It’s Monday Night, so it’s time for WWE Creative to put on display how they’ve chosen to put all their eggs in one basket yet again with their flagship show. Tonight’s event hails from Mexico… which means it was taped days ago, as was Smackdown, but I don’t check out spoilers, so everything’s new to me.

John Laurinaitis starts the show, and although he’s a little tough to listen to, I did follow some of what he said:
– he announced the return of Rey Mysterio… to San Diego, so he won’t be on RAW tonight (nice bait and switch… or bait and club over the head and abandon)
– he admits to making a mistake last week, firing Jim Ross, but he apparently listened to the “thousands of tweets” and so he rehired Jim Ross
– Jim Ross makes his entrance, and Laurinaitis shows him how Michael Cole taunted the crowd last week about Jim Ross being fired, then announces that Jim Ross won’t do any announcing tonight, but he’ll instead be a competitor
– Tonight’s main event: Jim Ross & John Cena vs Michael Cole & Alberto Del Rio

Six-Man Tag Match: Randy Orton & Sheamus & John Morrison vs Mark Henry & Christian & Cody Rhodes
– Orton chases off Cody Rhodes halfway through the match, making it a two-on-two
– As most people probably accurately predicted, Mark Henry eventually pins John Morrison

Bella Twins flirt with Laurinaitis, and Alberto Del Rio tries to talk to the EVP, so John tells him that whichever team wins tonight’s main event gets to choose the stipluation for the pay per view match.

Eve Torres vs Natalya Neidhart
– Eve wins with the top-rope moonsault
– Announced that Eve Torres will face Beth Phoenix on Sunday Night at Vengeance… even though the event’s name implies someone is out for revenge, which would fit Kelly Kelly

CM Punk vs The Miz
– Triple H was in CM Punk’s corner to make up for the fact that R-Truth was trying to get involved on behalf of The Miz
– John Laurinaitis shows up with an “immigration problem” about HHH not having the right paperwork to be in Mexico that evening… and as R-Truth mocks HHH for having to leave, The Game knocks him out
– CM Punk gets the win via roll-up, but then The Miz and R-Truth just beat him down to further help setup the match between them and CM Punk & HHH, which is obviously going to go the route of Punk & HHH burying them, so at least they got some credibility built up ahead of time

The Guerrero Family Values
– Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring with her two “clients” in tow and talks about Angelina Jolie, but I zoned out. She also mentioned that Ziggler and Swagger get a tag title shot at the pay per view.
– Dolph Ziggler said he wanted to leave Mexico as soon as possible, and I can’t blame him.
– Jack Swagger tries to sing the USA national anthem, and he basically gets booed out of the ring
– Zack Ryder interrupts, letting us progress to another match

Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger
– Swagger gets a few knees to the nose of Swagger, then hits his leaping leg lariat and gets a quick roll-up for the pin
– Swagger and Ziggler try to double-team Ryder, but Mason Ryan shows up to let us progress to another match

Mason Ryan vs Dolph Ziggler
– Mason Ryan gets disqualified… for reasons unknown

Main Event: Michael Cole & Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena & Jim Ross
– Starts off with a nice haymaker from Jim Ross which knocks Michael Cole flat onto the mat, and he’s already gotten more offense than Bret Hart did when he teamed up with John Cena several weeks ago
– Basically the rest of the match was between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio, with Cena getting to face Michael Cole for a couple minutes… which basically lead to Cole begging off most of the time before Cena gives him the Attitude Adjustment, followed by Jim Ross getting the chance to apply the ankle lock, to which Michael Cole taps out
– Cena gets to pick the stipulation for the match… and he picks a Last Man Standing match