This Sunday, WWE gives us the second annual Money In The Bank PPV that has been dominated by the Cena-Punk WWE Title match and the fallout implications. You might not know it, but there will be other matches including the MITB matches for both brands. I’ll be giving my predictions about who I want to win and will probably win. Feel free to leave your predictions as a comment.

Kelly Kelly (c) vs Brie Bella for the Divas Championship

No real analysis here as it incredibly unlikely they would take the Divas Title off their Golden Girl.

Who should win: Kelly Kelly
Who will win: Kelly Kelly

Big Show vs Mark Henry
Henry’s recent aggression is intriguing and I like how he keeps destroying Big Show. I have a sinking feeling Show will put over because he has been on the receiving end of Henry’s beatdowns, but WWE knows they have Henry on a roll.

Who should win: Mark Henry
Who will in: Mark Henry

Smackdown MITB
Kane vs Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus
We can eliminate Sin Cara, Bryan, Gabriel and Slater right off the bat as they are there to provide the spots. Kane is also very unlikely to win as he did it last year and has already had his time in the spotlight. Cody Rhodes is definite possibility to win and I could see it happening, however it is a bit too soon for that kind of push for Rhodes. He’s on his way to main event status and a run with the IC Title would help that. I’m sure WWE doesn’t want to do what they did with Sheamus or Swagger. Speaking of the Mayo Man, he’s being booked as the most dominant of all the participants in the past few weeks. Of course that is the incredibly obvious choice and MITB is more unpredictable. Wade Barrett is the one who could benefit the most from the briefcase. He seems to have lost the steam he gained when he was in Nexus and needs to deliver on all his talk or risk fading back to the midcard. Sheamus seems like the one to win but that would be a waste, as he is already a main eventer and someone like Rhodes or Barrett could use it more.

Who should win: Wade Barrett
Who will win: Sheamus

Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth vs Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne vs Alex Riley vs Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
For the purposes of, let’s say ‘reality’, we can eliminate Bourne, Swagger, Mysterio and Kingston from the mix. Bourne and Kingston because they’ll be the spot monkeys of the match, WWE won’t waste another MITB on Swagger and Mysterio because theoretically this match is to push younger talent. R Truth’s push has seemingly stalled for the time being and getting the briefcase would help him, but he’s almost 40 and is already sort of in the main event. Riley is a bit too green to be given a massive push, after he’s done with Miz, he should go for the US Title. The only scenario I can see him winning it is if he defends it against Miz at Summerslam. speaking of which, The Awesome One will be a favorite having won it last year, as he could win it to regain some of his recently lost momentum and as with Riley, Miz could defend it against his former protege. Now there’s the Man Of Destiny, Alberto Del Rio. He’s seen as clear frontrunner given rumors of a Cena-Del Rio match at Summerslam and has been talking about his destiny for so long, he runs the risk of becoming irrelevant if he doesn’t achieve it soon, something in the vein of the boy who cried wolf. Of the two MITB matches, the RAW one is the most likely to cash in that night, as I’ll detail when I talk about the WWE Title match.

Who should win: Alberto Del Rio
Who will win: Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton (c) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship
I have no doubt these two can put on a great match, but it will be hard to top their recent efforts. Christian has been whining and complaining for months now and needs a win in order to stay relevant. He finally is in a situation where he appears to have the upperhand, with the addition of the DQ/Bad Ref stipulations. However, this is the kind of match where Cena would overcome the odds and win. Randy Orton is the John Cena of Smackdown and will probably find some way to overcome everything that is stacked against him. It would be interesting if Christian does win and the Smackdown MITB winner comes down and cashes in to defeat him, further sending him into madness.

Who should win: Christian
Who will win: Randy Orton

John Cena (c) vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship
This is the reason most people will be buying the PPV. This angle is one the best WWE has concocted in years. Punk’s promos over the last few weeks have really added to the drama, though Cena has done his best to douse the fire with his promos. There are several way this could play out. One, Cena could win clean, the Chicago crowd would then riot. Two, Cena could win through some ‘Chicago-screwjob’, though this would be very derivative. Three, Punk could win, clean or not, and leave with the WWE Title. Problem is, what would happen then? Although this would be the most dramatic and produce the most buzz, I can’t see Vince letting this happen, although I want to see it. If Punk does leave with the belt, WWE could potentially introduce a new design for it and claim it is the real one and invalidate Punk’s version. The problem with this scenario is Cena would be fired, but we all know how his last ‘firing’ went, so I’m sure they could come up with some excuse to get him back. However, Vince clearly stated Cena would be fired if Punk left with the title. This leads to the final scenario. Punk wins in some way and as he is about to leave, the RAW MITB winner, most likely Del Rio, comes in and successfully cashes in. Punk gets his title win, Cena is not fired and Del Rio finally fulfills his destiny. This also sets up the long rumored Cena-Del Rio match at Summerslam.

Who should win: Punk, who leaves, Cena is hired back somehow and new belt is made
Who will win: Punk, then Del Rio