Sunday, October 3rd, 2010.   Just two weeks after Night Of Champions, WWE produces yet another pay per view.  As of the end of Smackdown on October 1st, there were only 5 matches announced for the card.  No Unified World Tag Team Championship match.  No Intercontinental Title match. 

How did WWE do with the pay per view?  Were there additional matches?  Did WWE rely on the 5 announced matches to sell the show, giving them extra time?  Did The Miz cash in his Money In The Bank?

Let’s take a look at what happened when WWE presented their Hell In A Cell pay per view.

United States Championship – Submissions Count Anywhere Match

The Miz vs John Morrison vs “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson) (c)

Nice way for WWE to open the show, as this match was bound to be fast paced with lots of back and forth.  As was to be expected, John Morrison used some of his “parkour” skills and basically becomes WWE’s replacement for Jeff Hardy, risking his body with death-defying high risk moves and a huge leap off of a tall decorative structure.  Is anyone surprised that John Morrison isn’t the victor in this match?  I’m certainly not.  I am also not surprised that John Morrison looks to be starting a feud with Alex Riley after this pay per view.  Alex Riley is a talented guy and WWE should definitely see what he has to offer.  A feud against John Morrison is a good sign, especially as there’s no championship involved.

What does surprise me here is the fact that John Morrison isn’t involved in the finish.  With Morrison getting involved with Alex Riley next, they could’ve easily gone with Alex Riley doing something which directly results in Morrison getting put into a submission hold – whether or not The Miz was the one getting the submission victory.

The actual result of the match saw John Morrison chase Alex Riley backstage and then “American Dragon” got The Miz to tap out to the LaBelle Lock.  Is anyone else glad that the feud between The Miz and Bryan seems to be over now?  I thought it was a well-played storyline, but it had to end sooner or later, and there’s no reason to have another rematch between the two of them.  I hope they keep the tensions going between these two and don’t let the history between these two slide, as they have some good chemistry with one another, both in the ring and on the mic.

The article will be updated throughout the night with more results, analysis and questions.

RAW World Championship Hell In A Cell

Sheamus vs Randy Orton (c)

Is anyone else surprised that this match is second?  I didn’t expect it to be the final match of the evening, with The Undertaker vs Kane actually being very high profile, but second?  I’m definitely expecting there to be more than 5 matches on the card, but I really thought this one would be third or fourth of the evening.

To me there weren’t any surprises with the finish to this match.  I’d be surprised if anyone expected a finish involving anything other than an RKO from Orton.  The use of the steel steps was a nice touch.  I always enjoy it more when a reasonable weapon is employed.  There’s no need for trash cans or kendo sticks in this one.

Was anyone else thinking there would be an appearance by Triple H involved in the end of this match?  Regardless of whether or not he caused the end to the match, or just got involved against Sheamus after Randy Orton had retained, I figured this would be a good time for The Game to come back.  Sheamus is certainly his return feud.  Maybe they’ll wait for RAW, or even wait until after Bragging Rights.  If Triple H doesn’t come back in the next month, I’m not sure what Sheamus would be involved in for Survivor Series in November.  It’ll be easy for him to be involved in something for Bragging Rights which doesn’t specifically involve him directly feuding with someone, but if he’s going to be on the card for Survivor Series, he’d better hope that WWE kicks up the 4-on-4 concept a little bit and doesn’t just go with one of those matches on the card.

Is it bad that I’m already assuming that WWE won’t feature many 4-on-4 matches for Survivor Series?


Apparently Nexus is not allowed to get involved in the Cena vs Barrett match, which is a good thing.  Am I the only one who just sort of assumed this would be a stipulation? 


Alberto Del Rio gets some pay per view time to increase his stature, and again Edge gets involved in something that I didn’t expect him to (and would’ve advised against, assuming the WWE wanted to use him as a heel).  Not only do Edge and Alberto Del Rio interact, but Jack Swagger shows up too and Edge gets a double-dose of Smackdown beatdown.  Does anyone else think that this segment points to the idea that Edge is probably turning face and he might be aligned with Christian (given that Alberto Del Rio is credited with putting Christian on the sidelines)?  I’m in favor of that, assuming WWE’s going to actually turn Edge face.  If he’s staying heel, his recent actions are frustrating, despite the fact that I realize they’re using it to try to build towards Bragging Rights.

