According to numerous sources, current Ring of Honor champion Tyler Black is set to make the jump to WWE, having been signed to a developmental deal.  Granted he’ll likely be making a considerably higher pay check in WWE, but he’s making a mistake.

Having seen him wrestle a couple times live, I can confirm that Tyler Black has tons of talent, but I can also tell you that he’ll never amount to much in WWE.

Black has some decent mic skills and is really good in the ring.   None of that should be surprising, as he’s the ROH World Champion, and they don’t put that belt on people who don’t deserve it.

By Ring of Honor standards, Tyler Black looks tall, but in WWE, he won’t be.

Guys in Ring of Honor are for the most part considerably shorter than your average WWE wrestler.

Jimmy Jacobs, long-time partner of Tyler Black in ROH’s “Age of the Fall” stable, is only 5 foot 7.  That’s the same height as Rocky RomeroJack Evans, against whom Age Of The Fall feuded, is only 5 foot 8.  That’s the same height as Davey RichardsAustin Aries, from whom Tyler Black won the ROH World Championship, is only 5 foot 9.  Bryan Danielson, with whom Tyler Black put on some great matches, is only 5 foot 10.

Tyler Black is 6 foot 1.

It’s very likely that Tyler Black would end up in a NXT season, if the program continues, so let’s take a look at the height of the guys in season 2 of NXT:

Alex Riley:  6 foot 2.  Same for Husky Harris. Joe Hennig / Michael McGillicutty:  6 foot 3.  Same as Percy Watson. Lucky Cannon:  6 foot 5.

By comparison, Tyler Black is going to look SHORT.

Wrestling isn’t all about height, though, so what about his moveset?  Surely his wrestling ability will give him a leg up, right?

Didn’t work out very well for Bryan Danielson, did it?

WWE has a history of having guys dumb-down their abilities to play well on television.  C.M. Punk had multiple 5-star matches while in Ring of Honor, and now he’s relegated to three or four moves that he does in each of his matches.  His finisher in Ring of Honor?  He doesn’t even get to use that in WWE.  And sure, Punk got to be World Champion in WWE, but he’s a lucky one.

Bryan Danielson is gone.  Nigel McGuinness didn’t get a contract because WWE didn’t like what they saw in the results of a physical.

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Jamie Noble (known as James Gibson in Ring of Honor) got treated like a jobber in WWE.

Brian Kendrick.  Paul London.  Jokes in WWE aside from a decent tag team championship reign, albeit on Smackdown where WWE hardly cares what transpires.

WWE certainly reaches a larger audience than TNA, having four weekly shows (RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Superstars), each of which do ratings at least as good as TNA Impact, with at least two of the shows (RAW and Smackdown) getting 3 to 4 times the ratings of an average edition of Impact.  The amount of exposure Tyler Black COULD get from going to WWE is significantly larger, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.  A year from now, most people in the WWE Universe probably won’t remember Eli Cottonwood or anyone else from NXT Season 2 who gets cut early.  Same with Kenzo Suzuki, Jamie Noble or Funaki. Hell, most people in the WWE Universe haven’t a clue who Taka Michinoku is, and probably couldn’t pick Curt Hawkins and/or Vance Archer out of a lineup. The Dudebusters… say what?

Over in TNA, Desmond Wolfe got considerable exposure with his good series of matches against Kurt Angle.  Those segments and matches were highly rated, letting the fans know who Desmond Wolfe was and what he could do in the ring.  To the critics who point out what Wolfe is currently doing, yes, he’s currently jobbing to the stars, and whether or not TNA uses their formula where they push someone then job them then push them again, I’d say more people know the name Desmond Wolfe right now than remember the names I mentioned above.

Tyler Black should’ve gone to TNA Wrestling, where the competitors are comparatively shorter than WWE, with similar heights to what he competed against in Ring of Honor.

Former Ring of Honor alumni now in TNA Wrestling?

Samoa Joe – already been TNA World Champion

AJ Styles – owner of one of the longest reigns with the TNA World Championship

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin – the current TNA Tag Team Champions

Homicide – former X-Division Champion and former Tag Team Champion.

Nigel McGuinness / Desmond Wolfe – started a feud with Kurt Angle within his first month of joining TNA

Without a doubt, Tyler Black would be much better off in TNA than in WWE, assuming he’s weighing some of the other factors and not just considering the financial aspect.