Tonight on a three-hour special edition of Monday Night RAW, the WWE will be conducting a “DRAFT” whereby some superstars (and regular competitors) will be moved from one show to another.  This provides huge opportunity for new feuds and allegiances to develop over the course of the next year which could not have happened without the roster restructuring.

Let’s take a quick look at the roster for each of the two brands and then I’ll explain what I would do to shake things up a bit.


Obviously the biggest names on RAW right now are John Cena and Triple H.  They are both huge superstars, neither of whom would I predict to go over to Smackdown.  John Cena is the public face of the WWE and easily their biggest (single competitor) merchandise generator.  He has been on Smackdown in the past, but so long as RAW is the flagship show, that’s where John Cena is going to stay.  Although I think there is tons of possibility for Triple H on Smackdown, we’ve seen him get drafted there more than once, and he always ends up back on RAW, never sticking to the Smackdown roster for more than a month.  I’ve heard that Triple H is likely to be taking time off to do a movie, so let’s not count on him being around for the summer months.

Also a huge name on RAW is Batista, a hugely viable contender for the World Title.  From what GuysNation hears, however, Batista might have wrestled his last ever match for WWE as of last night at Extreme Rules, so I won’t count him as being around for the summer months either.

Randy Orton is currently assigned to RAW and is easily becoming one of the top names in the company, but the powers that be have decided that they’d like to see how Orton does with a push towards being a fan favorite.

Former World Champion Sheamus is the biggest heel on the RAW roster who is likely to be on the show during the summer, barring a trade in the draft.  We’ve already seen feuds between Sheamus and both John Cena and Triple H, so the options are wearing a bit thin.

Other high profile competitors on RAW include Kofi Kingston and Christian, neither of whom have held either of the REAL World Titles in WWE (discrediting the ECW Championship as a non-World class title), both of whom are currently fan favorites.  The Miz is on RAW, but as the United States champion AND one-half of the World Tag Team Champions with The Big Show, he’s not going to be in the World Title picture anytime soon.  Big Show would have to lose the tag titles before he could fill the main event challenger spot in a given month, and right now the only title I could see The Miz losing would be the United States title, which I think is slated to go to his NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan, but that likely won’t be happening until at least the next pay per view.

RAW’s main event could definitely use an infusion of new heels.  Ted DiBiase could be a decent option, but the WWE isn’t likely to go that route without giving Cody Rhodes something new to be involved in.


Current World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger is getting his opportunity to grow as a main eventer on Smackdown, continuing to build his personality and skills on the mic.  Although he’s a heel, he’s definitely NOT good enough at what he does to help drive Monday Night RAW.

Wrestler of the Year for 2009 Chris Jericho may not have a championship belt anymore, but he’s arguably the biggest heel in the company at this point.  The WWE needs to be careful with Jericho, though, because he has already faced Edge a number of times and they run the risk of that pairing becoming stale.

As a current fan favorite, Edge is showing how versatile and valuable he is, even without a championship.  Though there are plenty of possibilities with Edge, he has already had long feuds with Undertaker and Chris Jericho, so the WWE will want to make sure they don’t waste his talent in a feud that fans feel they have seen various times already.

The Undertaker is always a big name, and with his legendary status, he can feud with just about anybody at any time for whatever reason they choose.  He has been on Smackdown for as long as I can remember.

Though it has been a little while since C.M. Punk held the World Title, he’s still got plenty of heat due to his recent feud with Rey Mysterio and segments with Triple H, so he’s certainly a viable entity on whichever show he ends up on.

The WWE seems intent on pushing current Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre as a viable threat, so he could likely see some main event time this summer.

It’s hard to tell how much the WWE is looking to push Rey Mysterio at any given time, though there’s always the possibility he could end up with a shot at the World Championship.

Recommended Draft Moves

Here are some moves I would make through the Draft tonight (and through “trades” the following days later this week).

  • C.M. Punk to RAW
    To me, this one seems like a no brainer.  He could work well against John Cena and Triple H.  He’s a good enough heel to drive segments on RAW, having already shown that he can pull in a strong reaction from a live crowd.  You’d have to likely bring the rest of his Straight Edge Society over to RAW through trades later in the week.
  • Undertaker to RAW
    This is likely the last year of Undertaker’s week-to-week activity, so why not end his career on the flagship show?  It was great this past week to see Undertaker show up on RAW and get a big win.
  • Randy Orton to Smackdown
    RKO has an increasingly large fanbase, and it’s only going to get bigger once he’s out of the shadow of John Cena and Triple H.  Once he becomes the focal point of a show, I think the sky is the limit for Orton.
  • Sheamus to Smackdown
    We’ve already seen a feud between John Cena and Sheamus, which resulted in Sheamus getting the World Title.  If the feud between Sheamus and Triple H continues, it’s not going to do Sheamus’ career any good.  It would be best if he were to move on to Smackdown and avoid another confrontation with Triple H, living off the heat he’s already amassed by beating him at Extreme Rules.
  • Chris Jericho to RAW
    I’d love to be able to watch a feud between Chris Jericho and either John Cena or Triple H.  Heck, he could help give WWE all the information they need regarding Kofi Kingston‘s ability to be a viable main eventer, seeing how Kofi would do in the limelight against a top heel just as they did prior to Royal Rumble with Kofi’s feud against Randy Orton.
  • Christian to Smackdown
    Assuming that Edge is staying on Smackdown, you need to move Christian over to the Friday Night show to pair those two up again.  They’ve done CLASSIC work together in the past, and putting them together as a tag team which eventually leads to a feud between the two of them is GOLDEN.  The WWE can NOT miss out on the opportunity.
  • Drew McIntyre to RAW
    If the WWE likes him so much, put him on the flagship show and let’s see how he can do.  Give him a feud with the Intercontinental Title on the line, eventually take the belt and put it on someone else, and see how he does in a main event opportunity against John Cena or Triple H.
  • The Miz to Smackdown
    With The Miz going to the Friday Night show, that would leave one-half of the Tag Team Champions on each of the two shows, allowing them to compete on either.  With McIntyre going to RAW, it also allows for each of the two secondary titles to be on different shows.  Daniel Bryan is much better suited for Smackdown than he is to RAW, and wherever The Miz goes, that’s where Bryan goes after NXT.
  • MVP to Smackdown
    MVP isn’t really doing much of anything on RAW, so why not move him back to Smackdown?  He could interact well with Edge, Christian, Sheamus and Randy Orton.
  • Evan Bourne to Smackdown
    It’s obvious that Evan Bourne isn’t going to be doing much of anything on RAW, and if McIntyre moves to RAW, then there’s no way that Bourne would get to beat him for the Intercontinental belt.  I’d love to see matches between Bourne and Daniel Bryan, Christian and a few others who would be on my version of Smackdown after the Draft.
  • JTG to RAW
    Now that Cryme Time is split up and they’ve had their pay per view match, let’s move JTG to RAW so that the feud between them can end, and we can see what JTG can do with some decent spotlight.  He could actually be an interesting guy to take the Intercontinental Title from Drew McIntyre and have some decent title defenses along the way.  The move would open up possibilities for Shad Gaspard to sink or swim on Smackdown.