso. Not that they’re going to go that route. The booking’s too complex for them.

How I think they’ll go: Prime Time Players will win, but won’t defeat The SHIELD


United States Championship

It’s a huge slap in the face if Dolph Ziggler gets the United States Championship at this point, which is fine, because I don’t think they’re going to give it to him. I think they still want to have Dean Ambrose as the United States Champion, and so they’ll find a way to have him retain tonight.

WWE Diva’s Championship Fatal Four-Way

If you’re going to take the belt off of AJ Lee, it needs to go to someone who can talk, and to someone who can feud with AJ Lee. That takes Naomi out of the equation until she’s a proven commodity on the mic, and it takes Brie Bella out of the discussion because she’s a heel. AJ needs a strong feud, and taking the belt off of her at this point and giving it to Natalya could be interesting, but I’d wait another month and set that up as a direct feud.

I don’t think they’ll wait, though. I think they’ll give it to Natalya and have AJ chase after the belt to get it back.

Elimination Handicap Match

How do you end this feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman? By having Punk destroy Paul Heyman and give Heyman some time off. That’s exactly what they should do here tonight, and they’ve set things up in such a way that Paul Heyman’s character is too crafty to let himself get into a vulnerable position with CM Punk after tonight, so this is exactly the direction that I think they WILL go. We’ll have to wait a few months until Brock Lesnar comes back onto the scene, likely after Daniel Bryan or CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler get a World Championship.

World Heavyweight Championship

Would you bank on Rob Van Dam at this point? He’s talented, and I could see him with a championship, but until he has been in WWE for a while and passed a few random drug tests, I wouldn’t put a World Title on him. I’d be very, very surprised if Alberto Del Rio loses the Heavyweight Championship to RVD tonight, and it’s certainly not a direction I’d go with things.


WWE Championship

The WWE has absolutely built up Randy Orton as being a guy who the fans want to see lose the WWE Title, and they’ve shown Daniel Bryan to be a credible contender for the strap. At this point, it’s too early to do a title switch, though. If this angle is going to continue to have teeth, they’re going to need to have Daniel Bryan NOT win the WWE Title tonight. I’m not saying he’ll lose the match, but he won’t win the belt. I could very easily see Big Show getting involved, finally realizing what he needs to do for the betterment of his family, and he’ll put Bryan out. It’s also possible that Big Show knocks out Randy Orton and gets Daniel Bryan disqualified. Either way, I see tensions between Bryan and Big Show rising as a result of this pay per view, and Orton continuing on. It’s the right decision… for business.