As per usual, the WWE Draft, held this past Monday, April 26th on the three-hour long edition of Monday Night RAW was very interesting. It gives us a glimpse into what the WWE is going to do over the next few months. Presented below is a list of all the moves and some analysis on what it could mean for the future of the top wrestling organization in the world.

New Competitors to RAW

Most people I’ve talked to agree with my assessment that Smackdown got robbed.  The two biggest stars who will get into the ring each week (with Undertaker understandibly taking a lighter schedule these days) – both Chris Jericho and Edge were moved to RAW in the draft.  I’m a big proponent for Jericho coming to Monday Nights, as there’s plenty for him to do there, but WWE totally missed the mark when they brought over Edge.  Not only is there plenty of life for a face run for Edge against C.M. Punk and Jack Swagger, not to mention a tag team with Christian (who was moved to Smackdown in the draft).  Instead, they bring Edge to RAW and have him attack Randy Orton before the night is over.  So which guy are they trying to have as a “face”, Edge or Randy Orton?  If that feud continues, one of them is going to get booed, and the WWE was in a good position to have both of them elevated as “good guys”.

I was very surprised and excited to see the Hart Dynasty defeat ShowMiz in the opening match on RAW.  I figured it was going to happen eventually, but it was a good way to show that anything can happen on Monday Night RAW (with a championship that WWE doesn’t fully are about, but nevertheless).  I don’t know if Bret Hart is going to continue to accompany Tyson Kidd and D.H. Smith to the ring for their matches, but if he does, I’m glad it’ll be on RAW now that Hart Dynasty got drafted to the Monday night show, since my TiVo sometimes misses Smackdown (due to recording other things with higher priorities).  It’s only fitting that Natalya Neidhart got drafted over as well.  She’s a talented wrestler and a vital part of the Hart Dynasty team.

The addition of John Morrison to RAW could be good.  I don’t see him holding the World Title in 2010, but he could be a good option to feud with various different competitors – whether they’re heel or face, due to his gimmick which could easily lend itself to seeing him take on a powerful heel or challenge a face to some friendly competition to see who can become the top contender.  The one thing that I’m worried about is the fact that R-Truth was also drafted to RAW.  I thought the Morrison Truth pairing was decent, but it’s not the right role for Morrison.  If R-Truth continues to play a supporting role to Morrison even as John moves into the singles feuds, that could be alright, even with the occasional pairing of the two in tag matches.  If they keep Truth & Morrison together as a regular tag team for too long, they’ll be missing out on some great potential with John Morrison.  They could have Morrison go heel, but when he plays that role, he always seems to be less natural, almost as if he’s trying to do a heelish impression of Jim Morrison the entire time.

From time to time the RAW writers like to give short-term pushes to powerful competitors to see if the fans react strongly enough to warrant a longer stay in the main event, and that’s what I’m guessing happens with Ezekiel Jackson.  Now that he moves to RAW, I could see him getting a feud with John Cena or Triple H to see how he does.  That could be make-or-break time for him, and so he’d better be working on his mic-skills now, because that would be the key to whether or not he gets to stick around.  He could be a valuable part of the mid-card.  I could definitely see him holding a second-tier title like the Intercontinental or United States championship.  Pair him up with someone and he could be a really good addition to the tag team ranks… though if WWE cared about the tag team ranks they would’ve put he and THE Brian Kendrick into better matches when those two were aligned (back before WWE parted ways with Kendrick).

I don’t care much about the additions of Great Khali or Goldust to RAW.  They’ll both likely be used as filler talent, and neither should see a championship reign in 2010 or 2011, by which time they’ll likely be released if any of the top 5 guys on NXT happen to be deemed acceptable.

New Competitors to SMACKDOWN

The top two competitors drafted to Smackdown are Christian and Big Show.  Part of what confuses me about this choice is that Big Show WAS a “bad guy”, and although they teased that he would remain a heel as he moved to Smackdown, by the end of his segment with Teddy Long, it became very obvious that Big Show is going to be a “good guy” / face for now.  It makes you wonder if they’re going to have Christian make the heel turn and chase the boos, since right now the only heels in the main event scene on Smackdown are Jack Swagger and C.M. Punk.  Unless they push Swagger as the next coming of Bret Hart, a technical prodigy who finds ways to frustrate and dismantle rivals in the ring, I don’t think he’s a talented enough mic-worker to handle the show.  C.M. Punk is more than capable of being the center point of the show given his skills, but I wonder whether his gimmick is a bit limiting.

