WWE held its annual draft, and 30 moves were made, switching 28 competitors from one show to another (with John Cena being involved in 2 of the moves… and staying put on RAW).  Within this article, I’ve got not only a list of the 30 moves, but also the accompanying analysis to tell you what that might mean in the grand scheme of things.

What that means for RAW

Essentially now the roster on RAW has most of the same components as last year’s Smackdown roster. Sure, John Cena is the focal point of the main event, but most of the key components from The Blue Show are now on Mondays. Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio, Big Show and CM Punk.

Alberto Del Rio will still get his opportunity to work in the main event, though he would’ve been better off to stay on Smackdown, get the World Championship there and grow into a main event caliber competitor.

Rey Mysterio loses out by moving to RAW. He abandons a storyline with Cody Rhodes, misses the opportunity to work with Sin Cara, and will likely be facing Alberto Del Rio for the majority of the next six months, which is really just a step backwards for him.

Big Show is likely going to stay in the tag division for a bit, though he could be a good opponent for Alberto Del Rio during his World title reign… or at least his ascent there.

Jack Swagger could’ve used some fresh competition, so unless he turns face, that’s not going to work out for him. If WWE was going to make him and Drew McIntyre a tag team, they cut the legs out from underneath them last night by losing their first match as a tag team.

Kofi Kingston brings the United States Championship to RAW, but who’s he going to feud with? We’ve already seen him work with Dolph Ziggler quite a bit, and Jack Swagger too. Kingston would’ve been far better off with the new show concept on Smackdown.

Kelly Kelly could actually see herself getting a run with the Diva’s Championship on RAW. The Bella Twins aren’t likely to be anything more than transitional champs, and since they’re heel and Kelly Kelly is a life-long face, things add up quite nicely there. With her history of heated words with Vickie Guerrero, Kelly Kelly has a built-in feud just waiting for her. Vickie has lost quite a bit of weight and is getting better in the ring, so I’d count on that happening.

Beth Phoenix partially works into that Kelly Kelly plan, especially because it seems like kHARMa is on RAW. Eventually I’d see kHARMa taking the belt from Kelly Kelly, and then having her feud with Beth Phoenix for it.

JTG might be lucky to keep his job, and while there’s some speculation that he might be teamed up with R-Truth, in the long term JTG’s days are numbered. He likely won’t be part of the 2012 draft.

Tyler Reks seemed to have some potential, but WWE doesn’t really care about him much anymore. He might get a revival of sorts, possibly letting him job to Kofi Kingston on pay per view in a title defense for the United States title. Either that, or he’ll be wished well on his future endeavors.

Curt Hawkins has got some skills, but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t join his former tag partner Vance Archer on the non-rostered folk.

Chris Masters, for whatever reason, was enjoying a little rejuvenation on Smackdown, meaning he was actually getting booked to do something other than fill an “extra” spot in backstage segments. Who knows whether RAW is going to give him the same courtesy.

What that means for Smackdown

Though some people consider Smackdown to be the inferior show, I’m actually more optimistic for the potential for Smackdown to be an exciting show with all the changes.

Randy Orton was never going to out-shine John Cena on RAW, but he could raise his stock quite a bit as the focal point on Smackdown. Part of the problem is that he doesn’t have much in the way of viable competitors to match up against, meaning it’ll be on him to make new challengers take the next step.

Sheamus has a World Title reign on his resume, but do we really need to see him step up against Randy Orton yet again? Frankly I didn’t think they had great chemistry together they they last fought, but maybe the writers of Smackdown will breathe life into the feud. He’s already had a feud with Daniel Bryan, and I have my doubts as to whether or not a rivalry with Wade Barrett or Zeke Jackson would be entertaining.

Daniel Bryan is perhaps the one who benefits the most from the 2011 draft. The world of possibilities is open to him, and I get the feeling that he’ll not only get the opportunity to have some great matches, but he’ll likely have a title reign with not only the Intercontinental Championship, but before he eventually goes back to RAW he’ll probably get a chance to run with the World Title. I personally can’t wait to see a match between Bryan and Justin Gabriel.

Sin Cara, William Regal, Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu are all great wrestlers, and I expect them to have some epic matches with each other, Daniel Bryan, and Wade Barrett.  They probably will also be used as fodder for Randy Orton to hit with RKO’s, but they’ll sell it well.

Mark Henry just turned heel on the night of the draft, and he’ll be a decent foil on his new show for Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and a few others.

Alex Riley is now hitting sink or swim time. He’s got plenty of skills, but he won’t have coattails of The Miz to ride on The Blue Show. RAW writers didn’t give him enough credibility, nor did they let him evolve enough, and he’ll potentially get the chance to do that on Friday nights. If he turns out not to be entertaining without The Miz… he’ll likely just move back to RAW and stay a lackie to The Miz instead of having the chance to eventually surpass him. He’s got the mic skills and the look, but can he put it all together with in-ring skills? It’s yet to be determined.

Ted DiBiase was barely treading water on RAW, being used as a regular whipping boy for Daniel Bryan and doing a drawn-out angle focused on the idea that Maryse might not stay with him.

Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso have moved to Smackdown along with Tamina, meaning things between them and Santino are over before it even got started… not that it matters because the Usos are likely going to be wished well on their future endeavors. One, if not the both of them.

Natalya and Alicia Fox stay on the same show as one another, and they probably still won’t be used for a while.

The Great Khali makes the move, and it’s quite possible that he’s only on Smackdown because they have a new Indian superstar who they want to promote, who actually appeared backstage this past Friday.