Impromptu Match – Edge vs Jack Swagger

I figured there would be another match added to the card, and I’m glad it wasn’t Alberto Del Rio.  I like the fact that he avoids actually having to fight, as it makes people hate him even more due to frustration over not getting to see him get punched in the mouth. 

I also like the pairing of Edge and Jack Swagger because it gives Jack Swagger a very dynamic, very credible opponent for him to work against.  Will this match endear Edge a bit more to the RAW GM, as Edge gets a chance to get some revenge against one of the guys who double-teamed him, or is Edge going to get even madder at the GM because he put Edge into the match at an inopportune time for the Rated-R Superstar? 

Regardless of how Edge is going to act on RAW given this match being booked, Edge gets the win with a Spear, and I like this match even more because Jack Swagger can get retaliation later and the two can interact even more leading up to Bragging Rights.  That is, assuming that Edge gets to be the face.

Does anyone else notice that RAW continues to dominate Smackdown?  It’s especially evident given the outcome of the matches for the Smackdown debut on SyFy.

Fate of Nexus Match

John Cena vs Wade Barrett

After months of feuding, involving several great moments on RAW and more than a couple pay per view matches, we reach a turning point in the feud between John Cena and Nexus, and the vibe I’m getting from people is that this feud might be a disappointment if John Cena wins this match.  Not too many people I’ve talked to actually expect Wade Barrett to win this match, a concept which seems especially less likely given that Nexus can’t get involved in the match.

The finish of this match saw outside involvement, though not from one of the 5 current members of Nexus (Skip Sheffield being the 5th – though out with an injury at current, making 6 total members).  Wade Barrett not only escapes the pinfall after being hit by an Attitude Adjustment, but he got out of the STFU (with the outside involvement) and then Wade Barrett gets the pin on John Cena.

I’m shocked by the outcome, but I’m happy about it.  Reports are saying that the outside interference might’ve been from Husky Harris, which would be great, as he has a similar attitude to what you usually see from Nexus, and adding a 7th active member to the group is a good thing.

Though I’m sure some might disagree, John Cena joining Nexus is a great thing – not just a good thing.  The angle gets to continue – which is good because there are several other things they can do with Nexus that they haven’t explored yet, and it forces John Cena into an interesting spot to see how he’ll respond.

Unified Diva’s Championship – Natalya vs Michelle McCool (c)

I struggle to be interested in this match, as I think it was poorly built towards and is being treated like something of a throw-away match, especially given how the Night Of Champions title match was developed.

I like the outcome they went with here.  It makes sense to build up Natalya as a legit wrestler while continuing the attitude / personality of LayCool by having them get disqualified and avoid losing their title by forcing the end of the match by cheating. This feud could have some decent legs to it (pun intended), and I’d actually like to see some Tyson Kidd vs Kaval matches involved as a side-note.

Smackdown World Title Match

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs Kane (c)

It’s hard to believe that Kane is not only getting a championship reign here in 2010, but it’s actually a World Title reign with significant interest to it.  Although I was only interested in three matches on the entire card tonight, this was certainly one of them.  I think Hell In A Cell would be an inopportune time to end this feud, though I’m not sure what could continue this feud aside from either Kane running off to be counted out (possibly stealing the urn), or Paul Bearer turning his back on The Undertaker. 

In a very surprising turn of events – which I said SHOULD happen but never actually expected to happen – Kane not only retained the Smackdown World Championship, but he did so with the help of Paul Bearer, who blinded The Undertaker with the light from the urn after it seemed like The Undertaker was going to win back the championship.

Final Thoughts

The WWE certainly pulled out some surprising outcomes on this card – primarily because I didn’t think they had the guts to make it happen.  It was certainly a good event, and the Kane / Undertaker match was probably one of the best they’ve had in the history of their long storied history with one another.

With three weeks until the next pay per view – Bragging Rights – WWE has already laid the foundation for several interactions on the card, though unless people are going to have their alignment changed (I’m looking at you, should-be-FACE Edge), I’m not extremely happy with how they’re building up things.  There were plenty of options available to build cross-promotional tensions, and the WWE went with some eyebrow-raising ones.

All in all the pay per view wasn’t the best of the year, but it certainly was better than I thought it was going to be, and I’m looking forward to the next few pay per views as a direct result of the outcomes of a few of the matches tonight.