Christian has proved many times in the past that his heel persona can be just as good (if not better) than his face persona, so if he makes the change over to try to be hated, he could easily carry Smackdown on his own.  That would deprive us of a great Edge & Christian face pairing (which would already require some show cross-over) and a Party Boy Christian vs Straight Edge C.M. Punk feud, which is what I think should happen sooner than later.

A potential baller to enter the main event scene sometime this summer or fall could be Montel Vontavius Porter (MVP), who recently moved back over to Smackdown after basically getting lost in the shuffle on RAW.  I’m glad that MVP’s partnership with Mark Henry looks to be at an end, because that amounted to laziness from the creative team on RAW.  I think the Smackdown writers appreciate him much more, and we should see a lot more of him in the ring and on the mic on a regular basis.

I don’t know if Kofi Kingston‘s move to Smackdown is going to put him any closer to a World Title match on pay per view, but it shouldn’t hurt his chances.  He’d get WAY lost in the shuffle on RAW.  A feud between he and Drew McIntyre could be interesting, and it would allow McIntyre to work his way into a main event / upper mid-card feud while another viable contender takes over the Intercontinental division.

I am happy to see Cody Rhodes move to Friday Night Smackdown, if for no other reason than it frees up Ted DiBiase to move on to bigger and better things than his tag team alliance with Rhodes now that Cody is no longer on RAW.  I believe we’ve seen another member of Legacy show up to help DiBiase & Rhodes in the past… possibly another member of the DiBiase clan, and that could be an interesting way to keep Cody Rhodes in the “2nd Generation” gimmick and keep him in the tag division.  I also think there’s a possibility that Cody Rhodes is the hooded member of Straight Edge Society who has helped out C.M. Punk in the past week – both on RAW against Evan Bourne and back at Extreme Rules against Rey Mysterio.  That could be a very good angle for him to be involved in, as he could team with Luke Gallows, allowing C.M. Punk to stay a singles competitor while helping the tag division.

Although I’m sure he’s been involved in things since then, but the last time I remember newly-Smackdowned Chris Masters being involved with anything is back when the Osbournes hosted RAW – and that was a long time ago.  Though I think if he were used correctly he could be a great heel antagonist in the Intercontinental title division, but I don’t foresee the writers caring enough to spend time to use him for anything more than filler talent.

With Vickie Guerrero still in a position of mild power on Smackdown, I will be interested to see what that means for Chavo Guerrero as he joins the Friday Night show.  From what I’ve seen and read, Chavo has been used in dark matches before televised events while a member of RAW, and he might get to move back onto television when he gets to Smackdown.  While he could be mildly entertaining, it’s fairly obvious that he won’t play a major role in any way on the show (by which I mean that he won’t be a champion).

I don’t fully care about the DIVA division on Smackdown, but they did obtain the services of Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes through the draft.  I’ve not seen anything of Rosa Mendes aside from being on the arm of Zack Ryder and being obsessed with Beth Phoenix, so I will be somewhat interested, at a very low level, about how she’ll be used.  As for Kelly Kelly, I don’t see her turning heel anytime soon, as I haven’t seen anything that makes me think she’s talented enough on the mic to do that, and I don’t see her taking over the Mickie James role in a feud with “Lay-Cool” (the pairing of Michelle McCool and Layla El).  Though Kelly Kelly could be an asset to Smackdown even with the television on mute, maybe she’ll be less of a competitor and more of a valet / manager / love interest.  I could see decent potential for Kelly Kelly to be involved somehow in a storyline involving the Straight Edge Society, as C.M. Punk could gain more heel heat by trying to explain to one of his members (or even his NXT Rookie) about how Straight Edge means No Promiscuity.

The best thing about Hornswoggle moving to Smackdown is that he’s no longer on RAW, and he can be used to annoy Vickie Guerrero.  If he’s at all aligned with Big Show, I’ll either laugh… or cry.